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Masked Permanently  by alexbluewolf
Masked Permanently by Blue 💙
Marinette Dupain-Cheng has disappeared for good. Chat Noir refuses to give up on finding her, even if Ladybug already has. * * * Started: July 27, 2017 Finished: Decembe...
  • marinettedupaincheng
  • nathaliesancouer
  • ladynoir
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Ms.Pangit Transform Into Dyosa  by YDYingsss
Ms.Pangit Transform Into Dyosa by Elora Dana
'Gaganda din ako. Ay mali pala. Maganda ako. Ako nga lang ang nakakakita.' #1 in NONSENSE #38 in MAIKLING KWENTO #2 in Zaeon #17 in MaiklingKwento #2 in Nathalie #4 in Z...
  • maiklingkwento
  • zion
  • walley
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SNOW WHITE ➸ BELLAMY BLAKE {discontinued} by calumsbitch_
❝Some day my prince will come for me. Save me from this harm that haunts me.❞ ♡♡♡ In which a girl realizes that there is someone who loves her. ♡♡♡ {the 100 season 1} {B...
  • wattys2018
  • bellamyblake
  • nathalie
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Campus Royalties (On Going) by Red_Greenlady
Campus Royalties (On Going)by Jung Hope
Published in Purely fiction 2018,Copyright Exist and Plagrism Is A Crime
  • rhian
  • kurt
  • chyros
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The Moth Guardian by LivyWrites34
The Moth Guardianby LivyWrites34
*this is a sequel to Imperiumal. I highly recommend reading that before this* After the destructive events that the akuma Imperiumal wreaked upon Ladybug and Chat Noir...
  • nathalie
  • agreste
  • hawkmoth
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Casanova (Alexander Rybak Fanfic) by lovelyisyou
Casanova (Alexander Rybak Fanfic)by Savira
As people already know, my name is Alexander Rybak and I'm the famous Norway singer-composer, violinist, pianist, and actor. My parents are Natalia Valentinovna Rybak, a...
  • roy
  • jealouse
  • world
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A Wife's  Secret  by aizenkryslyr
A Wife's Secret by aizenkryslyr
A girl who runaway after she discover that will break her heart . At sa Pag alis niya ay may munting alaala naman na naiwan sa kanya .
  • nathalie
  • cathy
  • daphnie
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Instagram Miraculous Ladybug MSarahMLB by MSarahMLB
Instagram Miraculous Ladybug Sarah
Loving instagram? Here you have a Miraculous Ladybug themed Instagram story! Almost all conversations will be on Instagram. If you want you're fanart to be a "photo...
  • miraculous
  • nathanael
  • alix
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The haters by fakingitkarma
The hatersby Rahel Anna Hänggi
Rebecca ist ein normaler Teenager. Ein bisschen übergewichtig aber ansonsten normal. Bis sie Magersüchtig wird. Jetzt ist sie in einer Psychiatrie. Wie es dazu kam, in d...
  • melanie
  • raffael
  • anorexie
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The Wolf Girl ||Scott McCall|| by Emily_Winsett
The Wolf Girl ||Scott McCall||by Emily Winsett
Nathalie McCall is the bold and beautiful younger sister of Scott. Scott got bit by a werewolf the night before his sophomore year. On the night of Scott's first full mo...
  • liam
  • kira
  • isaac
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CONVERGENT by heartbannely12
CONVERGENTby Alana Isabel
So if you're reading this book my guess is you're read divergent. I never agreed with how allegiant ended so I came up with this continuation a few years ago. It focuse...
  • nat
  • perseverance
  • four
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Forgotten Memories(On Going)  by OmorfiAnassa
Forgotten Memories(On Going) by ❤MaRiElLa DaYo❤
Paalala: Madaldal ang author
  • tallauthor
  • heartbroke
  • exbf
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Miraculous Ladybug X readers (NOT one shots) by Eclipster
Miraculous Ladybug X readers ( Meh Evil Cooties
Hi everyone! I'm back at it again but with a different fandom! The cover for this story is NOT my work of art and credit to whoever drew it. This will be different thoug...
  • rose
  • lila
  • chatnoir
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An Knighthood for an Agreste by jacomoss81
An Knighthood for an Agresteby Jaco Moss 81
Adrien is in for a shock when he gets a letter from The Queen of England saying that he will be getting an OBE. He takes Marinette with him as Marinette is a really good...
  • hawkmoth
  • plagg
  • marinettedupain-cheng
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La folie des jeunes by rtvdavu2000
La folie des jeunesby Etoile Busher
Léopoldine aime croire aux farfadets et à la bonne étoile. Son prénom la classe déjà dans la catégorie dégantée, alors pourquoi lutter ? Jamais départie de confiance ell...
  • université
  • amourdejeunesse
  • blonde
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The Bad Boy and the Emo Girl by poplove16
The Bad Boy and the Emo Girlby Angel
The towns BadBoy/player Isak Torres, made a bet that he lost to, and now that he got bailed out of jail for drunk driving by an anonymous person, Isak now has to pay the...
  • honorsstudent
  • girl
  • isak
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The Cottage of Dreams (Fairy Tales) by Nathalie_95
The Cottage of Dreams (Fairy Tales)by Nathalie
Hello and welcome to this new book! Most of the books I write on my account are fan fictions based on The Hobbit. I want to try out some new things and this is one of th...
  • 95
  • thecottageofdreams
  • nathalie
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Teasing the Teaser by LizzFiction
Teasing the Teaserby lyzawrites (Lyza G. Garbo)
"Teasing the Teaser" Nathalie Johnson flies away from Australia to New York with her elder sister and mother to get away from their drunk father. She moves in...
  • drama
  • badboyxgoodgirl
  • tease
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