Telepathy » SeungJin

Telepathy » SeungJin

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ʎɐɹʇs ʇuop ʎɐʇs By YourWannaBeBaby Completed

[Seungmin X Hyunjin]

Welcome to What's on his mind?

"Another stupid ad! Ugh!" 

We're not stupid if you click yes|

"Holy sh-!" 

Do you want to know what's on your crush's mind?|

Yes? or No?

"Ahh whatever, it doesn't hurt to try." 


Enter your crush's name.


Hwang Hyunjin✔

Thank you for cooperating! You are now connected to his mind.

"Wtf? Is this some scam?"

"Ah sht! Jisung didn't do the project again, tsk!" 

Why am I hearing Hyunjin? 

[Cover made by @/seonhoeya✨]

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