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Boboiboy Oneshots by lazy_august
Boboiboy Oneshotsby bee
Just random BBB oneshots that I come up with, especially those of the Boboiboy siblings we all know and love! Some side BoYa and FaYi too if you're feeling romantic ;) #...
Boboiboy x Reader (Oneshots, Scenarios and headcannons) by Diana_nightcore
Boboiboy x Reader (Oneshots, Ditto :v
All scenarios, oneshots and headcannons my weird mind can come up with- Ft. the elementals and other characters in the series Expect fluff, angst and just a bunch of ran...
Petir in MafiaLand by MoncCat
Petir in MafiaLandby Cat
One day, Petir saw himself woke up in a familiar yet completely strange world. Just what the hell is going on? And is that a gun?! ---×××--- Auther's note: Because every...
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season Three by seraphinalakmana
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season SeraTheWriter
The question remains. What happened after BoBoiBoy defeated Vargoba? Sure, they hung out at Tempur-A, but what happened after that? Did they return to TAPOPS? What adven...
Our Little Brother by ejenfatini
Our Little Brotherby Tini
💙 [ 🅾🅽 🅶🅾🅸🅽🅶 / 🆂︎🅻︎🅾︎🆆︎ 🆄︎🅿︎🅳︎🅰︎🆃︎🅴︎ ] 💙 ⇛ sᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ⇚ Tanah and Petir were a happy family together with their parents. But, apparently their paren...
Twisted Summer (Being Rewritten) by zuyuchi
Twisted Summer (Being Rewritten)by Chino
"Let's have a nice summer holiday, my septuplets grandson~!" "WHAT?!" Who would expect to find out that their summer holiday had a magnificent twist...
Fangirling Boboiboy Compilations ✔ by floatingheels
Fangirling Boboiboy Compilations ✔by Hiatus bby
literally and solely made for the purpose to lash out my fangirling and randomness that contain this precious human boi cuz WHO DON'T LOVE HIM?! and mostly full of rando...
Hepta! Love | Boboiboy x Reader by TeamKaizo
Hepta! Love | Boboiboy x Readerby TeamKaizo
An alternate universe in which superpowers and extraterrestrials do not exist in this world; a universe in which each of Boboiboy's element is a separate person of his o...
Unison (being rewritten!) by MidnightMeadows
Unison (being rewritten!)by MidnightMeadows
Well, they expected Nut's invention to do something mind-boggling. but not quite like this. (Or, the elementals meet someone quite unexpected.) --- Being rewritten! new...
♤ My Brother《Boboiboy AU》-Petir x Thorn by ElectroCherry
♤ My Brother《Boboiboy AU》-Petir Asusora
"I love you kak Petir. Do you love me back? Please give me your life. {WARNING: THIS STORYLINE IS INSPIRED BY A OBSESSIVE YANDERE GAME. THIS MIGHT CONTAIN HORROR...
Always be there for you: Boboiboy Thundclone by Zenuex
Always be there for you: Utential
Stranded together Beautiful now Looking back, what would you have done differently? The times we had together will never be forgotten. ~Thundclone
Unison by MidnightMeadows
Unisonby MidnightMeadows
And really, he felt like a baby. He was struggling to even walk, he was sure the injuries from the fight weren't that extensive. His knees were wobbling, numb to the ank...
United by MidnightMeadows
Unitedby MidnightMeadows
Why did Cahaya leave, but return as Solar after just appearing? (Or, after months apart, the Boboiboy elements are finally reunited.)
Kin by MidnightMeadows
Kinby MidnightMeadows
Family was a concept the Boboiboy siblings were familiar with. Each brother had his own story to tell. (Or, some Boboiboy drabbles, starred by the Bois themselves.)
The Meaning of A Power | Boboiboy Slice of Life Septuplets AU by Wiwit_14
The Meaning of A Power | Dyaneko Kazuko (On Hiatus)
Language: English ⚡⚡ 【 A Boboiboy Elemental Twins AU x A Boboiboy Normal Life AU 】 ⚡⚡ Everyone definitely has dreamed about have a power, right? At least, once a time in...
Khi các Boboiboy dùng facebook by fantasticlemon
Khi các Boboiboy dùng facebookby Lemon
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Boboiboy: The Superhero, the Superbrothers 3 ~ The Next Galaxy by Zenuex
Boboiboy: The Superhero, the Utential
Finally, the brothers are back home, refreshed and especially jovial with their enhanced relationships. Everyone was happy- dancing, sleeping and hugging! However, ju...
Paint It Rainbow by bilsemli
Paint It Rainbowby wei ying = bebe
WARNING!!! I'll never add swearing. But some disturbing scenes are possible in this book so beware of the warnings I'll add in the beginnings of the chapters. Have fun r...
Jokes On B by Wolfypen
Jokes On Bby Wolfypen29
this is full of funny(for my view) jokes. some jokes are not mine (all of them are not mine)