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Richpez for the Soul (oneshots) by alina_rf
Richpez for the Soul (oneshots)by short insomniac
hello friends I actually have some okay ideas (the good shit) | cover art by @ararlynn, check out her books! | • read if you want • like if you like • don't if you d...
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What To Expect When It's Unexpected by emzazzy2004
What To Expect When It's Unexpectedby B A T S S T A B
Accidents. They happen. They're not always welcomed. I'm sorry. Highest Rankings - #1 in starkid #1 in tincanbros #6 in joeyrichter #7 in laurenlopez #8 in richpez
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Robert Manion x Reader by Starkidstuffiguess
Robert Manion x Readerby Starkidstuffiguess
After working as a stage manager for both Twisted and Firebringer, you decide you want to try out for a role in TGWDLM. You meet the cast, but one of them stands out for...
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Apocalyptour or Bust by starshipranger258
Apocalyptour or Bustby Livia
I do not own starKid or anything related I only own the story idea. StarKid story. Brian/Meredith Joey/Lauren Dylan/Jaime Joe/Julia Please comment and let me know what...
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I Thought We Would Be Safe - Paulkins/TGWDLM Fanfic by Latte_Hottay
I Thought We Would Be Safe - 🦇I am B A T🦇
A few familiar faces surprise Emma at the hospital. This would probably be the end of her shitty life, but a miracle happened. Cross-Posted on AO3.
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Starkid tumblr  by AchmedsAssCheeks
Starkid tumblr by AchmedsAssCheeks
This is basically starkid theories and unrealized foreshadowing in shows that are posted on tumblr
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Eves Mariani by NessJQuin
Eves Marianiby Ness Joan
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Not Here. Not now. by Maximuswrites
Not Here. Not i am not god, but i am someth...
Ted stepped closer to Henry. He didn't know what he was doing- he didn't ever know what he was doing. He clutched onto the front of Henry's sweater, sharing his breath...
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Twisted by g4rfield42
Twistedby humourwasagiftfromtheduck
Isla and her best friend Claire live in London, where they've been to two Broadway shows, Mamma Mia and Wicked. They both LOVE Starkid ; Isla has a crush on Robert Manio...
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Adventure in Space *A Richpez Love Story* by InfinityUderwater
Adventure in Space *A Richpez InfinityUderwater
During Space Tour, two members of Team Starkid start considering the fact that maybe, just maybe, they don't want to be "just friends" anymore. -Mainly Richpez...
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Musical Preferences + Oneshots (Requests Open!) by Musicals_OwO
Musical Preferences + Oneshots ( Gay
Musicals I write for: Be more chill Dear Evan Hansen Heathers Starkid aka, The guy who didn't like musicals, etc. Hamilton I write: Gender neutral reader Male reader A...
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Professor Hidgens by TGWDLM_RobertManion
Professor Hidgensby I don't ship Jamilton... unle...
Y/N is just a normal student at the University of Hatchetfield. She leads a particularly boring life, double majoring in biology and musical theatre, but it seems that e...
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The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals One-Shots by nutbushjoey13
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals nutbushjoey13
A collection of one-shots (And headcanons) based off The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals. Lots of Paulkins.
Starkid One-Shots [Requests Open] by YikesAMillion
Starkid One-Shots [Requests Open]by manda
Starkid imagines and preferences :)
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Team Starkid x Reader by Amooooonda
Team Starkid x Readerby Amooooonda
Oneshots and Imagines of the members of Team Starkid :)
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Lauren's Big Break by luvlijubli
Lauren's Big Breakby luvlijubli
Sort of a sequel to A Very Starkid Summer Holiday! Thanks to @starkid_shannon for the title!
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Starkid AU oneshots - REQUESTS CLOSED! by Lonikje
Starkid AU oneshots - REQUESTS Lonikje
A place where I'll collect the AU one shots or short stories I write about the Starkids, based on prompts/requests I get. Could be anything really... REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!
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Starkid Reunion by luvlijubli
Starkid Reunionby luvlijubli
The Starkids meet up after not seeing each other for a while. A sleepover and food fight appears. This started off as a oneshot, but then I got a bit carried away and de...
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From the top! TedXHidgens by Angryandloud
From the top! TedXHidgensby Blue-shite
Woah! A Tedgens fic? I know groundbreaking really. In this scenario emma, paul, ted, and Hidgens were the soul survivors of the hatchetfeild Incident. Hidgens has given...
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