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Midget 1, Midget 2 by MsMiini
Midget 1, Midget 2by minii
Fanfic of my tall friend pulling two midgets and possibly another dude.
Migdet Squad Adventures! by Applana
Migdet Squad Adventures!by You are free
Lui, Valt, and Daigo in random scenarios. I got most of these from tumblr
The Girl by justanotherjanedoe33
The Girlby Jane Doe
A girl missing, A girl getting abused, a person trying and failing to help in this entire situation, and random extra characters.
midgets by AdamRoberts239
midgetsby Adam Roberts
"the bite sized humans"
Fame and Games by mxrinasdiamonds
Fame and Gamesby jen's cheekbones & amber's ja...
Two best friends take on a challenge. They both audition for X-Factor to pursuit there dreams. But they also have a different side of them to put aside the fame. What...
Glass by arkidain
Glassby arkidain
I've been coming up with a lot of concept ideas that I'm want too look into later this is one of them
Little love by live_love_81
Little loveby ❤️✌️
One day a midget that just turned 13 finally got her wish to go to middle school when she sees the "cutest" boy in the world when he asks his group to go up to...
Team Midgets 4 by SethCauble
Team Midgets 4by Seth Cauble
Meet Lucas, Gunthry, Willis and Reggie in an adventure as they team up Bruce, an ex-criminal giant, to save the world from being destroyed.
Beware! The Psycho Glitter! by xXBlackBloodAngelXx
Beware! The Psycho Glitter!by xXBlackBloodAngelXx
2 psychos and 1 idiot go on a rampage for the mysterious PSYCHO GLITTER.....along the way they kill annoying midgets, Preppy Mermaids, and Innocent Fairies. They even of...
Things I'll Never Say by UnrequitedLove
Things I'll Never Sayby Ashley
"Shut up, midget!" Calling him a midget never used to bother me one bit. So, why did it now? Maybe what Abby was saying was getting to my head, but I couldn't...
Undertale rp by DankestOfTheDankest
Undertale rpby Everybody’s a thneed
Roleplay as an OC or not! Have fun!
the terrible two by -blacksparrow-
the terrible twoby -blacksparrow-
Skylar darwin is a funny,sarcastic idiot who likes to seek adventure.What will happen when when she meets her soul mate or should I say partner in crime but is too blind...
food by AdamRoberts239
foodby Adam Roberts
"who would do that"
my life as a demi god by KidDeadpool
my life as a demi godby KidDeadpool
My name is luna. A powerful demigod with a dirty secret. My life in Camp Half Blood, and the trouble i get into, friends I make, and people i hide my secret from.
Demi-god story :] by Wolf22
Demi-god story :]by Hannah
the adventure of Johnny, Henry and Dasha to help save the world as we know it...
Fuckin' What? by fauxtographic
Fuckin' What?by fauxtographic
A short story collection of hilarious, and odd writings.. You can expect at least one story (update) a week. Typically Wednesdays. And please these are joke stories. Do...
Camila Blanca and the Chadman by maxharrison920
Camila Blanca and the Chadmanby Maxwell Harrison
It's a battle of wokeness in this re-imagining of the classic Snow White tale. The self-styled Afru-Queen, a social justice warrior turned internet nuisance, goes after...