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Back to the Beginning (Naruto Fanfic) by ErinDahl
Back to the Beginning (Naruto Erin Dahl
Naruto won the battle against Madara. The catch? He was the only one left...In a desperate attempt to save everyone and protect the Ninja world, he and Kurama make the d...
Obito X Kakashi Randoms by Abigail_H_Jones50
Obito X Kakashi Randomsby Sara Black
I'm finding writing prompts everywhere so I'm going to put them here and pair up Obito and Kakashi. Hope you all like it! I take requests btw!
React to Kakashi Hatake by kim_chae_yun_
React to Kakashi Hatakeby kim_chae_yun_
the title already described it. In this story their will be just people reacting to Kakashi hatake about his life his ships etc and also if you want something please rec...
Someone I Never Thought I'd Loved. by Itachi_Uchiha_17
Someone I Never Thought I'd Itachi Uchiha
Obito weakly walked over to Kakashi holding out his hand for help, Kakashi looked worried for his beloved Uchiha, he reached out to Obito to grab his hand. the white hai...
My Service Dog Aprodite by Valen_Pine
My Service Dog Aproditeby ✨Valentine✨
꧁Obito Uchiha x Kakashi Hatake , Modern AU꧂ ➪Obito Uchiha is just a regular person. Nothing special really. He has a younger sister and two older brothers. He thinks dog...
Eye Of The Hurricane || Naruto by NatsumariYoko
Eye Of The Hurricane || Narutoby haha potato
"𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙... 𝙞𝙨 𝙩𝙧𝙪𝙡𝙮 𝙛𝙖𝙨𝙘𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜." •-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Samantha Zoe doesn't belive in Reincarnation. She t...
Prevent The Future by AcnoliaAdviser
Prevent The Futureby AcnoliaAdviser
The Uchiha massacre and The Fourth Shinobi War. They both were tragic. And they both spared only one person Sasuke Uchiha. "I'm from the future." |°Slow Update...
Ten tails by kzsren
Ten tailsby 𝒓𝒆𝒏
Kakashi wakes up with a little friend sealed in her and has to learn her new powers and friend and keep it a secret from everybody and her village who already hate her f...
For the Future, I Wish to Change the Past by SarcasticKitsune
For the Future, I Wish to Change HIATUS
The remains of the Fourth Shinobi War are three people. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. They are the only ones left. With his last strength, Naruto uses a Forbidden Technique...
Obikaka One-Shots by Valen_Pine
Obikaka One-Shotsby ✨Valentine✨
A bunch of one-shots about Obikaka because I love them and I have so many ideas for one-shots for them. Yes I changed the title of the book so it doesn't only have to be...
Back in Time (Naruto fanfic) by MiloTheJinchuriki
Back in Time (Naruto fanfic)by Nat
The war didn't go as planned Things have gotten from bad, to worse, faster than they could realize. Team seven and their sensei decided to go back in time to change the...
dm me. (Kakashi x reader) [book 1] by SasoriTheRedHead
dm me. (Kakashi x reader) [book 1]by poo
"I love you so much that it hurts."
Team Minato incorrect quotes/headcanons by Valen_Pine
Team Minato incorrect quotes/ ✨Valentine✨
I enjoy writing these short books so I am now making an incorrect quotes book for Team Minato. This will also include some other characters! Enjoy.
We Can Do It Together (Minato x Kakashi)((lemon)) by Female_Jiraiya
We Can Do It Together (Minato x Female Jiraiya
Sorry, but this story will no longer be updated, it is a finished story now sorry that I didn't even finish the story, may try to update it, someday I have lost all inte...
Sakura time travel by celi1794
Sakura time travelby celi1794
A loud scream was heard trough out the battlefield Everyone stopped and looked where the scream came from. Suddenly the ten tails was gone and everything went quiet. SA...
Wow didn't see that one coming- by urlocalsexoffender
Wow didn't see that one coming-by urlocalsexoffender
"I will throw you out the window..." "What in the name of giving a fuck..." "Try me bitch..." . . . . When a 14 year old Maria finds 4 lost...
Obito and Rin forever by TheBlackLion33
Obito and Rin foreverby Black Lion
What if Obito didn't get crushed by the rocks, and didn't meet Madara, and stayed with Kakashi and Rin. What if Kushina and Minato wouldn't die because of Tobi(Obito). C...
The Uchiha Older Sister by ElenaUchiha6
The Uchiha Older Sisterby Elena Uchiha
This is a Kakashi X Reader Story. Y/N Uchiha. Y/n is the first born child and only daughter of Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. She mastered the sharingan at the age of 5 years...
Time Reunion (Kakafemnaruto) by Ryushuu1412
Time Reunion (Kakafemnaruto)by Shiina Minami
Team Minato just got back from their mission when Obito found an suspicious scroll and open it. There was a bright light consumed them and when they open their eyes aga...
A War For Your Heart(Team Minato X Reader) by Emo-Much
A War For Your Heart(Team Minato Saii
°Extremely Slow Update° •On Hold Cuz I've Got No Inspiration & Motivation• Disclaimer: I dont own anything There is a new girl in the team,catches all of their attention...