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Texting You by dinahfantasy
Texting Youby Brook
Lauren and her friends get bored one night and decide to prank text someone... maybe they take it a little bit too far? Camren Au I DO NOT ALLOW CONVERSIONS !!
The Bet ( CAMREN ) / COMPLETED  by LezBrittMichalek
The Bet ( CAMREN ) / COMPLETED by LezBeHonest
Best Ranking: #1 In allybrooke #1 in harmonizer #2 in normally #3 in camilizer...
Our Little Sunshine//Fifth Harmony Ageplay by lanasparilla
Our Little Sunshine//Fifth A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Ally suddenly isn't the little ball of sunshine and energy like usually, surely this doesn't get unnoticed by her Friends and Teammates of the Girl group Fifth Harmony...
its a wonderful life [camren] by kcxbello
its a wonderful life [camren]by kcxbello
One winter morning, Lauren Jauregui wakes up to a very unfamilar life. She finds herself married to Camila Cabello and is the mother of 2.5 children. How does she cope w...
Trials & Tribulations by camilasbaAnana
Trials & Tribulationsby mcu_hoe
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." All credits go to Beth. Thank you Beth for creating such a masterpiece.
Incorrect 5h&LM quotes  by Emisonislifee
Incorrect 5h&LM quotes by Bean
Inspired by tumblr :') ALL OF THESE ARE CUTE AND HUMOROUS. Most of these come from tumblr, and some of them from me. Every chapter will contain a couple of incorrect quo...
the sound of your heart (camren) by libraaah
the sound of your heart (camren)by cris
The only things Normani is absolutely a hundred percent sure that Lauren likes are the following: food, music, being right, pretentious books, kissing, and pretentious b...
make you mad » fifth harmony au by allysondelivers
make you mad » fifth harmony auby xii.
Jerry and Derrick kind of make their daughters marry each other. ORIGINALLY FROM PRETTYTHXTS » normally, laurinah » ot4 af :)
The Parent Trap (Camren) by kcxbello
The Parent Trap (Camren)by kcxbello
Twins Punky and Penny were separated when they were only a few months old when their parents decided to divorce. Each took one child. Lauren took Punky and moved to Cali...
Counterfeit Love (Normally fanfic) by Abbey_Baby5h
Counterfeit Love (Normally fanfic)by Abbey Harmonizer
After setting her sights on a new victim, which happens to be Ally, Taylor hatches a plan to fully embarrass the girl. It was simple: Normani would pretend date Ally for...
Fifth Harmony one-shots by UndyingJauregui
Fifth Harmony one-shotsby UndyingJauregui
IDK... Expect the unexpected Just saying this may or may not, kinda, a little bit hint at ageplay at some or more parts
White Roses by WriterActress
White Rosesby Eliza D.
Matty has seen faeries since she was eight because of scars on the right side of her face that disfigure her. She's learn to deal with giants walking in the forests behi...
Through Thick And Thin by Laurmanisbae
Through Thick And Thinby Laurmanisbae
Lauren the captain of the basketball team is head over hills for normani the captain of the dance team as problems arise throughout their relationship and tests it laure...
I dont want to be your teacher (camren) in editing by camren_ship557
I dont want to be your teacher ( camren_ship557
Lauren Jauregui is now a senior at her highschool she's fairly known and by that I mean she had friends she talks to every now and then. Lauren doesn't let anyone in or...
Stuck in the middle by MaskedYouth
Stuck in the middleby Maskedyouth
All Camila's life she's been in love with Lauren Jauregui. What happens when Camz gets fed up with all the cheating? There's always someone to bring her out of the dumps...
Expect the Unexpected by tsumanikordei
Expect the Unexpectedby amanda
Normani Kordei still has a sore spot for Arin Ray in her heart after their breakup. She always turns to her best friend in the group: Ally Brooke for all of her problems...
The Choice (All Normani Ships) by Mr_Pibb
The Choice (All Normani Ships)by Mr_Pibb
In a strange week, Normani runs into her four ex-girlfriends: Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui. All of their romances have the potential of b...
Saving Camila (camren fanfic) by girlmeetsfandoms
Saving Camila (camren fanfic)by Anya
When Camila comes out as lesbian she gets lots of hate for it and becomes suicidal but will her confession of love to Lauren help and will Lauren be able to save her bef...
Don't Fall (Ageplay) by SOGGYPOPTARTS
Don't Fall (Ageplay)by ______________
Something awful happens to Lauren causing her to have the mind set of a child. Like anyone else this 'child' is EXTREMELY clumsy. With the help of Dinah, Normani, Camila...
The Inevitable by tsumanikordei
The Inevitableby amanda
Camila Cabello is the most popular and feared girl in her high school. As the daughter of the very strict principal, she has the power to ruin anyone at the snap of her...