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Trapped √ by VeeLizeni
Trapped √by Vongai Lizeni
"Oh my, did it just stop?!" Lia panicked. This was proving to be the worst day of the year and year has not even started "Yeah, I'll call building service...
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"Hello?" Pt. 1 by SarahGeorge89
"Hello?" Pt. 1by Sarah George
Sophie Delaney was just minding her own business seeing in the new year from the peacefulness of her own home. Until one wrong number call changed that. Daniel Whitaker...
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Daddy Valentino [ONGOING] by mariahjavid
Daddy Valentino [ONGOING]by mariahhh
Vera Bernacelli had successfully hidden away from the overwhelming fame for some time now that her parents' name brought. She had left her home state, New York, to liste...
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Not him | taekook short story by Fcuktaekook
Not him | taekook short storyby niya
A story in which two enemies by the name of Jungkook and Taehyung happen to go to the same New Year's Eve party. There is a tradition that when the countdown reaches one...
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I was molested by my Teacher and I liked it [Teacher/Student] (Slash) by Grimm_13x
I was molested by my Teacher and Astor
[Reads in the form of a news cast] Jason was ur normal student that had it all going for him, good grds extremely smart but his life turns upside down when another schoo...
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The Rebound Agreement ✔ by amiability
The Rebound Agreement ✔by amiability
What happens when two strangers find themselves alone at a New Years Eve party only minutes before the clock strikes midnight? One thing's for certain: it doesn't involv...
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SSB  ONESHOTS by washburngirl3434
SSB ONESHOTSby washburngirl3434
Just thought I'd try this since I love Super Smash Bros. Request are open! The Christmas ones are from my old Quotev account Ghost 2244. Hope you all enjoy! Will do cha...
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BLΛƆKPIИK by lalisalized
Black Pink (Hangul: 블랙핑크), stylized as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK, is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Li...
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You Hold My Heart [Re-done] by LockedLips
You Hold My Heart [Re-done]by Olivia "Liv" S.
Kira makes the long travel from Russia to Pittsburgh for a new job, and moves in with long time friend Evgeni Malkin. Can she survive in a new place, with no friends and...
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The Soulmate Switch by notjustanovel
The Soulmate Switchby notjustanovel
Everyone grows up waiting anxiously for midnight, January 1st of their 18th year of life. Everyone grows up waiting for the chance to find out who their soulmate is. The...
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Song for Someone (Law X Luffy) by EferhildaWyvern
Song for Someone (Law X Luffy)by Eferhilda Wyvern
It's now winter break at New World University, and many of the students are expected to go home. Law however, not really having any family, wanted to stay at the college...
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BTS "The Eighth Member" by tmalcom12
BTS "The Eighth Member"by tmalcom12
Aurora Beau or also known as Beau is apart of the most successful kpop groups in the world also known as BTS. Aurora joined bts when she was fifteen(15) years old and no...
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Draco X Reader by _CloyingCharisma_
Draco X Readerby Nerdy Author
You go to Hogwarts and bump into someone strange. You can't quite figure him out. But he's already got you figured out.
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Before Twelve by bookbabere
Before Twelveby yan
"What are you doing, new year's, new year's eve?" ~!~ A story of how two strangers fell in love before twelve. *Completed story* ©bookbabere, all rights...
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In Our Hearts by terrabayna
In Our Heartsby terra
Maya and I are very close. We're besties, sisters in fact. And then there was this fight and.. *car screeches* "I couldn't feel Rileytown anymore." {Girl Meets...
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Pink Skies by settle-
Pink Skiesby nova.
Sometimes it snows, and sometimes you meet beautiful boys with cameras, and sometimes it snows and you meet beautiful boys with cameras. // #20 in short story //
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Draco x Reader  by miniimal
Draco x Reader by Miniimal
ROMANCE Throughout your sixth year at Hogwarts, you find yourself running into Draco Malfoy- and you both learn so much about each other. ---- AUTHOR'S NOTE - All righ...
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New Year's Eve by black_widxw
New Year's Eveby Romanogers
A continuation of the OTP Romanogers. Enjoy! :)
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Sleeping With The Enemy by Better_Strange
Sleeping With The Enemyby 🏳️‍🌈.
KLAINE AU Kurt's 21 an intern at Vogue, Blaine's 32 the Head of Vogue. Kurt hates Blaine with a passion, he has him run around doing stupid things, and never letting hi...
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NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE by JaninaMae_
"So do you have a name?" "Who doesn't?" I reply grabbing my drink, already feeling the alcohol take over. "The name's Reign." "Rain...
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