The Campus Slave And Her Secret Identity Book 1  (COMPLETED) by Klaaariiise
The Campus Slave And Her Secret Clarice
Hi I am Krisha Coleen Rivera pero sa umaga ako si Katelyn Coreen Sanchez a.k.a KC isang second yr high school student sa Dream high Academy ..eskwelahang pagmamay ari ng...
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Step Brother Turns Me On (Completed) by Ro-Kyl
Step Brother Turns Me On ( Immortal IIV
Just read, because if I put some description it may cause to me to right the plot. Okay just read it, Thumbs up. 👍
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Awesome jokes.✔ by wildside2525
Awesome jokes.✔by wildside
Lady: so,you want to become my son-in-law? Boy: Not really, but I don't see any other way to marry your daughter! this book include amazing jokes and some flirt. I may...
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I'm Accidentally In Love With My BestFriend by Blue_pine4
I'm Accidentally In Love With My Reanme Divinagracia
Hi Hope you'll like it.
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Relative's Boyfriends by Ro-Kyl
Relative's Boyfriendsby Immortal IIV
Ethan was a breathtaking gorgeous guy and all of the school know his gay but there's nothing beating or bullying him nor kissing and pleasuring him. When he get back the...
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Lyrics of Songs by MiraNap
Lyrics of Songsby Ariella♥♪
Lyrics of Songs by Singers #86 In Random
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If You Let Me In by Kurra_Zae
If You Let Me Inby K U R R A
"I just want to get to know you!" "That's what they all said and they all betrayed me" "I'm not them. I'm me. Just let me in" ●●●●●●●●●●●●●...
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The Vampire Acadamy  by fries_before_guys25
The Vampire Acadamy by fries_before_guys25
"He's going to throw a fire wave at us." Autumn informed using her telepathy skills. "Niall, Mad, get a cover." Harry instructed to his fellow member...
  • 2018
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Percy Jackson: Truth or Dare. by ZahraMasudKhan2
Percy Jackson: Truth or H A Z
The demigods gather around to play the famous game - truth or dare - this book is full of fun and roasting each other. hope u guys enjoy it!😉😄😂
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Latest Updates.... by carl0121
Latest Alena❤
This Is The Latest Updates..... About My Upcoming Stories..... And Other Stuff.....
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HIDE  by Imthefuckenqueen
HIDE by Imthefuckenqueen
Kimberly Rastro Daughter of George Rastro and Sally Rastro owners of the Rastro Enterprises based in new york city she has a pation for simple music and on her 18 birthd...
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The Poltechgeist - Annabelle Intelligence by KushagraSachan
The Poltechgeist - Annabelle KushagraSachan
Silvia feels her daddy to be around her all the time. But is it so? Is it really daddy? _________________________________________ When an AI goes rogue, it no more qual...
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Behind all the cracks  by kipop333
Behind all the cracks by kipop333
Every story has a three sides yours,theirs and the world but is so hard to tell/explain yourself without tears rolling down you eyes forming lonely number eleven , espec...
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Fangs Behind The Floral Dress..  by Bombaybesties
Fangs Behind The Floral Dress.. by Bombaybesties
Being grounded by your parents for a mischief isn't that hard mostly for normal people. But it was for Lenon. How will she manage to act casual around humans while she...
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My Lazy Master (Completed) by Ro-Kyl
My Lazy Master (Completed)by Immortal IIV
Zeil was an handsome and poor boy because his parents leave him under the bridge on age of 10. When he got 14 he was abused by person with pushing a thick thing inside h...
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kiss me (camren)  by Aisyrbeyyo
kiss me (camren) by Aisyrbeyyo
Lauren jauregui as clearly known as camila's number one fan in highschool. Yet, camila has a crush on her. The journey to create the perfect love wasn't easy for them.
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Anthology Collection & Short Story Contest  by Aitijhyawearstiara
Anthology Collection & Short Aitijhya XVXDXD
Want to write? Want to pour your heart out? This is a wonderful place to contribute your writing. Come join us and let us know what you want to share. We're here to list...
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Galaxy Book Contest ( CLOSED ) by GalaxyBookContest
Galaxy Book Contest ( CLOSED )by Galaxy Book Contest
CLOSED The Beautiful Cover by @sereneur
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I'm Glad We Met. [LeviXReader: Fanfiction] ONGOING by TheDemonIsAlive
I'm Glad We Met. [LeviXReader: ♦Hira-chan♦
  • 2018
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The Vamps Song Lyrics by silentreaper
The Vamps Song Lyricsby silentreaper
Same to you Lyrics
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