stuck ❣ marichat [book 1]  by its_nusa_obviously
stuck ❣ marichat [book 1] by crippling anxiety
"L-Ladybug?" his voice was trembling. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" she asked. "C-Could you meet me?" There was a silence. "Eiffel...
  • ladybug
  • paris
  • kwami
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Chat Noir/Adrien X Reader || One Shots by -harlxy
Chat Noir/Adrien X Reader || One ♕ⓞⓣⓐⓚⓤ♕
Adrien/Chat x Reader One Shots. Reminder: It is mature for some one shots! Like swearing and make out sessions. That's it. ~~ Thank you, @AwesomeKitty18 for the cover! :...
  • agreste
  • adrien
  • chatnoir
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Kitty Cat (Chat Noir X Reader) by White_Butterflies143
Kitty Cat (Chat Noir X Reader)by Jennica Louise C. Winters
I looked out of the tainted car window, gazing at the lively people of Paris. I sighed, another day filled with tight schedules. I glanced over at Miranda, she's my pers...
  • chatnoirxreader
  • adrienxreader
  • adrienagreste
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Tutor Sessions ||Adrienette by Hiromimi
Tutor Sessions ||Adrienetteby • a m i t y •
❝Even if there was no gravity left on earth I'd still fall for you.❞ Sometimes, failing at things can lead to something beautiful; just like when Marinette failed Chem...
  • cheng
  • adrienagreste
  • miraculous
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I Can't Forget (Adrienette AU) [Completed] by 1228load
I Can't Forget (Adrienette AU) [ d. revan
Adrien and Marinette WERE happily married until one event came across their marriage and it lead to divorce. 4 years later, Adrien owns and teaches in an art school whil...
  • married
  • angst
  • angstwithhappyending
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Miraculous Ladybug One-Shots by JRArmitage
Miraculous Ladybug One-Shotsby Jaiden Armitage
{ONGOING} One-shots on all of the miraculous ships! | Ladynoir | Adrienette | Marichat | Ladrien | Maybe even a little DJWifi if y'all want ;) Comment ideas and s...
  • chatnoir
  • adrien
  • chat
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The Diary by -fangirl07-
The Diaryby -fangirl07-
COMPLETED | SEQUEL OUT SOON | best ranking : 1st in Miraculous Ladybug |-|-| It was lying next to a pink box with white dots on it. A sleek black pin tied t...
  • chat
  • alya
  • adrienette
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Cat Noir x reader  by SerenaConch
Cat Noir x reader by Trash Queen
(Y/N) is a transfer student from America. After being saved time and time again by Cat Noir, she will get the chance to get close when she is gifted her own miraculous.
  • agreste
  • adrianagreste
  • bug
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Adrienette~Ladynoir》Short-Shots by KittyReni
Adrienette~Ladynoir》Short-Shotsby TaeTae™️ & Kookie™️
WARNING**Im a TERRIBLE writer Lovely Sinful Adrienette and Lady Noir one shots WARNING VERY SEXUAL
  • noir
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  • sin
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LadyNoir|One-Shots [Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic] by SinTxstic
LadyNoir|One-Shots [Miraculous ☆yEET☆
^*Miraculous Ladybug*^ Ladybug X Chat Noir From the TV Series Miraculous Ladybug, just wanted to hop on the OTP train before it left the station. 10%-Awesome 60%-Amazin...
  • chatnoir
  • otp
  • ladrien
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The Buzzing Lie  by FanFicMaddyG
The Buzzing Lie by FanFicMaddyG
Book 2 He left her. He said he would come back. He never did. After a Tragic accident occurs after the third month her faith changes completely about him. Her whole worl...
  • help
  • accident
  • adrien
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Little Surprises  by MamasBakery
Little Surprises by MamasBakery
" Marinette.... your pregnant?" The Ball, the dancing, the fun, the confessions, the danger, the challenges, and the love. It all leads to one thing... one th...
  • chatnoir
  • father
  • fanfiction
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Picture Perfect (Adrien x Reader x Chat Noir) by bopzsh
Picture Perfect (Adrien x Reader Shpocklz
What happens when (Y/N), one of the most famous teen models from (Y/C), is forced to date Paris' hottest teen model, Adrien Agreste? Will they be the picture perfect cou...
  • xreader
  • adrien
  • chatnoir
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Sightless 『Miraculous Ladybug AU』 by KryptiCat
Sightless 『Miraculous Ladybug AU』by Cliffhanger Queen
Marinette had unfortunately lost her eyesight in a horrid tragedy a year before. She dreads the first day of her sophomore year (10th grade/10th year), fearing that none...
  • ladynoir
  • miraculousladybug
  • agreste
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Too late? •Adrienette• [✔️] by _Dameloup_
Too late? •Adrienette• [✔️]by “💚”
Adrien is forced to live in America by his father but before he left Paris he finds out ladybug's identity. 5 years later he comes back to Paris, looking for his lady on...
  • pregnant
  • adrien
  • fanfiction
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Belleza parisina by ValZG22
Belleza parisinaby ValZG22
La vida del famoso diseñador de París Gabriel Agreste ha sido perfecta, mas nadie sabe lo que debe enfrentar cada día desde que su esposa desapareció, el desespero de la...
  • adrien
  • agreste
  • fanfic
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Promises  by _Dameloup_
Promises by “💚”
Marinette and Adrien happily married. With a daughter named Emma. You know how they say "and they lived a happily ever after?" Well not quite. Emma made a stup...
  • ladybug
  • completed
  • cat
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Cat Noir One Shots! by theaudreygermain
Cat Noir One Shots!by Audrey Germain
A bunch of Cat Noir one shots! I do take requests, including smut, fluff, and dark ones. Just message me on my board! Isn't Cat Noir the cutest? I'm fangirling so muc...
  • catnoir
  • wattys2018
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College ~ All Ships by Chocopaws
College ~ All Shipsby ally | 14 | female
Let's fast forward to a few years later. Marinette and Adrien are twenty years old. It's time for them to go to college. Without knowing it, Nino, Adrien, Marinette, and...
  • romance
  • adrien
  • chocopaws
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Princess Marinette by MariChat2_923
Princess Marinetteby Ellie
When Marinette's class wins a trip to China, more and more secrets start to come out of hiding.
  • chatnoir
  • dupaincheng
  • miraculous
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