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Pokémon journeys Male reader Insert by GomuGomu56
Pokémon journeys Male reader Insertby GomuGomu56
(Y/N) is in town waiting to battle Lugia and when it tries to flee he jumps on it and meets 2 unexpected people called Ash and Goh where his adventure with them begins a...
Pokemon Journeys: Research Professors by Sherlock_1551_
Pokemon Journeys: Research Profess...by Sherlock
What if Ash had travelled through Kalos with only Clemont and Bonnie? He now works as a research fellow in Professor Cerie's Laboratory along with Goh. What would happen...
Pokemon Journeys: Ash and Goh to Kalos by rjwinner12
Pokemon Journeys: Ash and Goh to K...by Rj_windycity
Ash and Goh are on another journey as research Assistants for Professor Cerise in Vermilion City. This time they are headed to the Kalos Region to study new mega-evoluti...
Pokemon Journey's All Around the World (AshxOC) by puppuphk
Pokemon Journey's All Around the W...by Hannah
Harmony and Ash finally have a chance to stay closer to one another when Professor Cerise offers them, and their new friend Goh a chance at being Pokemon Researchers, on...
✨Pokemon Journeys✨ Kalos Quest (Vol. 1) by sylvxon_117
✨Pokemon Journeys✨ Kalos Quest (Vo...by Lettuce-sama
Meet Axel Aletris Ketchum, an 11 y/o kid who aspires to become a Pokemon Professor. However, when trouble stirs in the Kalos region, Axel is appointed to solve the myste...
The legendary master (Gou x OC) by NightmareSansSimpUwU
The legendary master (Gou x OC)by Strawberry Mocha
Ash sister is coming to visit him. but what happens when she meets his friend go and shows them all her Pokemon?
Reader x Pokémon's Galar Region! by Kiki_likes_seals
Reader x Pokémon's Galar Region!by 𝙺𝚒𝚔𝚒
(Y/n) is a young teenager who moved to Galar from Kalos at the age of ten, aspiring to be a Pokémon trainer. Regardless of her being slightly older than most kids when t...
My Special Eevee ||Gou x Reader|| by BlacknWhiteFawn
My Special Eevee ||Gou x Reader||by Wandering/Traveling Girl
This story will contain spoilers of Pokemon Journeys so please watch that before continuing. The first chapter will be short so please don't worry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Dorm mates by gou2hel
Dorm matesby Dark_Umbrion2000
#dorm mates #satogou #ashxgou #firstfriendshipping #ship #pokemon # love
Worlds Unite! (HxH x Pokemon Crossover) by Alexdedrei
Worlds Unite! (HxH x Pokemon Cross...by Alexdedrei
On the aftermath, Killua and Alluka were just minding thier own business, untill Illumi had found them and planned to killed Alluka, so they ran into the middle of the f...
a brand new future (on hold) by SLOWPOKE_KING
a brand new future (on hold)by - A S H K I N G !
on hold future satogou au, theyre 20-22 art by ShuujiChan_
50 Ways to Annoy Goh/Gou  by Checki_Checkerboard
50 Ways to Annoy Goh/Gou by Checki/Tootz/S ♡
yeah- uhm this is basically what the title says lol inspired by the first person to make this and I forgot their user dnskskskks HOLY THANK YOU FOR ALL THE VOTES AND REA...
Unexpected Feelings { Gary Oak X Reader } by _ForestGenie_
Unexpected Feelings { Gary Oak X R...by 𝐻𝒾𝑜𝓇𝒾~
Pokemon Gary Oak x Reader....... That's what I know till now. *slow updates*
Is It Love? SatoGou Fanfic by iwillmicrowaveplusle
Is It Love? SatoGou Fanficby iwillmicrowavepikachu
*art not mine!!* This is my first story on wattpad, so excuse me if it's bad.
A Game Between Love and Hate || Satogou Fanfic || Among Us AU by imElsyus
A Game Between Love and Hate || Sa...by Elsyus (SatiG_Shades)
This is for the Satogou Week event made by traqacio (now known as raisfang) on Instagram. (Go give them a follow for amazing edits and info about Satogou Week!) This is...
My Love Life With Pokemon (Gou x Reader) by Httydfangirl123
My Love Life With Pokemon (Gou x R...by Hau and Izuku's wife
When the gang (Ash, Gou, Chloe and Y/N) goes on a research trip, many things happen, especially when Gou's crush comes along. What will happen? Read on to find out! CHAR...
Tokigou and times passed by Magnushasfreckles
Tokigou and times passedby Ash
A Tokigou oneshot book is all this is.
Insomnia (Ash x Goh) by Neko_Grim_Reaper
Insomnia (Ash x Goh)by ᴀʟɪssɪʀᴀ
Recently, Ash had hit a valley in the World Coronation Series, in an endless loop of wining once, losing once, and wining again. It gets to the point where his rank has...
Pokemon: Clash of Virizion and Reshiram by Neko_Grim_Reaper
Pokemon: Clash of Virizion and Res...by ᴀʟɪssɪʀᴀ
This is the story of how Ash, Goh, and Chloe save Unova by stopping Reshiram's rampage with the help of the Grassland Pokemon, Virizion. They reunite with old friends, m...
satogou stuff by satogous
satogou stuffby gou
headcanons and stories (often short) i've written in my spare time when uni gets too stressful. some headcanons of gou are just me projecting myself onto him,,