Pre-hogwarts Stories

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Harry Potter and the Hounds of Hogwarts by LocketAngel
Harry Potter and the Hounds of Locket Angel
**ON HIATUS** What happens when a boy wizard is raised by a highly functioning sociopath? Harry Potter ends up adopted by Sherlock Holmes, how will his story change?
My Protector by theggadphoenix
My Protectorby Ryu Mirah
He knew what he was doing when he decided to steal the Horcrux He knew he was signing up his death But he never expected this to happen He never expected himself to bec...
The Fifth Founder- The Half Brained Hat by CrowleysQueen
The Fifth Founder- The Half CrowleysQueen
He could remember the days when he was a living breathing person, just like the students that sat underneath him. When he could breathe and move and speak of his free wi...
Katey Potter: Book 1 (Revised and Edited version) by Lilly-Brooke
Katey Potter: Book 1 (Revised Katelyn Hagenbush
I do not own Harry Potter Six year old Katherine (Kathy) Elizabeth Rose Potter has always longed for a family. Living with her mothers sister, she and her brother Harry...
Destinies Collide by Yumeori
Destinies Collideby Yume
Michael Wright believed himself to be a good person. He paid his taxes, was polite to his neighbors, friendly at the workplace, and made regular donations to charities h...
Twisted Wonderland Kounoichi Witch Queen And Kounoichi Witch Countess by HarmonyWilkinson
Twisted Wonderland Kounoichi SexyKitsunexOokamixInu-Hime
Irene Lillian Potter is the Girl-Who-Lived but no one in the wizarding world knows that or much about her. They believe her older twin brother is the Boy-Who-Lived and p...
Harry Potter and Petunia's Hatred by JillWilliams423
Harry Potter and Petunia's Hatredby Jill
Two shot. Petunia Dursley hates her nephew. One night, while giving him a bath, she decides that she can't hold it in anymore!
If Lily Potter raised Dudley by Pombear12
If Lily Potter raised Dudleyby Pombear12
What if Vernom and Petunia died, leaving Dudley to Lily? What if Dudley, too, was a wizard? What if both of these questions were about to be answered? Set before hogwart...
Within a Forest Dark by Squibstress
Within a Forest Darkby Squibstress
Severus Snape expects his journey at Hogwarts to be dark and lonely. He's right. Mostly. But he finds friendship in an unexpected place.
Natasha Potter (Romanoff) Book 1 by Baileywhatsup
Natasha Potter (Romanoff) Book 1by Baileywhatsup
What if Natasha Romanoff aka Natalia Romanova was actually a Female Harry Potter this book is about her time in the Red Room. I don't own Harry Potter( which goes to J.K...
Facts & Feels: Harry Potter by Gender404NotFound
Facts & Feels: Harry Potterby Benjamin
This is a book filled with facts and feels from Harry Potter. :) Ok so I've read a bunch of these and I have nothing to do so here we are. Oh and just so you know I prob...
Alone and Palely Loitering | Harry Potter for Grown-Ups by Squibstress
Alone and Palely Loitering | Squibstress
Immortality seemed a good idea at the time, but it has its disadvantages. Over the years, Nicolas Flamel has had many, many romantic entanglements, but no one flusters h...
There Is More Than This by BakaYaoiFan2806
There Is More Than Thisby Jason Dean
Harry is a Freak, first and foremost, and what he can do... Scares him. So he stops. (When a child represses their magic, that child becomes the host to an obscurus, an...
The Bookish [complete] by MaggieOfHogwarts
The Bookish [complete]by MaggieOfHogwarts
Before Hogwarts, before Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, and before the Sorcerer's Stone, Hermione Granger thought she was normal. She was a bright and bookish young girl...
The Others by NicoNightingale
The Othersby Nico
Following an accident that involved her beloved younger sister, the crown princess of Arendelle grew to believe she was born cursed. At her eleventh birthday, however, s...
A Butterfly Flaps its Wings... and I am Misplaced (Pre-Hogwarts) by TheSistersBread
A Butterfly Flaps its Wings... The Sisters Bread
How could I expect this? How could anyone expect this? An OC is reborn as Luna Lovegood.
Values of the Underprivileged  by Mentia
Values of the Underprivileged by Mentia
Severus Snape and Lily Evans have not been speaking since they were fifteen years old, when an insult slipped Severus' lips and Lily refused to talk to him again. As the...
"NO!" (A Sherlock and Harry Potter Crossover)  by DaughterofHalt
"NO!" (A Sherlock and Harry DaughterofHalt
This is a crossover in which Harry Potter is adopted by Sherlock
The Butterfly Effect by shadowylemon
The Butterfly Effectby Shadow
the butterfly effect of Harry being born just a minute later
Bonnie Wee Thing | Epithalamium #0.5 | Minerva McGonagall by Squibstress
Bonnie Wee Thing | Epithalamium Squibstress
A witch is born. She's surprisingly opinionated for a baby. A very short story in which Minerva McGonagall demonstrates a peculiar proclivity for getting her way. *****...