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Peter Parker Imagines by pparkerwrites
Peter Parker Imaginesby j
this is an mcu peter parker imagines book! requests are closed as of 8/3/2021
DISCONTINUED| Best Friend's brother | TH X Reader by txmsumbrella
DISCONTINUED| Best Friend's freya <3
You (Y/N) and Harry Holland have been best friends your whole life. Tom Holland has been in America for 6 years and when he comes home he notices how much everyone has c...
Kookie's Lovely Husband (쿠키의 사랑스러운 남편) ✅ {Completed} ✅ by Frozen_Hnin
Kookie's Lovely Husband (쿠키의 사랑스러운 ♡Lôvë_Hèãrt♡
Vkook Yoonmin Namjin Toptae Bottomkook Unicode & Zawgyi Start-2020 October [4] End-2021 January [9]
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The Kidnapper - T.H by SusanaMatos592
The Kidnapper - T.Hby Susana Matos
"What happens when you fall in love with your kidnapper?" Warning: Some violence and soft smut. Hey guys, so English is not my first language, sorry for any gr...
NEVER NOT ↬ t. holland ✓ by aestheticallyholland
NEVER NOT ↬ t. holland ✓by 𝒍𝒆𝒊.
━━ 𝑵𝑬𝑽𝑬𝑹 𝑵𝑶𝑻 | t. holland 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐝 ❝ i will never not think about you ❞ 𝙒𝙄𝙇𝙇 they be able to pretend fo...
Revelations by pparkerwrites
Revelationsby j
peter hates the idea of soulmates. he certainly can't afford to be with his soulmate when they do show up, not when there's a chance he won't come home one day from bein...
BTS One Shots ✔️ by janani2733
BTS One Shots ✔️by JENMIN27
#261 in 방탄소년단 out of 1,000+ other stories. 18/08/18 #305 in 방탄소년단 out of 997 other stories. 11/08/18 #43 in btsoneshots out of 271 other stories. 26/05/18 #69 in btson...
he's innocent (Under Editing) by myg_gallery
he's innocent (Under Editing)by myg_gallery
In which Jungkook was 2 years older than Taehyung. They were stepbrothers on the first. Jungkook only wanted to play Taehyung's innocence. He didn't expect that he would...
Vkook by yoonminzdaughter
Vkookby Mary
Vkook | Taekook E N J O Y Voted #3 - th
 The Winner Is Love (승자는 사랑이다) ✔️ [Completed] ✔️ by Frozen_Hnin
The Winner Is Love (승자는 사랑이다) ✔️ ♡Lôvë_Hèãrt♡
Taekook 🐯🐰 Taehyung 👆 Top Jungkook 👇 Bottom Start - {16} November, 2020 End - {11} March, 2021 Zawgyi & Unicode ခပ်ဆိုးဆိုးကောင်လေး Jungkook နဲ့ တည်ငြိမ်သူ သူ့ရဲ့ဦး...
Annoying Neighbour (Yeonjun x Reader) by sooblover
Annoying Neighbour (Yeonjun x Soob_lover
" I still can't believe that u r finally mine" Yeonjun said smiling cutely. "What do u mean? We r dating?" Y/n asked looking at him confused. Yeonjun...
ئـاڵـودە•ᴛʜ• by Yoni_th
ئـاڵـودە•ᴛʜ•by YOᑎIシ︎
ئەو قسەیە زۆر هەڵەیە ڪە دەڵێن: «چیڕۆڪی خۆشەویستی دەبێت بە هاوسەرگیری ڪۆتای بێت» بەڵڪو ڕاستیەڪە ئەوەیە: «دەبێت خۆشەویستی بە هاوسەرگیری دەست پێبڪات و بە مردن ڪۆتای بێت» ــ...
DREAMSCAPE - Tom Holland  by tomhollanduk
DREAMSCAPE - Tom Holland by 𓆉
Hiding her frustration beneath dainty ensembles and pastel ribbons, twenty-something Kaia Hathaway is done being a nepotism baby. Her modus operandi: to star in a critic...
OC book by DarkSkyeEOX
OC bookby DarkSkyeEOX
Oc Book If you wanna rp with them just pm me (THESE CHARACTERS ARE NOT SET IN STONE. THEY WILL KEEP CHANGING UNTIL IM HAPPY WITH THEM) Disclaimer: I do not own the right...
𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨 ─ tom holland¹︎ by eIysivm
𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨 ─ tom holland¹︎by ronnie
Duty Calls // mob! Tom Holland AU by hart-of-gold
Duty Calls // mob! Tom Holland AUby Gabs
(originally posted on my Tumblr) Fresh off an assignment to take down the Russian mob Agent (Y/N) is given what might be her toughest order yet, take down the infamous c...
Can't Help Falling In Love (Tom Holland x Y/N) by tomncherry
Can't Help Falling In Love (Tom m!les
You're in London, stranded after a breakup. A stranger (Tom) later offers you to stay with him for the week.
Tom Holland And Peter Parker Imagines by Lala_Shakespeare
Tom Holland And Peter Parker Liana Blue
A bunch of short stories because I'm a sucker for Peter Parker - Slowly being edited | - I DO NOT WRITE SMUT | - Highest rankings: #28 Fanfiction 30th July 2017 ...
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Trisha navel play by Rajmuthu
Trisha navel playby Rajmuthu
I am raj.I am writing my first dream story. stroy heroine was south india actress navel queen Trisha .
PlayBoyFriend |VK [✔︎] by ggukie_th
PlayBoyFriend |VK [✔︎]by Ergej irsn hun bn
PlayBoy залуус хоорондоо үерхэнэ гэдэг байж болох зүйл үү? Хоёулаа top байсан ч гэсэн нь үү?