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Tear In My Heart ✔️ by ChicagoDreams
"Noah, I won't do it unless you ask me to," he whispered, his voice seductively low. "What?" I asked almost breathless. "Kiss you," he murm...
Fire and silk by writerwolf72
Fire and silkby Mullet
kiribaku fanfic. this my first fanfic so sorry if its not what people are looking for.anyways. U.A high kids are moving into dorms! and that's really all I got I'm just...
Outed  by TanyshaJewelGlandon
Outed by TanyshaJewelGlandon
Zayn Malik is a football Jock his secret is his gay. He wants to keep it that way but when Ashton Irwin catches him snogging art student Niall Horan his teammate outs hi...
Rose Colored Girl. ( charli da'melio  by sweetaddisons
Rose Colored Girl. ( charli da'mel...by sweetaddisons
In which the queen of TikTok, charli da'melio falls for a unfamiliar face on the app
Harringrove Hickey Happy-Hour by mommy_muppet
Harringrove Hickey Happy-Hourby Zoe Y
I'm sorry. I'm just harringrove trash. This is just a collection of the AFTERMATH (I'm innocent) of said hickeys. Mostly just Tommy being Tommy and The Party being the p...
Closer Apart by BisexualDisaster23
Closer Apartby TheBisexualDisaster
Cover art was done by me! This is about two brothers. I update as often as possible!
Reveal (Larry Stylinson) One Shot by Cherrylarryx
Reveal (Larry Stylinson) One Shotby Kaitlan 💛
Back on tour for their album, Made in the AM, Harry and Louis still pretend to barely like each other in the public eye. After a pap pic is taken that could prove the op...
The Daily Prophet Ruins Everything (A Drarry Oneshot) by fruitgalaxy
The Daily Prophet Ruins Everything...by Simon Says
It all started with the Daily Prophet. When a news story about their love-life outs Draco and Harry, Draco falls apart and Harry is left to put the pieces back together...
Jake Stark by Bloodline_Stories
Jake Starkby Bloodline_Stories
A gay teen in the UK lives in constant fear of being outed. But what happens when he finds another one?
They ran away by Alix_and_Autumn
They ran awayby Alix_and_Autumn
Stella has a new step-father, Alex was outed against his will, and Kris has a baby brother. They all have a reason for running away. They meet on a midnight bus go...
OK WITH THE GAY by 6Angel6Bunny6
Seth Logan is a gay sweetheart that's out and he's looking for love but who knows what he'll find?
Bonny Eloise by Attinava
Bonny Eloiseby Attinava
BXB BOOK! This is a semi-journal (biographical) semi-fiction I list out what I'm going through. Now some stuff is fiction some is not. This story follows a teen named Ri...
The Boy Finds Courage by gameingrainbow
The Boy Finds Courageby Koda Gray
Matthew Warren had it all. Two happily married parents a beautiful little sister. He was the most popular guy in school and the best quarterback his school has ever seen...
Rants  by vampireboness
Rants by vampireboness
you guys can give me topics and i will rant about them or i will rant about things that is happening in my life and i can/will give both positive and negative ideas
I wrote a diss track to the girl who outed me by butterpotatoes
I wrote a diss track to the girl w...by butterpotatoes
I mean it's more like a kinda poem because i can't exactly sing it and it's fairly short but I'm proud of it so | (• ◡•)|
cattleya.  by -blackroses
cattleya. by -blackroses
different drabbles.
Letters to the girl who outed me by butterpotatoes
Letters to the girl who outed meby butterpotatoes
I'm a girl. And I like a girls. (Im still unsure of who I am though) Recently I was outed. By The girl I liked no less. And there are a lot of things I want to say to he...
The Betrayal by boywithapast
The Betrayalby boywithapast
this story is about a boy who is outed by one of his closest friends and how his world nearly feel apart if it wasn't for his two best friends The main focus of this st...
ATYPICAL by laceecj
ATYPICALby laceecj
This is a story about a young girl struggling with making new friends after she moves but after one person becomes nice to her she finally feels at home