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Trust in Jesus and believe him to be the Son of God
Thank you, Lord. For allowing my stories to be widely read. I know I can be greedy at times and that I should be content with what I do have. This next year I hope to temper my greed along with my other iniquities. Please be with me on the path to achieving this.
I enjoy reading manga, manhwa, and Chinese webtoons. I also enjoy watching anime such as Yu-gi-oh, Boku no Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and several others. I also love playing video games. Some of my favorite video game series' are Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon.

I have a bachelor's degree in History.
I know four languages. Espanol, English, Francais, y/and/et/to Nihongo. The first two I know best. The other two I can hold only basic conversations in.

Legend of the Five Knights (L.o.t.5.K) (connected to E.o.t.C.S.M.)-

Book #1- Rise of a Guardian Angel- Highest Rank thus far, #51 in Action(Oct. 7th, 2017)
Book #2- The Shadow of Justice
Book #3- Song of Divine Wrath
Book #4- Sacrifice of the Knights (possible, might just be 3 books as originally planned, though)

Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist Saga (titles for 3-5 might be subject to change)-

Book #1- Novus Magus- Highest Rank thus far #57 in Fantasy (Mar. 3rd, 2017) #5 in Action (Jan. 22nd, 2018)
Book #2- Descent of Darkness
Book #3- The Black Blade (Not Out Yet but will likely publish it on here by April or June 2019)
Book #4- Road to Ruin (N.O.Y.)
Book #5 (last book)- Monarch of Abyss (N.O.Y)
Spin off- Heart of Magic

Ethereal Chronicles (E.C.)-
Book #1- Ethereal Dreams
Book #2- Ethereal Shards
Book # ?- Ethereal Echoes
Book #?- Ethereal Stones
Book #?- Ethereal Dust (not out yet)

If you wish to support me beyond reading and liking my work, you can donate at https://www.patreon.com/ImperialSun

Check me out on Tapas too! https://tapas.io/ImperialSun
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