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I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards 2011) by staplesfan
I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards 2...by Kristin
Imara Fox has a dark past. If she can't control her necromancy, she will have a dark future a head of her. Turning to Hogwarts for protection, she meets people, whom she...
are you a psychopath? by xolynes
are you a psychopath?by ashley ✨🦋
welcome to the test to see how psychopathic you are! the test will include 12 questions. add up your points to find out your psychotic level.
30 Points by hermione-granger2004
30 Pointsby hermione-granger2004
Hermione Granger. That was my name. Now its Hermione Charlotte Jean-Granger. My parents divorced . Then I go back to Hogwarts, somehow people found out about my parents...
GRAPHIC CONTESTS by _isabelle_b
GRAPHIC CONTESTSby Isabelle Benneth
graphic contests point system prizes entertaining tasks and tho is the most pathetic blurb so far, just open it.
Rants & Random Shit by X_Sigma_X
Rants & Random Shitby Sigma
This is me ranting about fandoms and real life subjects. I believe fandoms have both good and bad but it depends on how you view it and what you think. I'll add stuff al...
Phoenicia's Points Shop [not yet open] by ScriptSociety
Phoenicia's Points Shop [not yet o...by 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝒸𝓇𝒾𝓅𝓉 𝒮𝑜𝒸𝒾�...
COMING SOON! Welcome to Phoenicia's Points Shop! Here is where all the award and contest winners can spend their points! For anyone who doesn't have points, please proce...
Volleyball tips & how to play  by vscovibezzz0
Volleyball tips & how to play by Mccnbby
Hi! Idk I guess this is just about some volleyball workouts and stuff , sorry it's so short I got lazy.
Adventure Forward One Shots by Luminescent_Wishes
Adventure Forward One Shotsby Luminescent_Wishes
A One Shots in memory of the Adventure Forward series that has come to an end, but don't worry! The fandom is still alive, but Adventure Forward 2 is broken and can't be...
Life is a mixture by HazarAlaabed
Life is a mixtureby Hazar Alaabed
Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness, good and bad, success and failing, love and hatred, strength and weakness, kindness and cruelness, regret and gratefulness, a...
The Diligent Book Club | Closed by mystery-queens
The Diligent Book Club | Closedby 𝓑𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪♡
[CLOSED] [5/40 Members] Looking for members! :) Detailed Information Inside! Looking for some good reviews constructive opinions on you stories? This is the best place o...
Yu-Gi-Oh: Axis Point by SpadeWalker
Yu-Gi-Oh: Axis Pointby Ace Of Spades
Amajiki a 17 year old Duelist is suddenly thrusted Into danger when an ancient god awakens and creates chaos throughout the world. before Amajiki can confront Xiuhtecuht...
DEADROSES. [CLOSED] by drxwn-with-me
AdventureForwardBodyswapped!AU - Story by PixelatedBombs
AdventureForwardBodyswapped!AU - S...by Pixelated Bombs
As all the points' bodies are switched with one another, they must deal with new perspectives. Their leader, Claud, blames himself for the whole thing, and could possibl...
Only if  by trashycos4uwuv
Only if by You are beautiful
Have you ever been at that point where the only thing you can do is break . The things you think help just hurt worse than they should . You don't want someone saying th...
Mind Tricks (Mystery x Reader) by MAHNAMESMIO
Mind Tricks (Mystery x Reader)by tràppêd ïñsäñíty
who isn't sure what their doing?ME!! who wants to die?ME!!! Who like a furry?!MMMEEEEE!!!! WHO LIKE KRABBY PATTIES ?!?!M-wait what? Any way this is a story about how you...
Brownie Points by JamesAGrove
Brownie Pointsby James A. Grove
Brownie Points "A Man's Guide to a Happy Life" "If you are going to read just ONE book...then this should be THAT book" Brownie Points is a tongue in...
aʊtɦօʀ's ʄʟɨռɢ  by Francespius__06
aʊtɦօʀ's ʄʟɨռɢ by ʄʀaռċɛs քɨʊs
aʊtɦօʀs քʀօɢʀaʍ, ɖɨsċօʋɛʀ aռɖ ҡռօա aɮօʊt աattքaɖ աʀɨtɛʀs, tɦɛɨʀ ɨռsքɨʀatɨօռ, ʄɛaʀs, aռɖ աɦɛʀɛ tɦɛɨʀ ċօʊʀaɢɛ ċօʍɛ ʄʀօʍ aռɖ ʍaռʏ ʍօʀɛ ...........
My Little Space Diary by StuffiePrincess1
My Little Space Diaryby Stuffie Princess
This is basically where I'm just going to put my thoughts down and stuff. I will explain things you need to know as well. My entries will mostly be written in Little Spa...