The Elites by -effervescence_
The Elitesby Cade
Blake Graham is Manhattan's princess. With teens and adults all practically in love with her, it's no surprise of her popularity. When a series of events unfold, Blake f...
  • school
  • billionaires
  • fiction
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Bad Boy's Queen by RisingRachel
Bad Boy's Queenby RisingRachel
Holly 'Barbie' Sander is your typical blonde Head Cheerleader; an eighteen year old, 5'8 Queenbee, with a bitchy attitude and an earth size ego. Ethan Jackson is your t...
  • nerd
  • action
  • possessive
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The Golden Girl  by tomboy_16
The Golden Girl by Perry™
*WATTPAD FEATURED* *UNEDITED* "You can't erase the pain, nor can I. You can't erase the reasons behind my fake smiles, you can't change the past, nor can I. We can'...
  • monarchy
  • boyxgirl
  • generalfiction
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Ice Heart by Someone_Helpless
Ice Heartby Dark Princess
We all know the cliché story of the good girl who falls for the bad boy. In every single one of these stories, there is this mean girl who wants the bad boy and everyone...
  • romance
  • goodboy
  • highschool
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Disasters in heaven by eshra_krishnawat
Disasters in heavenby eshra_krishnawat
Meet Manik Malhotra !!💯 Mean as fuck Sweet as a candy Cold as ice water Evil as hell Or loyal as a soldier It all depends on who you are to him!!! Meet Nandini murt...
  • ff
  • bestfriends
  • drama
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A Certain Not-So-Bad Boy by SeagullDabay
A Certain Not-So-Bad Boyby Seagull
Once, there was a boy. He was rich, popular, and definitely swoon-worthy. Everyone knew the boy--well, almost everyone. There was also a girl. She wasn't popular or rich...
  • blackmail
  • cliche
  • boy
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Verona ⤑ Alec Volturi by -avenomouslove
Verona ⤑ Alec Volturiby ☆ QUEEN BEE ☆
❝They were doomed from the start, but they loved each other anyway.❞ [New Moon―Breaking Dawn]
  • alecvolturi
  • adventure
  • queenbee
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I'm a chick magnet gxg by mich_lie03
I'm a chick magnet gxgby Mich
Riza Anne Rovelle sya ay isang chick magnet dahil kahit saan sya pumunta ay lapitin sya ng babae at dahil doon ay Hindi nya magawang mamuhay ng tahimik....... kaya naisi...
  • nerd
  • chickmagnet
  • riza
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Cold as Ice (a lesbian story) by thepersonibecame
Cold as Ice (a lesbian story)by Rose
Meet Annabel, the Queen Bee of her boarding school, and Cora, the new girl, who is as cold as ice and does whatever it takes to get what she wants. Annabel is the leade...
  • fiction
  • girly
  • bisexual
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Reckless ⤑ Jasper Hale [2] by -avenomouslove
Reckless ⤑ Jasper Hale [2]by ☆ QUEEN BEE ☆
❝He'd broken her heart, but she still loved him with the pieces.❞ [Eclipse―Breaking Dawn]
  • queenbee
  • action
  • teenfiction
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WNF [HIATUS] ▪ Jenlisa by hwangjauregui
WNF [HIATUS] ▪ Jenlisaby sash
Disclaimer: I know that there's already many version of this fic out there, but this story's plotline was simply just one of my favorite and I wanted to share it for tho...
  • aesthetic
  • romance
  • wattys2018
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ThE NeRD dJ by brie7414
ThE NeRD dJby brie7414
Claire Lawrence: I'm a bullied nerd at school since elementary until senior high school. I'm a club DJ during Saturday nights and a performer on Sunday afternoon, I also...
  • bully
  • girlxgirl
  • gxg
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The Heroes of Terraria by FabuJim777
The Heroes of Terrariaby HIT OR MISS
When Fabuent, a budding mage living in the village of Wysteria, has his village raised by the celestial being known as the Moon Lord, he flees, meeting Andrew, a middle...
  • kingslime
  • tricci
  • buildup
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The Body Switch//A Miraculous Fanfiction by elrosekat4
The Body Switch//A Miraculous Fanf...by elrosekat4
Marinette switches bodies with the boy she is head over heels for, Adrien Agreste! What will happen, and how quickly will the two figure out their secrets? Read to find...
  • marichat
  • alya
  • chloe
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Watching miraculous ladybug comic dubs by Nova_Gibbs
Watching miraculous ladybug comic...by Nova Gibbs
Have you ever wonder what happens when the miraculous ladybug gang (Marinette/ Tikki/ Plagg/ Adrien/ Alya/ Nino) go and watch miraculous ladybug comic dubs. Master Fu Wa...
  • clovis
  • alain
  • chloe
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Miraculous Ladybug: El Imperio Secreto by AlanDanielRamirezTam
Miraculous Ladybug: El Imperio Sec...by Alan de Aries
¡Francia está siendo asediada desde dentro! Ahora que Ladybug y Cat Noir se han conseguido nuevos aliados, Hawk Moth y Mayura toman sus cartas más peligrosas, por lo que...
  • renarouge
  • ladybug
  • mayura
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The Bitch and The Freak by brie7414
The Bitch and The Freakby brie7414
Will her greatest human enemy and hater fall in love with her?
  • friendship
  • witch
  • supernatural
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Of Love and Lies |  Adrienette by sapphire10fun
Of Love and Lies | Adrienetteby Simply Tiggs
What if Lila really did destroy Marinette's life after Chameleon? What if her only friend... ...was Adrien? -0-0-0- Cover by @Miraculousxoxoxoxox Published on December 2...
  • akuma
  • chlonath
  • marinette
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Miraculous Circle by ShippingMaddness
Miraculous Circleby Maddness~Chan
(Written before the release of season 2, fan based, i know that some things don't match up, but this is my story and I'm not changing anything about it) "What's thi...
  • marinette
  • chatnoir
  • miraculous
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