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Amber Eyes by cellyoursoull
Amber Eyesby 𝐫𝐞𝐝
When Harley Kingsley is accepted into Redville, one of the most well known and competitive schools in the world, with unbelievably high scores, she ends up attracting th...
SUPER RICH KIDS | ✔ by _elissee
[ synopsis inside] completed ✔
the new york elites  by emilyp124
the new york elites by Kara
The New York Elites, is a teen fiction based on a group of 6 friends navigating their way through the social rankings as well as finding love and new friendships along t...
Kings and Queens by wonderingflower
Kings and Queensby - c.m ♡
"Bitter are the wars between lovers." Emilia Taylor had done everything she could to get away from the school's hierarchy. After everything that had happened...
Shanghai's Elite by imjustcoollikethat
Shanghai's Eliteby imjustcoollikethat
Welcome to the city of Shanghai. A world of designer clothes, chauffeurs, lavish parties, and juicy scandals. Ever since the Chinese economic boom, rich foreigners have...
The Darkest Corners by SomeoneSF
The Darkest Cornersby ♌️
'Every educated person is a future enemy' -Martin Bormann However, when the corners of a boarding school turn darker than ever before, so do the skeletons hidden in them.
Colors  by PhemeloLeago
Colors by Phemelo Leago
*The only way to take down the queen is to go through the empire first *
Not Just Another Badboy by Njxwrites
Not Just Another Badboyby NJ BOTES
When Gabriella García Rodríguez returns to her old school,Brentford Prep home of the Bluebulls where wealth and popularity matters more than your grade,she isn't surpris...
The C's of Abundance | c.s by imaspellingerror
The C's of Abundance | c.sby -alone.
a world where secrets are worth way more than money Cover by @xxoluomzxx Copyright © imaspellingerror, 2019 All Rights Reserved
V is for Vendetta by dreaminghly
V is for Vendettaby 𝓶𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓪
❝Shadow owes its birth to light.❞ Violet Grey has always liked living in the shadows because they protected her from the power-hungry sharks known as the elite of Rivers...
legacy by PhemeloLeago
legacyby Phemelo Leago
" whatever happens sister just know you'll be ok " he said as the line went dead . 17 year old Cordelia sets out to finish what her brother started . She is cl...
In Love With The Nigerian Girl by Princess_Enikuomehin
In Love With The Nigerian Girlby Cutiepie
I sat in my bed looking around for what to do. I decided not to go to school today because I was hellbent on avoiding Justin after yesterday's event. At least my mom bou...
Prince & Prejudice by dazzlingdemise
Prince & Prejudiceby em
noun: fairy tale 1. a fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive. Alessandra Makhdoom has never been a staunch believer in fairy tales. All thanks to her mom's...
Twists & Surprises by read_s
Twists & Surprisesby read_s
Chloe Evangeline Emmerson. After the death of her family, the young heiress now has to go to an exclusive boarding school in Switzerland. Her name brought chatter to the...
Letters To The Moon by cestrebecca
Letters To The Moonby Rebecca
As Dakota Akihara crashes, Rhea Walton falters. While one is drug away from a life in the 1%, the other finds it increasingly-unbearable to put up with the cru...
0.5| Sinful Elite | on hiatus  by _elissee
0.5| Sinful Elite | on hiatus by ☽
✯✯✯✯ prequel to secret elite | can be read as a stand-alone
The A-Listers by delured
The A-Listersby ♡
They are hated. They are loved. They are envied. They are the A-Listers. When Valentina Moretti's position as queen bee at Beaumont Academy is threatened by newcomer...
Rich People Don't Have Hearts by sweaternoodles
Rich People Don't Have Heartsby ✧˚ · jade * ˚ ✦
Isaiah Voss Upton is born elite. Like a God bathing in silver and in gold, all throughout his life he never knew what failure was-until he found himself involved in a b...
Elite Academy by Writing_Goals
Elite Academyby Writing_Goals
My heels click against the marble steps as I walk up to my new school, I sigh as I push the doors open to my new hell. Except I'm the devil in disguise, so be ready Sain...
The Exclusives by rhea9849338045
The Exclusivesby Laleh Bakhtiar
Alaska Archibald is a party girl heiress and is the paparazzi princess in Manhattan. Alaska's grandparents want to control her wild ways and send her off to a elite boar...