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The Dream Wolf Rider of Unity by PatrickEstvo
The Dream Wolf Rider of Unityby Patrick Estêvão
Katsuragi Bakugo had been captured and experimented on with Orphnoch DNA, but got rescued by none other than Tsukasa Kadoya himself, who gave him the Faiz Gear and told...
Testament of Taimanin ( Multiverse Travel, Oc x Massive Female Harem ) by Try_Hard777
Testament of Taimanin ( Multiverse...by Try Hard
After dying, he found himself transported in Taimanin with his appearances changes into that of Testament from Guilty Gear. Testament Oc x Female Harem. Main waifu: Mi...
Taimanin: The Weakest's Resolve by WriWitJoy
Taimanin: The Weakest's Resolveby WriWitJoy
Fuuma Kotaro was deemed the weakest among the Taimanins, an ordinary shinobi among those with abilities beyond the norms. He had never denied that harsh truth until a se...
Kamen Rider Birth: The New Guardian of Life by JeymisPeixoto
Kamen Rider Birth: The New Guardia...by Jeymis Peixoto
(Kamen Rider Birth OC X Crossover) Months have passed since the defeat of Union Academy, and everything became peaceful again, but then new threats started arising. Fort...
The Rose With Venom by PatrickEstvo
The Rose With Venomby Patrick Estêvão
(Male Venom Ruby Rose X Massive Crossover Harem) Y/N Rose is the son of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long and half-brother of Yang Xiao Long. He is also a host of the sy...
Leave me the FUCK ALONE!! by Tembakwu
Leave me the FUCK ALONE!!by Tembakwu
Neutral reader x Massive crossover
The hero of Taimains from another world  by elmentalhero
The hero of Taimains from another...by elmentalhero
A man and girl from another world finds different reality's buts this one in particular disgust them now they find a way to save them or will they end up the same
The Wolf by WAMred
The Wolfby William_Meaux
An: this was a request by an fellow writer. Also give credit to the same writer who help me create the description. With the world and the fighting tournaments threateni...
The Son of The Hunter OP OC and Crossover. by Lexluthor6
The Son of The Hunter OP OC and Cr...by Owen Huffer
Logan, son of Artemis, Goddess of The Hunt A joke loving funny guy to be around so what happens when he gains a bunch of powers and has a lot of girls after him even his...
Trailer by mrlool69
Trailerby mrlool69
This will be the trailer of the crossover special...it'll take place after raiden's true ending, it's a taimanin asagi x metal gear rising, witch of steel annerose and d...
Action Taimanin Reacts To Jujutsu Kaisen by ShadiXXZ
Action Taimanin Reacts To Jujutsu...by Getro Henry
Taimanin and Nomad were unexpectedly transported to a mysterious theater, where they must see a live performance of Fuuma Kotaro's Past that has been kept a secret from...
Trailer for stories by DJMM15
Trailer for storiesby Vortex’s Multiverse
So basically I'll be doing trailers for stories that I'll be doing for the future some of them might have music some might not let's see
Taimanin Dark by Barrel2s1cool79
Taimanin Darkby Barrel2s1cool79
What if.... Someone snaps and went rogue
Somehow I got into the world of you GX.  by NarutoFan980
Somehow I got into the world of yo...by NarutoFan980
So you got sucked it the world of Yugioh GX. That was fine but I got stuck with a whole bunch of decks that are different animes and hentais. Really?! Well at least all...