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Percy Jackson Shattered like Glass by canteloupefan
Percy Jackson Shattered like Glassby canteloupefan
{Completed} (I wrote this when I was eleven, so I apologize for the monstrosity of spelling errors. I just reread this years later and cackled to much to take them out...
The Hunt for Life (Fem Percy Guardian of the Hunt) by PokemonDestiny
The Hunt for Life (Fem Percy Marissa
Life and death lie close together. The smallest things can push people towards one or the other. But sometimes those things aren't that small. Percy Jackson has seen far...
The Twins of the Sea- A change in the past- by Mikaela1103
The Twins of the Sea- A change Mikaela1103
This is the story of the Jackson twins. They run away after their step-father, "Smelly Gabe", kills their mother. Who would have thought that their life would...
The guardian by RichmondTigers221
The guardianby We work in the dark
It has been 15 years since Percy Jackson was killed. 15 years since he was banished from camp for a crime he didn't commit. 15 years since he was betrayed by the ones he...
Percy Jackson || Son Of Artemis by gleek_demigod
Percy Jackson || Son Of Artemisby Gleek Demigod
"Per-percy..." Annabeth stuttered pointing at my head. I looked above my head, and I saw sign... A trident and a bow was floating above my head. "This ca...
Percy Jackson, Son of Hades by FireSpiritDeagle
Percy Jackson, Son of Hadesby FireSpiritDeagle
Instead of having a childhood with the angel like mother Sally Jackson, what if Percy had an abusive orphaned one, until found out by the only left out son of Kronos in...
The Underworld's Child  by mushroomandbooks
The Underworld's Child by mushroomfairies
PJO Fanfiction - The Titan's Curse Atalanta Elora Anastacia does not have it easy. She is not your typical high school student. At school, she's your popular A straight...
Pertemis•The Fifteenth Olympian by ReadersBlog1234
Pertemis•The Fifteenth Olympianby ReadersBlog1234
PERTEMIS When Percy is betrayed by his friends and girlfriend, he is broken, he has nothing to live for,but the award ceremony for the defeat of Gaia might change that...
Percy Jackson-Estranged by Defiance_Ence
Percy Jackson-Estrangedby EnceoftheWind
Percy no longer belongs. Forsaken by Camp Half-Blood, and lacking confidence to socialize with those who are still loyal to him, he goes on his own path, depressed and u...
Prince of the Universe, Love of Artemis (On Hiatus) by jekastelic
Prince of the Universe, Love of Jordyn Kastelic
"I, Annabeth Chase, am breaking up with Percy Jackson." Those words shattered my heart, and from that point on, my life was never the same.
Percy Jackson: Hunter of Artemis by my_uncertain_reality
Percy Jackson: Hunter of Artemisby #ForeverMe
What if Percy was cheated on by Annabeth? What if he had dated other girls before that, all who had hurt him in some way? What if he swore of dating for eternity? What i...
Divergent Path by MementoVivere11
Divergent Pathby MementoVivere11
Betrayed and broken from a loss, Percy Jackson sets off on his own with no path in front of him. But strange, powerful forces are at play and he finds a purpose serving...
My love for you has Stood the test of Time by WhovianJC
My love for you has Stood the Whovian What ifs
Ok In the context of this story Percy will be the reincarnation of the only man that Artemis ever fell in love with Orion, who on his death bed swore he would see her ag...
Wolf Meets Nightshade by MiguelCamilleri2
Wolf Meets Nightshadeby Percyno1fan
Percy Jackson, a fifteen year old boy who has been living in the wild for five years, stumbled upon a camp covered in silver and with the only people present were...
The Son Of Kronos by wooyoluvbot
The Son Of Kronosby Eli
Perseus Achilles Jackson was never the son of Poseidon, in fact he was never a demigod. He was the first son of Kronos and Rhea in the 21st century. And was favored by t...
Starlit Endearment, Percy Jackson by -astronogy
Starlit Endearment, Percy Jacksonby ღ
She has constellations in her eyes, fire in her heart. Fem! Oc x Percy Jackson [ ttc- boo ] 𝐜𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐲: @rainbqws
Through the Heart by my_uncertain_reality
Through the Heartby #ForeverMe
Percy Jackson is dead. He was killed by his psycho ex, Annabeth. So what happens to our hero? He was brought back to life. The only thing he doesn't know: who brought hi...
Son of the Moon by Irish_Wolves
Son of the Moonby L.W
By:silverboar Sally Jackson dies when Percy is a baby and he is taken in by the most unlikely of goddesses and raised by her and her hunters. This is his story. (Publish...
Percy Jackson, the Savior by Giraffe5555
Percy Jackson, the Saviorby Giraffe
A one-shot about Percy being betrayed and helping girls get to the hunters of Artemis because I'm into that right now. *A little hint of PERTEMIS*
Percy Jackson , hunter of Artemis . by Louloudiwrites
Percy Jackson , hunter of Artemis .by Louloudiwrites
After the war with Gaea the gods decide Percy isn't needed anymore and decide to settle their personal disputes with him starting with kicking him out of camp . (Mild Pe...