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Aurora Santi Hinsley by LilFilly_Philly_
Aurora Santi Hinsleyby Joy Caldwell
Walk with Aurora Santi Hinsley, as she embarks apon a journey through life; dealing with romance, heartache, trials, triumph, family, death, Pain, & healing. Cover by...
  • romance
  • fakefriends
  • theextraordinaryawards
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Her Love by SummerWinter830
Her Loveby SummerWinter830
"And, why would I be jealous, love? I already have you." He grins. Mention Alex Dawson to any girl in Greenwood and they'll swoon. Tall, perfect body, with dar...
  • billionaires
  • soccer
  • competitions
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The Bet [bxb] ✓ by saccente
The Bet [bxb] ✓by remì
Growing up is no easy thing to get over with, and Fynn Carlson who just wants to be alone and ride his skateboard all day is no exception. Good thing his only friend doe...
  • completed
  • sacccente
  • bestfriend
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Somebody To Love by milkcartonluv
Somebody To Loveby MilkMahWays
☾☽ 𝒞 𝒶 𝓃 𝒜 𝓃 𝓎 𝒷 𝑜 𝒹 𝓎 𝐹 𝒾 𝓃 𝒹 𝑀 𝑒 𝒮 𝑜 𝓂 𝑒 𝒷 𝑜 𝒹 𝓎 𝒯𝑜 𝐿 𝑜 𝓋 𝑒 ☾☽ Name? Amariya James. Story? Fell in love with best friend's boyfriend. Was...
  • boyfriend
  • fake
  • somebodytolove
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REBORN: Revenge by C_J_Taganna
REBORN: Revengeby C_J_Taganna
She was only six years old when her father suddenly mysteriously disappeared without any trace. At the age of sixteen, her mother died in a car accident; some claims tha...
  • romancefiction
  • revenge
  • underworld
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Wish You Would Stay by hobbbys
Wish You Would Stayby hobbbys
With constant negativity surrounding her, fake friends who weren't there for her. Especially her closest friends turned their back on her even my best friend Ciara...
  • drama
  • strictparents
  • depression
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Short Mode by frecklesonhisnose
Short Modeby Danielle Martin
This book consists of a collection of poems.
  • sadpoem
  • realistic
  • evil
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The Lips of Treacherous Trivia  by frecklesonhisnose
The Lips of Treacherous Trivia by Danielle Martin
"So have you decided what you want for exchange?" Trivia asked. The man flashed his white teeth, "That's for me to surprise you when I'm finished with...
  • badass
  • mystery
  • suspense
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The Resorting by Depressedkittenxx
The Resortingby Depressedkittenxx
When Dumbledore decides that Harry's year should be resorted the not so golden trio gets split up and Harry learns true friendship in his new house as well as a few secr...
  • potter
  • abuse
  • dracomalfoy
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The dare by 1LiveLaughLoveLife1
The dareby Aaliyah
It all started playing truth or dare one night with my friend. Now I have to be spanked by almost half the people in my school maybe more.
  • school
  • butt
  • hot
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Damned liars  by RemiWhiite
Damned liars by Remi White
"Like honey lies laced his lips, and like a bee I kept on coming back for more. Oh I knew, they were gold plated broken promises. Still they shined so bright, t...
  • lgbt
  • royalty
  • fakefriends
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Being The Bad Girl by xxpoxx
Being The Bad Girlby K Ü M Q Ū Å T
I didn't choose to be bad. It just...happened. I tried to be good, but after a while it got boring. What can I say? I was born to be bad and there's nothing I, nor you...
  • love
  • teenstories
  • badgirl
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jeronica au: "do you want to talk?" by -jackii
jeronica au: "do you want to talk?"by jackie uwu
-where jughead texts an unknown number which is veronica or -where jughead is a shameless flirt and veronica has to deal with his bullshit
  • sweetpea
  • veronicalodge
  • riverdale
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I N D I A N A  by thelittlechoco
I N D I A N A by 「 T I R A E 」
[ SLOW UPDATE ] INDIANA CASELLA MASSERNA . Seorang gadis jelita rupawan yang lengkap dengan segala yang ada di dunia . Rupa ? Duit ? Darjat ? Semua dia miliki DIA seoran...
  • prettylie
  • fakefriend
  • wattys2019
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Love Is Blind by XAhlmyX
Love Is Blindby ♏smirks♏
A rural girl(South Africa) who goes by the name Mbali finds the career of her dreams in the city of opportunities. (America/California) Her Life is going great once she...
  • african
  • eyecatchingbook
  • hate
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Teen Life by trimaraihan
Teen Lifeby Tassen Raihan Trima
Hey! Welcome to 'Teen Life.' Here I'll express my feelings through my own poetry and quotes. Being a teenager is hard when drama appears in your life. From problems to s...
  • crush
  • fakefriends
  • wattpadpoetry2019
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Jennifer is 23 years old , Domestic violence and abuse has been throughout her life from when she was young . She's been through thick and thin , Love was never an optio...
  • sexualcontent
  • strength
  • offset
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Do You Remember Me ? by marleymoo2013
Do You Remember Me ?by marleymoo2013
Meet Hope a 16 year old girl who may not be the prettiest and smartest girl alive but she has a heart of gold. However like any other teenager she hasn't had an easy li...
  • bullied
  • depression
  • childhoodsweethearts
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The Chase by LiviP628
The Chaseby Olive
(This story was originally called 'The need can fight?!?' And had a different cover but that's all I changed the story is still the same) Hadley is know as the schools...
  • noparents
  • bully
  • school
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Once a fuck boy, always a fuck boy by Blesiv__bxtch
Once a fuck boy, always a fuck boyby Daddy_mcdouble
Read and find out;)
  • supernatural
  • cheating
  • desiree
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