Roguepack Stories

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Alpha's Mate by RoseKnight21
Alpha's Mateby Rosie
When Leanna finds her mate, she isn't prepared. The Alpha is a strong man who requires a strong Luna. But they make it work. Until the rogues begin attacking, tearing th...
Burning Embers by Little_miss_Madeline
Burning Embersby Little_miss_Madeline
Many thanks to @Milliontheorc for the beautiful cover! When a human becomes Alpha, what could possibly go wrong? ....And what if that human, was a woman?
A Wolf & His Deer by Tuptake
A Wolf & His Deerby Tuptake
"How could you do this to me? I gave you everything and you lied to me. Even when your brother was yelling at you about that alpha being your mate, I still stuck up...
Rogue Beta by Giggly_press111
Rogue Betaby Tenisha
A daughter of an Alpha. A son of a Beta. Both broken individuals. Will they be able to put their tragic pasts behind them? Or will they lose themselves and everything th...
Lone Wolf by KageTurtle85
Lone Wolfby Jay
Jaylin Stoner is a young werewolf who belongs to one of the most powerful packs which would be great except for the fact that she's an Omega the lowest of ranks a wolf...
Spilling Pure Blood by i_will_survive_
Spilling Pure Bloodby i_will_survive_
-The third and final book in the Pure Blood Trilogy- Four years have passed since Eva was abandoned by the man of her dreams. The man that was supposed to cherish her li...
Life as a Rogue by karla78901
Life as a Rogueby Karla
parents gone along with her entire pack. Ash joins the Dark shadows pack. They are the largest rogue pack in the entire world. They are known for their blood thirsty war...
The Rogue Pack by StoneCrystal
The Rogue Packby Crystal Stone
When Beth is rejected by her mate and made rogue, she struggles to come to terms with it. She travels the country trying to determine what she could do when a fellow rog...
Lone Wolves  by Amayalovely
Lone Wolves by Amayalovely
17 years ago there were two packs (Blue pack, and Northern wolves pack) at war with each other, this war had been going on for 3 years until the Northern wolves atta...
Goodbye Forever by my_uncertain_reality
Goodbye Foreverby #ForeverMe
Zyra is a young werewolf with a big heart. That is until her mate rejects her. Zyra turns bitter. She and her wolf hate their mate. How could he do this to her? Bitter...
The Rogue Luna by somewriter123
The Rogue Lunaby -K
"When I turn around I lock eyes and gasp because I'm greeted with the most intense pair of grey blue orbs I've ever seen...I heard the Alpha, who I now know as Bret...
Mate **DRAFT. NO LONGER WRITING** by amyryde1
Mate **DRAFT. NO LONGER WRITING**by Kalani Towers
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ***The wind ruffles our fur. Our paws pound the ground underfoot. We can’t hear anything but the beating of our heart as we run like its Death chas...
The Alpha | by BiancaBland
The Alpha |by BiancaBland
Madelyn was banished from her position in her pack by her very own parents. What for? Well, simply her twin sister and Mate. What can I say? "Some women are lost in...
Our Howling by GhoulNote
Our Howlingby Ghouls
Amberlyn Ambrose is an Omega of the Eclipse Woods Pack. A Reject, a Misfit, and one of weak ones of the Pack. Lucas Jace was an Omega of the Forest Fire Pack, but he le...
Beta Mate *HIATUS* by amyryde1
Beta Mate *HIATUS*by Kalani Towers
(Former name - Mate.) Werewolves. Classified as nothing but legends and myths originating from Greece. Sure they look scary on the TV screens, but what happens when you...
Falling Star [1] by jiritsuu
Falling Star [1]by Alien Meme
So many things are happening to Soot. Fights, rebellions, clans, and new rules. After being taken hostage by the clan cats and being given a new name, she must battle fo...