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Do or Not (Camren) by TobiJaurello
Do or Not (Camren)by Tobi
When Softball team captain Lauren Jauregui, stumbles upon a Student Assistant named Camila Cabello, her life wasn't the same. All she knew is that Fridays, were Camila D...
It's hate but it's love-Camren  by Camrenisreallolocamz
It's hate but it's love-Camren by Greatest love story
There is a very thin line between hate and love Lauren gip
Imagines Camren/YouGP by Whyy62
Imagines Camren/YouGPby Whyy62
Lauren/you Camila/you Camren/you G!P you Do you have a request? Write!
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All I Do Is Dream of You by clexylexy
All I Do Is Dream of Youby clexylexy
Camila is an artist and Lauren is an actress.
Babysitter-Camren by Camrenisreallolocamz
Babysitter-Camrenby Greatest love story
Lauren-23-rich-has a 2 yearold son-works alot Camila-18-just finished high school-lives with parents and sister
Ceramics by o_Snixx_o
Ceramicsby o_Snixx_o
(Camren Fanfic) Wanting to try something new, Camila takes a ceramic class. Despite, hating having dirty hands. And not being artistically inclined, she planned to drop...
To You, Graceless (CAMREN) by torunafter
To You, Graceless (CAMREN)by chase
Detective Camila Cabello had been stumbling through life wherever her clumsy feet took her. And when a past assignment landed back on her lap, she was sent to Las Vegas...
Tricky Twins | Camren Short Story by camren_arianator
Tricky Twins | Camren Short Storyby Vic😬
Luna and Mia Jauregui are two adorable twins that love their mom but hate the fact that she is single. One day while being babysat by a new, last minute, babysitter they...
Hookup camren  by Camrenisreallolocamz
Hookup camren by Greatest love story
It all started with a hookup... Camila cabello Lawrence jauregui (male version of Lauren jauregui)
The wolf next door (camren-werewolf story)  by CamrenIsDating
The wolf next door ( Camren for life
Lauren jauregui is a werewolf, she's 19 years old, she moves into a home next to a regular old high schooler and the high schoolers family. Camila cabello is that high...
When You Open Your Eyes Wide (Camren) by lostatseasendhelp
When You Open Your Eyes Wide ( lassh
The one where Lauren's been having a pretty crappy day and gets home to find a stranger crying on her couch. Stranger turns out to be best friends with her roommate, Din...
camren one shots by mayadrinkswater
camren one shotsby maya
some camren one shots and some short stories and who knows what else? (suggestions welcome!)
The Words That I Cannot Speak (CAMREN) by torunafter
The Words That I Cannot Speak ( chase
On the night her best friend left for another state, Lauren expected to fall asleep, drowning in tears, when a charming stranger sends her a string of text messages conf...
Birdgirl (camren) PREVIEW by torunafter
Birdgirl (camren) PREVIEWby chase
[COMPLETED] At seventeen, Camila Cabello was handling a task no one would expect from her - picking up girls for her friends. Bearing a sweet, angelic face and a flare...
2 minutes, 10 seconds (Camren) by madeupmonkeyshit
2 minutes, 10 seconds (Camren)by awful lot
Can you fall in love in 2 minutes and 10 seconds? (COMPLETED-for now)
The Taxi by maddieugh
The Taxiby maddie
As the rain poured relentlessly down on the greyscale city, Lauren flung open the yellow taxi cab's door, sliding in quickly. "Hello." a delicate voice rang ou...
The Other Roommate (camren) by torunafter
The Other Roommate (camren)by chase
When Camila Cabello moved into an apartment, she thought she came prepared. But of all the things she expected, being thrown into Lauren Jauregui's ploy against her chea...
cute girl with a stutter Camren ORIGINAL by CamrenIsDating
cute girl with a stutter Camren Camren for life
This is the original cute girl with a stutter... If you have no clue what I'm typing about, I have a mani account called Camrenisreallolocamz and I started to write this...
the cards that life deals you {camren} by kcxbello
the cards that life deals you { kcxbello
Eight year old Lauren Jauregui has developed her very first crush on her babysitter, Camila Cabello. So how exactly does such an innocent little crush make such a huge m...
Why Would You Ever Kiss Me? (Camcy One-Shot) by Yolo-For-Life09
Why Would You Ever Kiss Me? ( ♡︎RIP Naya♡︎
"Why'd you kiss me then?" Lucy asked she hated how desperate she sounded in that moment she just wanted to leave and cry about how Camila Cabello didn't feel t...