Tapped In • Ybn Nahmir Story by dazedbiracial
Tapped In • Ybn Nahmir Storyby Kaylee ☆
I "attempted" to hug Nahmir from behind, before he pushed me by my chest and pointed his gun at me. I put my shaky hands up as surrender, before he realized wh...
  • ybnnahmir
  • strapped
  • streetlit
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Columbabe by viicvega
Columbabeby god warrior
Luna Jones is new to CHS. Luckily for her, her friend she met on tumblr is there to show her around and introduce her to all the hot guys. But what will she do when the...
  • tjlane
  • jeffreydahmer
  • elliotrodger
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✴TCC Øne-shøts✴ by Emo_coke
✴TCC Øne-shøts✴by £Ⓜø_©øk€
I'm back bitches.
  • serial
  • killers
  • crime
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T•S•D~ Famous People Fanfic~ by _Dapi_
T•S•D~ Famous People Fanfic~by 「Her」
Most Of Your Favorite Famous People Combined Into One Story As Mothers, Lawyers, Strippers, Police Officers, Dealers, Addicts, Poors, Bankers And Doctors. The Title Of T...
  • stripper
  • nickiminaj
  • tyga
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It's Deadpool!(( Deadpool x Reader)) by doggyhood
It's Deadpool!(( Deadpool x DoggyHood
A girl who works at Oscorp meets a man in red but will her brother, Peter Parker, approve?
  • spiderman
  • spider
  • shooters
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Damaged* by BranayiaJohnson
Damaged*by Branayia Johnson
Read and find out 🙂
  • disowned
  • drugdealers
  • shooters
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Simply Fatalistic by Anehalia
Simply Fatalisticby Francesca Huber
These are a collection of my short stories and poems. They are not related at all, so you can skip around and choose to read whatever you want from here. Newest additio...
  • programming
  • short-story
  • dreamer
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fuck you | etc. by d1rty-grunge-b0y
fuck you | d1rty b0y
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, i've been tryna help and you're just ungrateful i should blow your fucking head off fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
  • tcc
  • guns
  • hell
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