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I Was Wrong: Bakugou X Reader by MultiFandomLoner
I Was Wrong: Bakugou X Readerby MultiFandomLoner
What happens when one of Bakugou's new neighbors is a quirkless girl his age? Started: January 12th, 2022 Finished: February 28th, 2022
Chillen and Spillen some Tea by Chimera_Regarion
Chillen and Spillen some Teaby Chimera_Regarion
Izuku spilling some tea about his class while he gets healed. In return, Recovery Girl begins spelling some tea about the UA staff. Do I really need to say more? A/N: ...
Sweet and Spicy by ArondightDusk
Sweet and Spicyby Arondight2016 Productions
When an explosive student meets a prestigious student, he does all he can to make sure to put her in place where she belonged. However, there's one simple problem he see...
Fever (Sick Deku) (BakuDeku) by crimsongaze
Fever (Sick Deku) (BakuDeku)by CrimsonGaze
When Midoryia comes home one day from being out in the rain during patrol, he falls sick over night. His roommate Bakugo has no other choice than to help his sick "...
Trust Is A Dangerous Game by x_lalaluisa_x
Trust Is A Dangerous Gameby (¬_¬)
He had noticed how everyone changed. And it had all begun with his lost notebook. One day he was still fine, laughing with his friends and raising his hand during every...
A Nightmare and a Dream by fairytailstrama
A Nightmare and a Dreamby Hey Shawty
This story takes place at UA and they are already in the dorms. Bakugou's having trouble sleeping ever since they've moved into the dorms. He's scared that he's going to...
Fever!| Deku catches a cold | Bakudeku by SakuPanda20
Fever!| Deku catches a cold | SakuPanda
A cute lil' story about Deku catching a high fever and Bakugou being a tsundere and caring for him :D - > Re-write is completed! Link:
The Five Times Izuku Scared The Heroes, And The One Time He Scared A Villain by MVickery2
The Five Times Izuku Scared The MVickery2
Description Inside, but it is pretty self explanatory!
Tea Time with Nezu! by Chimera_Regarion
Tea Time with Nezu!by Chimera_Regarion
What would you say if you get the time off having some nice tea with some cookies and cakes as well as snacks? Perfect right? Well that is exactly the same thing a Rat...
MHA Sickfic by Albedos_Coc-
MHA Sickficby Ashe
Class 1a has the flu. Slowly hitting everyone. Bakugou and Dekyu are the only ones left untouched. Working day and night trying to help everyone feel better. But one day...
Daffodils in my Lungs - Erasermic Fanfic (Completed) by Kreisal
Daffodils in my Lungs - FujoshiShips4Ever
Erasermic Hanahaki AU short story Aizawa Shouta is tired of many things but right now he is really tired of having a massive crush on his best friend Yamada Hizashi sinc...
I will protect you  (On Hold) by TheMayFlowerUwU
I will protect you (On Hold)by The May Flower
Tokoyami doesn't like talking about his past but that all changes when his younger sister and brother show up at UA unexpectedly. Now he must do whatever it takes to pr...
Not all Heroes wear capes.. some aren't even heroes yet. by ImAliveBishes
Not all Heroes wear capes.. some DNA
This is book two of my "not all heroes" series. If you would like to read book one, you are more welcome to do that, yet you don't have to. After facing many...
A Problem Humming in the Air by Daze_Creates101
A Problem Humming in the Airby DazeCreates
Izuku has been feeling under the weather, he and his friends chopped it down to his late night training sessions. But what happens when he notices he has harsh pains and...
Snow (Hawks Sister) (Healer ) by Chimera_Regarion
Snow (Hawks Sister) (Healer )by Chimera_Regarion
If you thought it would be easy having a healing quirk then you would be wrong! I faced nothing more than hardship with it! It's a rare quirk after all and I learned qui...
A  little pain, comes a little love by yoaixay
A little pain, comes a little loveby xcurly girl
Aizawa adopted Izuku after his parents died. Izuku had a tough life being quirkless, when Izuku made it into UA, things started looking up for him, before he got forced...
BNHA react to Dekuverse by artzzy_boo
BNHA react to Dekuverseby Artzzy
Class 1A, 1B, Shinzo, The Big 3, Aizawa, Mic, Midnight, Vlad, All Might, Recovery girl, Nezu, Hawks, Endeavor, Mirko, Ryuku, Ms.Joke, Gran Torino all see different AU's...
Who Helps The Hero? by nightwing2
Who Helps The Hero?by Alfred F. Jones
In a world of quirks and classifications, the laws are strict to protect Littles. Most of the Hero Community is divided into Caregivers, Alphas, Dominants, and Owners. T...
~ All 5 of them ~ A MHA imagine~ Reader ~ by katsukispepsi
~ All 5 of them ~ A MHA imagine~ <3
A Bakugou, todoroki, deku, kaminari, kirshima imagine.
The Luckless Boy by your_AvErAgE_ApHiD
The Luckless Boyby Everest
Izuku Midoriya was your average kid at the age of three. He loved heroes and even wanted to be one when he got his quirk. However no one could predict what would happen...