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Everything Ariella (COMPLETE) by Dreamy627
Everything Ariella (COMPLETE)by Dreamy627
Kai, wrecked, careless, he thinks everyone is against him, friends are meaningless, he's never been one to believe in good, or someone suffering more than him. Until Ar...
The Boy and The Vampire's by renaeneedstakis1
The Boy and The Vampire'sby Jirku
A 17-year-old boy named Sam who gets abused physically abused by his parents every single day of his life. He finally escapes one day and hides in an alley. while he exp...
Bad Publicity  by jasminesflowersss
Bad Publicity by jasminesflowersss
After being forced to marry and get pregnant by Jaxson Ross, her company competitor, Ava Hudson is abandoned by her husband and spends nearly 4 years alone raising a chi...
Broken by FortunatelyKhrys
Brokenby KhrysAnn
"I'll break you in ways you didn't know existed,my love!" He said while holding my cheeks. I wanted to scream for help but he had taped my mouth shut. I felt h...
~|Better Off|~ by Amberstorm27
~|Better Off|~by Vanessa Palmer
15 year old Luna has not lived an easy life by any means. Her peers despise and torment her for being one of the only half Latin- half Caucasian students in her school...
I Will Come Back //Wonki// by AdibaPirjade
I Will Come Back //Wonki//by Adiba Pirjade
Sequel to "LEAVE ME! I'M NOT YOURS" "Destiny may have pulled you away, but I will find you" His sudden disappearing made me worried. I'm in a state...
Dead Ravens Society by SlightlyLostWriter
Dead Ravens Societyby Idun
Adam Parrish is a new student at Aglionby Academy, where the students are taught four core values; tradition, honor, discipline and excellence. While he has had to work...
My Burning Rose by avi_paralleluniverse
My Burning Roseby AVI
Abhimanyu Malhotra I knew I was in trouble the day I saw her She was my friend My confidant And my college crush I was never supposed to sway by anyone or anything...
Born In The Deep End ☯Avengers & Female OC by Jayde-Candy
Born In The Deep End ☯Avengers & Jayde-Candy
Kira is her Father's unwilling sidekick, raised to be the perfect assassin, trained to see people as targets and threats. Her whole life is upended when she runs into th...
"Fix me" || GoodGirls fanfiction|| Rio x Fem!OC by xxsl3epywolfxx
"Fix me" || GoodGirls fanfiction|| Lia
Evelyn Marie Williams, a complicated woman who somehow allows herself to start falling for a dangerous criminal, allotting herself into the life of being a criminal as w...
Fifty Shades of Lincoln by pewpewzoombam
Fifty Shades of Lincolnby pewpewzoombam
Elena Lincoln has a daughter, Katherine, and abuses her often as a form of submissive training. Christian noticed this and adopts Katherine, wanting to make her life as...
Unanticipated. //STEDDIE (DISCONTINUED) by mickeywebb69
Unanticipated. //STEDDIE ( Mick :)
Steve Harrington is having a hard time adapting to life. He's traumatized, having nightmares, can't sleep, can't eat, and is dealing with abuse from his father. He's bee...
A New Beginning by NightLily97
A New Beginningby NightWhite Lily
-Part 2 of "I Need A Ganster"- -Prologue 2- People deserve a second chance, right? When you find yourself at a no escape point, you wish you had someone to c...
Infatuated || S.J.|| by marvelslutttt
Infatuated || S.J.||by buckslover
Who knew Alessia would find the love of her life on the set of a movie. Only one problem, she doesn't date co-workers. WIll she break that rule, and stick to what she gr...
Understanding Ansh (LGBTQ Fiction)✔ by TousledLives
Understanding Ansh (LGBTQ Fiction)✔by k a a d u.
Ansh simply can't navigate logic between the coiled grooves of his brain. Sometimes he wishes to be a woman and other times, he wishes to transgress boundaries of gende...
Helpless (BxB) SLOW UPDATES by lol_cats_lvr
Helpless (BxB) SLOW UPDATESby lol_cats_lvr
Not a good home life Casey, a small nerd who get beaten by his step-dad and his mom just sits and watches. He gets bullied at school especially by the guy named Jackson...
Hold On ('Til The Getting's Good) by deptofweirdsounds
Hold On ('Til The Getting's Good)by Department of Weird Sounds
A Shourtney High School AU, present-day setting. Loosely inspired by The Killers' most recent album, Pressure Machine. Planned in September 2021 and written in December...
Her Son by lilweffle
Her Sonby lilweffle
Nagisa is your average fourteen-year-old boy, like any other you'd find walking down the street. Or at least he was until he became an E-class student, abandoned by soc...
Learning Truths by MKDBoi
Learning Truthsby
10 years or so I left my home city and state. I haven't looked back. I didn't have anyone to look back too or so I thought. There are trigger warnings because this is a...
Can't live without you by Winterbrrrr
Can't live without youby Tirhazouine Aishah
SUICIDE WARNING when kaido's sister dies in a fatal car crash, his parents become abusive and kaido becomes depressed. His life is filled with constant fake smiles. Then...