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Ethereal | Free Rein [Pin] by nebulaclouds
Ethereal | Free Rein [Pin]by angelica
Book One Of The Divine Series- Harper finds her life turned upside down, she finds stability in Pin. They fall faster than they can fly. ethereal; (adj) extremely delic...
The Duke's Wedding (a free rein fanfiction) by 0bsessednerd
The Duke's Wedding (a free rein Obsessed Fan Girl
Zoe Phillips left her life at bright field stables behind after getting an offer from the American riding team. That includes her friends, her boyfriend, and her beloved...
Free Rein||Broken Home/Pin by UltimateFangirl0217
Free Rein||Broken Home/Pinby UltimateFangirl0217
To say Amber Dales had a rough life was an understatement. Her mother was killed by a drunk driver when Amber was only 4 and ever since then, her father has become a dru...
just because [pin hawthorne] 𝐢 by cathschapters
just because [pin hawthorne] 𝐢by cath
~in which the arrival of zoe philips turns olivia collins' world into a flurry of horse thieves and heartaches 𝚙𝚒𝚗 𝚑𝚊𝚠𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚗𝚎 𝚡 𝚘𝚌 𝚏𝚛𝚎𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚒𝚗 𝚜𝚎𝚊...
True love - Pin X Reader by DayAsNight
True love - Pin X Readerby Annie 😘
This is a story from Free Rein, if you haven't watched the show, I would highly recommend watching it! Season 2 came out on Netflix so catch up before season 3 comes in...
Patience | Free Rein (Pin) by gredweasley
Patience | Free Rein (Pin)by GredWeasley
Charlotte Avery and her parents moved away from Ireland, trying to escape the memories that would always haunt them as long as they stayed there. She moved to an little...
Firey's Reign by bemorediya
Firey's Reignby bemorediya
When Four and X mysteriously disappear, it is up to Firey to lead his fellow contestants to find Dream Island. When finally finding Dream Island, Firey becomes the king...
Tethered Souls by LeafCake
Tethered Soulsby Beetroot Roll
Firey Moyasu is stuck in a rut in life. However, on one Friday night after being given a spirit summoning book as a joke his life changes forever... BFB FIREAFY AU
Intangible | Free Rein [Pin] by nebulaclouds
Intangible | Free Rein [Pin]by angelica
Book Two of The Divine Series - To Harper and Pin, it felt like they kept slipping through each other's fingers. So close together, yet so far apart. intangible; (adj) u...
The Rose and The Thorn (Caius - Twilight) by dececcoabc
The Rose and The Thorn (Caius - Dececcoabc
A story of how the enemy became the saviour. She had hair the colour of fiery flames and eyes of blue jewels that pierced one's soul with a harmless gaze. I loved her u...
Riding On ~~:~~ A Free Rein Fanfiction || Completed by BelleAugusta
Riding On ~~:~~ A Free Rein Belle Augusta
This is a Fanfiction based around the Netflix Original Free Rein. Ann is a Texas native, born and raised in Central Texas. She thought her life was pretty great in the d...
H a p p y   P i l l s   /  BFB fanfic  / by dreamy_ciel
H a p p y P i l l s / BFB Ciel/Luciel
Leafy is bottling up her true feelings. Trying to stay happy even if she knows she's just gonna get more hate as the game show goes. But one day.. Leafy finds a crate of...
Senior Trip! by Bostonterrier80
Senior Trip!by Claudiyerrr
(NOT MY COVER ART!!!) This is a slow burn humanized coinpin fanfic where everyone is aged to about 17 or 18, and is based on a place I went to for my senior trip back in...
Dope Boy Ambitions 4  by laila_duhh
Dope Boy Ambitions 4 by Laila
When All Seems Lost I'm Here by vexillumistired
When All Seems Lost I'm Hereby #1 FIREAFY HATER
Firey is a little gayzo but doesn't know it (I'll write a better disc later)
the exception [pin hawthorne] 𝐢𝐢 by cathschapters
the exception [pin hawthorne] 𝐢𝐢by cath
~ in which olivia collins fears pin drifting away from her when he joins holloway riding school also in which emma carter questions herself for the first time when she m...
Loser's Party! (Soft LeafyxLoser) by C0smii
Loser's Party! (Soft LeafyxLoser)by C☆SMI
When Loser asks Leafy out on a "private meetup" to check out one of those new seesaw swingsets, she can't help but be excited! But also suspicious, of course. ...
Free rein by Fanfics-101
Free reinby Your local Netflix freak
Sarah Canmore has left her home to an island off the coast of England. There she finds her perfect horse and falls for someone. She is living her dream life leaving all...
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb Fanfiction) by melonist_lord
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb sav / melona
Leafy, being a known pop star in the country, has gone on a very unusual mission for someone as famous as her. She tries to find her one and only childhood best friend w...
Free Rein P.H by lucypie555
Free Rein P.Hby Lucy
Phoebe Wright. Originally from L.A. She moved to a small island off the coast of England due to her dad's new job. It also helps that her best friend Zoe was stays on...