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Crush // Ian Somerhalder by LondonaLozzy
Crush // Ian Somerhalderby Loz
Model turned actress Skye Parker has had an amazing career. It's been one full of success, notoriety and fame. There is one huge thing missing though, someone to share i...
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The Brothers down the Street by Jellybeans92
The Brothers down the Streetby Jellybeans92
Everything was going good for Ronnie. She not only had one family but two the family from down the street have always been like her family. She has always seen the thre...
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Shattered Memories [R-18] [Completed] by PsychedelicDistress
Shattered Memories [R-18] [ Domina St. James
Being married to a man who's still in love with his former lover is hard. Ishi did everything she can to make her husband happy, but her efforts were unappreciated. It's...
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Celebrity Preferences/imagines by Celebrities-imagines
Celebrity Preferences/imaginesby Celebrities-imagines
Random celebrity preferences/imagines: •Shawn Mendes •Jake Gyllenhaal •Chris Hemsworth •Chris Evans •Tom Hiddleston •Timothee Chalamet •Ryan Reynolds •Robert Downey Jr •...
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TVD Imagines by Sri_1864
TVD Imaginesby Words_Bloom
the characters are not mine. they are all characters from the novel The Vampire Diaries. I'm just so in love with some of the character that I couldn't help but write th...
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My new life with Damon Salvatore by bethany_333
My new life with Damon Salvatoreby Beth
Torries life was like any other seventeen year old's life. She had school, boy drama and friends. But the night that she met Damon Salvatore her whole life was turned up...
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Ian Somerhalder + Damon Salvatore {Imagines} by BillieJoeSavedMyLife
Ian Somerhalder + Damon XBillieJoeSavedMyLifeX
(Y/n) + Ian Somerhalder / Damon Salvatore Females pronouns unless requested or specified. **Currently taking requests** Any warnings will be place before every imagine...
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Found To Keep ~Ian Somerhalder~ by gemma_doyle
Found To Keep ~Ian Somerhalder~by gemma:)
Kenna Turner, animal lover and childhood best friend of Nina Dobrev finds her unexpected happy ending through Instagram! An unlikely beginning and a never-ending love.
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Love Like the Wind (A Kol Mikaelson love story) by SummerBird121
Love Like the Wind (A Kol SummerBird121
Faya left Mystic Falls 20+ years ago and now she must return. Her brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore are faced with deadly turns and choices, and when the Mikaelsons c...
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Fresh Start |P. Wesley| by voidmadelaine
Fresh Start |P. Wesley|by Ellie K
"I'm here for a fresh start. To get away from all the problems I had in Miami" *** Myra Hart, a very famous, worldwide sensation who is probably the kindest pe...
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I love you, Ian Somerhalder by TheLaurenWay
I love you, Ian Somerhalderby 🇬🇧
[completed] Book 1 of the "I love you, Ian Somerhalder" series! "Hey, Natalie25London!" he exclaimed before immediately getting up and sitting next t...
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Love Bites by littlepinkcupcake
Love Bitesby littlepinkcupcake
A handsome mysterious man moves into Roxy’s quiet village which turns her life upside down. She thinks he’s a normal over average looking guy but he hides a dark secret...
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Text Me Back by Lightslastbreath
Text Me Backby dad
in which ian somerhalder's sister grows close to his newest co-star I| a social media fic |I #1 in Joseph Morgan Social Media
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Unexpected || غير متوقع  by ASMsmile
Unexpected || غير متوقع by ألاء سالم
قد لا أكون مثلما تعتقد فإحذر من الإقتراب أكثر، و تأكد جيدا بأن ليس كل ما تراه أو تسمعه حقيقة. أما الأن فدعك من تمني العيش بأحد أحلامك الوردية و إستعد لخوض تجربة جديدة ك...
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Phoenix by EveOmega
Phoenixby Natalie
This is the sequel to 'Taken by EveOmega'. If you have not yet read 'Taken By EveOmega', I recommend that you read that first. Thank you! - WARNING: This is a horror sto...
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15 Days (Bamon) by HollywoodA
15 Days (Bamon)by HollywoodA
Legend has it that men fall in love in just 8.2 seconds and women take fifteen days. Well I say bullshit and to test my theory. When the next (attractive) man that comes...
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You're My Always & Forever *Nian Fanfic* by Nian4Life
You're My Always & Forever *Nian Hayley Danner
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New Beginnings by amourdakota
New Beginningsby Charlotte
This fan fiction is about Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder and how they reunite after Nina left The Vampire Diaries and how their relationship will go on. *NO HATE TO NIK...
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Our life together by brattney1224
Our life togetherby Brittney
The sequel to My Dad's Best Friend! What happens now that Noah and Jessica are openly dating? Does Tate come back? Cassidy? And what's happening with Jessica's parents...
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Adopted by Nian by SunriseDreamer
Adopted by Nianby Kim
Kylie is not your average ten year old girl. Her mother died the day she was born and her father gave her up when she was six years old. She's currently in an orphanage...
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