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Ftm Miren (Marinette) by saltiestsardine
Ftm Miren (Marinette)by (:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅)
Marinette had been feeling off about her gender, and being in a latex suit every day didn't help. that was then she discovered trans people. Then.... little by littl...
If Fate Told Us To Be Together, Why Not Just Accept It? (marinxchatnoir)  by Bedsidefall0142
If Fate Told Us To Be Together, L4Light2
Marinette from Miraculous Labybug and Chat Noir is a male. I do not own Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir, nor do I own the characters (I own only my edited version of Ma...
A Prince with his little black cat (rewriting) by blackmixwhite
A Prince with his little black blackmixwhite
Prince Marin was forced to marry princess Natasha but he only took her as a friend But not while his little kitten come and help him a bunch of time
Princess Marinette Of China by LilyDupainCheng
Princess Marinette Of Chinaby 🌌 🎀 𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎 🎀 🌌
Marinette Dupain-Cheng isn't only Ladybug, she's a Kpop idol, but not only that.... She's the princess of China and the next in line for the throne. Of course being all...
Zealous (Tom Riddle) by MissDisenchanted
Zealous (Tom Riddle)by lepus
Elizabeth Marin was one of the most intelligent students in her year. The person stopping her from being the best? Tom Riddle. Elizabeth was prepared to go to any length...
Changes And Consequences by darksmall-Lady_3573
Changes And Consequencesby Ms.isabella357
RATED M MarinxAdrien fanfic Marin is really popular at school and ever one knows he's gay. but that doesn't stop girls from wanting him. he has a small modeling job with...
Marin by call_me_robin
Marinby яσвιи
When Marinette's older brother Marin returns to Paris after three years apart, disaster stirs when Marinette tries to save her brother from something she started. A Mira...
CHARISMA - the sweet unknown {PLL} by PdotStyles
CHARISMA - the sweet unknown {PLL}by PdotStyles
Welcome to the life of Alisha Lichtenstein, her friends, and her enemies. One day Alisha meets a new guy and she falls in love with a dangerous game. But soon not only h...
The Stained Glass Stone by Daybright
The Stained Glass Stoneby Jennifer Daybright
Lorea is a country of changing skies. A desert consumes the land around it, spreading. Winds screech and howl across the mountain range. Magic surges throughout Lorea, b...
Savior (Quinntana) by GleekMinds
Savior (Quinntana)by Fanfiction
Santana's life is turned upside down within 24 hours. She has to live with her cousin Emily in rosewood while trying to run from her past. Darkness and anger has now clo...
|Destined One| (Nasch x Reader x Various! Emperors) [COMPLETED] by AyakoShizuka
|Destined One| (Nasch x Reader x Lycoris_FALLEN
In the past, he never loved you so why would it be any different when the two of you were reborn as barian emperors? Still, you wanted to believe and tried to gain his l...
The Other Marin. by caitlinjones_xo
The Other Caitlin Jones
Hanna Marin's little sister Abby Marin has moved back to Rosewood, after being away for a while. When she starts getting messages from someone named 'A' she immediately...
Pretty little liars: the next generation  by Leighanne_ismycure
Pretty little liars: the next GayforPerrieEdwards
All of the liars have kids and everyone is living a normal live. But when the teenagers get a text message everything goes back to the way it used to be; scared all the...
Johnlock fluff by johnlock_is_otp
Johnlock fluffby johnlock_is_otp
One-shot book, mainly fluff, but angsty too. Mostly older works, but a few newer ones at the end.
Una historia romántica de Aioria y Marin, personajes de Saint Seiya, los cuales son de propiedad de Kurumada, es una obra de ficción, producto de mi desocupada imaginaci...
The Baker's Son- Miraculous Ladybug Genderbend  by lucky_ladynoir
The Baker's Son- Miraculous 🐞
Miraculous Ladybug Genderbend: Marin, the baker's son, and Adrienne, his crush, become closer together when Marin discovers that she wants to become a baker instead of a...
Downpour (Marin X Adrien Fanfiction) by stupid_dumbgenius
Downpour (Marin X Adrien Dumb bitch
This is basically a story involving a genderbent Marinette from Miraculous (Marin) and Adrien Agreste. It takes place when they're around the ages of 16-17 and continues...
Watching Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dubs by Nova_Gibbs
Watching Miraculous Ladybug Nova Gibbs
Cover by layniebug13 Have you ever wonder what happens when the miraculous ladybug gang (Marinette/ Tikki/ Plagg/ Adrien/ Alya/ Nino) go and watch miraculous ladybug com...
Forbidden Love (Ezria Fanfiction)  by pixiekii
Forbidden Love (Ezria Fanfiction) by Ki
Aria Montgomery is in love with her AP English teacher, Ezra Fitz. But that isnt easy when Aria and her best friends Emily, Spencer and Hanna have a stalker who goes by...
Cry For Love [a.m.] by tupacinspired
Cry For Love [a.m.]by e l i z a b e t h
1/6,000,000. How many dancers get the chance to be discovered? How many fall in love? © 2013 - 2014 by inspiremahone. All Rights Reserved.