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The New King || harringrove by batsfang
The New King || harringroveby Sel 🕸🕷
"It's been 3 weeks since Nancy and I spilt, 2 weeks since my only friends started to consist of just 13 year old kids, and 1 week since Billy Hargrove arrived in Ha...
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Unexpectedly Enough by chillininmeboxx
Unexpectedly Enoughby Kiwi_Styles
Does the sailor know the school bad boy is in love with him?
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Fun and Games •Harringrove• by vodkaxtonic
Fun and Games •Harringrove•by 𝘌 𝘮 𝘮 𝘢
It was all fun and games, playing around, having sex until one of them gets feelings. "I'm in love with you." He croaked, his eyes teary as he looked at the bo...
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mistakes like this {harringrove} by nightlyhigh
mistakes like this {harringrove}by nightlyhigh
the cliche bad boy and popular boy... with a plot twist(?) [stranger things, steve harrington x billy hargrove] lowercase intended
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G O N E  |Harringrove| by BillyHargrovesAss
G O N E |Harringrove|by BillyHargrovesAss
A self raised teen, a living breathing sci-fi experiment, and a rebel with serious daddy issues. By themselves they're already powerful, but together they can reclaim wh...
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The little things........(Harringrove) -Mpreg- by pastelbluetransboy
The little things........(Harringr...by pastelbluetransboy
So Steve becomes a dad, Billy loses his shit, and the kids try to figure out everything.........I'll have an actual description in the future........
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anyway the wind blows by Fine_Alright_Okay
anyway the wind blowsby Lucas❤️
billy survives the flayer, and life after is like so weird. -season 3 spoilers- ~harringrove~
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Now I see by yourladavi
Now I seeby yourladavi
Billy and Max switch bodies and have to find a way to turn it back. *S3 spoilers* *implied StevexBilly* Trigger warning: queer slurs, mentions of sexual harassment, psy...
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A Brief History of Falling for Billy Hargrove [harrington x hargrove] by onceuponaloser
A Brief History of Falling for Bil...by Lena
In which Steve realises that falling for Billy isn't at all as hard as one might think.
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Someone Like Him (Harringrove) by dsfhdfsh
Someone Like Him (Harringrove)by 🌈
This story happens after STRANGER THINGS season 3. So if you haven't watched it, beware of the SPOILERS.
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you suck || harringrove by soundstraagiic
you suck || harringroveby sounds gay im in
stupid like, venom au kind of
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Broken (Harringrove) by BillyxSteve_
Broken (Harringrove)by Jax Anderson
A couple seconds later Neil comes raging in, picking Billy up by the collar of his jacket and slamming him into the a wall and punched in the gut. He fell to the ground...
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pretty boy like you // harringrove by dbsiwo
pretty boy like you // harringroveby Lilly
they know this is a bad idea. it's the eighties, it's indiana, and people aren't exactly progressive. but will that stop them? of course not, because they're idiots.
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Missing / stranger things s3 rewrite by maniacshampoo
Missing / stranger things s3 rewri...by beanie baby
everything that was moving fast, was moving so slow. They did it...The monster was dying. The world was saved. Everyone was safe. But to mike and nancy, the world was en...
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Rude boy by Satans_bitch_666
Rude boyby Satans_bitch_666
This is harringrove I don't really know what I'm doing I'm just trying something new and I love this ship so I hope you enjoy
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hey asshole || harringrove s2 by 0o0BlurryFace0o0
hey asshole || harringrove s2by 🖤𝕝𝕖𝕠🖤
"hey asshole I think I'm in love with you" or the one where steve sends billy love letters
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My Princess || Harringrove by TrashBoiGod
My Princess || Harringroveby The Trash Can Boi
Steve tried to become friends with Billy, but Billy is very in-closed from what happened back in StarQuart. But with a little help from Robin and the kids they be come m...
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Alone, No More  (Harringrove) by canadianwhitegirl
Alone, No More (Harringrove)by canadianwhitegirl
Steve is struggling with his return to reality and school. With nightmares every night, and mystery looming above him, he takes refuge in places he'd never expected. The...
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Daddy Issues | Harringrove by mybestfriendx
Daddy Issues | Harringroveby mybestfriendx
Go ahead and cry little girl, Nobody does it like you do, I know how much it matters to you, I know that you got Daddy Issues.
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s u b v e r t  { jarringrove fanfic } by Digitalmonstrosity
s u b v e r t { jarringrove fanfi...by RandiAmi
Steve 'The hair' Harrington is a spoiled, rude teenager who never thinks before he speaks. his main target, Jonathan Byers, is a poor, brooding, creep has convinced hims...
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