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Heaven and Hellfire 11: The Dragoness Queen by WilliamGabriel10
Heaven and Hellfire 11: The Lord22
Relma has brooked a regional alliance between the powers of Escor and Gel Carn. However, now her path leads her deep into the unknown regions of the Dragon Empire. She...
The Lady's Highlands by CherishTheStorm
The Lady's Highlandsby Alex Giusti
Lady Scarlette is not a Lady like any other. She is wild and easier found running the grounds with her common-folk childhood friends from the "heathen" country...
Heaven and Hellfire 10: The Curse of Fortenex by WilliamGabriel10
Heaven and Hellfire 10: The Lord22
William Gabriel and his companions have escaped from the Iron Kingdom. However, in injuring the giant Grendesh, William has drawn the wrath of the War God Fortenex. With...
Win-vasion by theryanlaplante
Win-vasionby Ryan LaPlante
[WATTYS 2018 SHORTLIST] Aliens have invaded the earth and surprisingly, they're! It's up to the best negotiator on the planet, Dirk Sanchez, to face of...
Successful Rose 🌹🥀 by royal_loveheart
Successful Rose 🌹🥀by Neish
Madelin McCain is at a very sensitive peak of her career as her business continues to strive for greatness and that is why she has no time for distractions. Her fashion...
ULMARK-vol 1 by broxmen
ULMARK-vol 1by broxmen
ULMARK is a city where chaos is a daily bread for people living in that city and definitely when the smartest, wittiest and most dangerous criminals of the planet Tiget...
Negotiations- Oneshot by I_have_abibliophobia
Negotiations- Oneshotby Calliope
They stare at me, waiting for an answer. "No matter what I say you won't believe me." I say, shrugging. My lips twitch.
The Fine Print by ElleKarma
The Fine Printby Elle Karma
The devil is in the details... She wants revenge for the loss she suffered at the hands of her cruel and distant father. She's willing to sell her soul to a rival family...
Terms of Negotiation by Kunfabulate
Terms of Negotiationby Madison Yuresko
Vampires & Witches submission They have one option -- peace -- or else they will become extinct. The only problem: vampires and witches do not get along. Peace may not...
Working Progress by libby296
Working Progressby libby296
A story about a girl whose life doesn't seem to give her any answers, and where life itself wants to control her. Needless to say she tries to rebel against it's plan fo...
Captivate (Manipulate, Book 2) by CorrieGarrett
Captivate (Manipulate, Book 2)by Corrie Garrett
Akemi and Claire have never met in the flesh, but both are victims of an alien’s obsession. Akemi survived her ordeal but only as a hybrid bio-computer. And Claire survi...
Magic of Life: A Little Witch Academia Romance by EvaSkyewalker
Magic of Life: A Little Witch Eva Skye
Amanda O'Neill has been dating Akko since the duel at Appleton Academy. However, Akko's experience in saving the world with Diana has grown a new bond. Can Akko keep bot...
Debt Negotiation Service Texas by debtsadvice
Debt Negotiation Service Texasby Debts Advice
Is your life being affected due to debts? Consider Debt Negotiation Services. We have helped a lot of individuals in Texas to settle their debts quickly with our debt n...
Lila & Nick by IstaKia
Lila & Nickby IstaKia
¡Aléjate de mí! Lila comenzó a tirarle todo lo que estaba a su alcance, pero para su mala suerte él las lograba esquivar todas. - oye... ey... Lila no escuchaba nada. N...
The Skan Declaration by Zulu5O
The Skan Declarationby Zulu5O
My name is Skan and I am a political commissar of the Army of East Globium. Sort of. Well, I was. Just as I was going to surrender, I got struck by a lightning strike an...
Secrets Lie In The Shadows by KSandGW9697
Secrets Lie In The Shadowsby KSandGW9697
A story about two people who meet both with dark secrets but what happens when they find out each others secrets? Will hell break loose or will it bring them closer in t...