The Rebound Agreement ✔ by amiability
The Rebound Agreement ✔by amiability
What happens when two strangers find themselves alone at a New Years Eve party only minutes before the clock strikes midnight? One thing's for certain: it doesn't involv...
  • love
  • newyears
  • friendship
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Resolute - January Contest by storytellers-saloon
Resolute - January Contestby storytellers-saloon
There are moments in life that you realize you must be Resolute. Sink or swim. You open a book the pages are blank. It's waiting for your story... The book is called Opp...
  • shortstory
  • newyears
  • timetravel
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Countdown by taekookiephant
Countdownby Taji
A New Years Eve between two best friends both wanting to complete the resolutions of their past year...........what could this bring about? A Kim Taehyung Short story.
  • taehyung
  • countdown
  • kimtaehyung
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2018, Documented by Gjoriin
2018, Documentedby Gjori
--Cover by @steikepanna.--
  • selfdevelopment
  • happiness
  • 2018
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2018 New Year's Resolutions by RealHahaHarleen
2018 New Year's Resolutionsby HahaHarleen
This is where I'm going to document all of my resolutions and goals I'm setting for 2018. I'm writing this on the 1st of January 2018 and will probably add chapters once...
  • new
  • resolutions
  • 2018
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New years resolution by jenniferangeline0609
New years resolutionby Jennifer_Dawn
you can't aspire to change the world for new years because the world has bars and barricades that can only let thin rays of light shine through, but you can be the chang...
  • writting
  • limits
  • motivation
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Biltmore High by Leafpool15
Biltmore Highby Chatblanc
This is a school that isn't really a school. There is only 9 students and you only learn what you want to. Here you really embrace your passion, but the students don't a...
  • complicated
  • mystery
  • biltmorehigh
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Don't Let Me Fall by DebbAnn
Don't Let Me Fallby DebbAnn
*** Weekend Write-In for 5 Oct 2018 *** "fall": In 500 words, tell what happens when it falls
  • memories
  • shortstory
  • adultchildren
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