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The forbidden curse of love. { Snape x Reader } by Twilightinsomniac
The forbidden curse of love. { Twilightinsomniac
You're a transfer from Beauxbatons. You're finishing your last year of wizardry at Hogwarts. You think this is gonna be like any other normal year of classes till you se...
FATED by annaangel27
FATEDby Annabelle
I fell down on the floor and cried "How can they spoil my sixteenth birthday? They knew how happy and excited I am on my birthday, but they still spoiled it. I hate...
For Ever by resxlxent
For Everby Eighty Rey
Annabeth "Beth" Henry, a single mother at just 21 years old, cares for little Everly with all that she can. Being on her own, she never had help with her baby...
I'm In between, Professor by Jaiagsnv_U
I'm In between, Professorby Jaiagsnv_U
pareho ko kayong mahal ngunit isa lamang ang nararapat saakin.
I think he knows  by Dracoismineleavemebe
I think he knows by Clarissa Salvatore
A Professor Riddle x reader story. I don't see enough of these, so here you go. And our personal fav: English ain't my first language 🤭 But I'm damn good in it, so let'...
Undestined love - a Cillian Murphy romance by lanasversion222
Undestined love - a Cillian lanasversion
Tawny beige skin with classically noble lips and a perfectly-shaped nose. His expressionless eyebrows and grotesquely blank facial expressions just seem to attract me m...
Soulless of The Pure by niegelclydrius
Soulless of The Pureby Al
It is all about how much of monster each one of us. It narrates how cruel her past and she became the monster that everyone else is. She is pure until no more. Audenzia...
My Professor| n. uzumaki by Skrrrrtttt101
My Professor| n. uzumakiby amreeeeen
characters not mine but the plot is, also contains smut :> MODERN AU also the photos aren't mine thanks
I (Severus Snape X OC.) by snape_loki
I (Severus Snape X OC.)by snape_loki
Rosaline Allen, a young girl, found in the forest by Hagrid. All she remembered was a Death Eater torturing her and leaving her in the forest. What she didn't know is th...
Hogwarts fan fiction: the story of the little potter girl ( currently writing) by Kayleigh816
Hogwarts fan fiction: the story Kayleigh816
Disclaimer: This is a fanfic , I do not own anything in the Harry Potter universe those belong to J. K.Rowling the queen herself. Ok so I only own lily and Any children...
My Professor  by Saji_Crescent
My Professor by Saji Crescent
A college student who is graduating on her 4th year college will accidentally fall for her professor that is cold as ice.A bi student and a cold professor. Will she get...
The Students Secret (On Hold) by BooksBunnyboo
The Students Secret (On Hold)by Savannah paige
A professor who is drawn to his students for more reasons than one A student named Luna who is looking for something more from not being satisfied by her past lovers. G...
Garden of Eden by maddyzzzzz
Garden of Edenby maddy
Atalanta Evans. All-star track runner. Do-gooder. Farm-raised girl. Robert Pattinson. Disgraced professor. Brilliantly intimidating. Devastatingly handsome. When Atalant...
Mr.Professor it's not for the grades [KuroShou] by strawberrymenace
Mr.Professor it's not for the strawberrymenace
it's was known that Daishou was sexual active be it with students or professors. Being a top student many suspected that he got his good grades because he slept with the...
How to Survive {Joe Goldberg} by 0-Epic-Loser-0
How to Survive {Joe Goldberg}by 🌹
When you moved to London, to attend Darcy college, to help pursue your dream of becoming an author, you had your own beliefs on how it would go. You believed it would be...
Between us (Ongoing) by FrancoiseLaurier
Between us (Ongoing)by Oncshie
This is a work of fiction. All names, events, places and everything came from author shrek's imagination. Any resemblance to any names, places and events are all coincid...
Professor Hiddleston by loganismyalpha
Professor Hiddlestonby 𝑀𝑎𝑟𝑦♡︎
Mary Elizabeth Cooper. 18 years old girl, who just moved up with her mom to another town. The last day of summer, she turned 18 and went to the party, where she slept w...
Amara James, a 19 year old girl with an abusive live, did not expect her live to change forever by just a normal walk home. At least it was a normal walk until she saw 5...
{Snamione} || The crow and the witch by Grangerz_
{Snamione} || The crow and the Grangerz
This story is about what if Voldemort didn't die and he won the war. Voldemort would take all the students who wouldn't fight back he spare them and sold them off when t...
Me | Professor R.J Lupin by JohnnyD3ppSimp
Me | Professor R.J Lupinby JohnnyD3ppSimp
Kat Jefferson is a non-binary bisexual Hogwarts student who had a very busy home life and very bad mental health. Remus Lupin is a bisexual werewolf Professor who has ha...