5SOS: Would You Rather? by kookykrumble3
5SOS: Would You Rather?by Me
Would you rather lick Luke Hemming's foot or pick Ashton's nose?
  • calum
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • gross
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Danny The Toddler by abdlzach
Danny The Toddlerby Lol
  • gay
  • graphic
  • masturbation
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Five Year Old Art and My Life Problems by T0rdB0i
Five Year Old Art and My Life Red Leader
Cringe and Retarded Things Mostly my life problems but W/e
  • weird
  • retarded
  • eddsworld
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Pierce  by WitcheryWay
Pierce by Tanu🌻
Something is lurking in the house, carefully watching the family with murderous intentions. Allison James could almost feel the cold stares of someone dangerous on her s...
  • cheaters
  • murders
  • horror
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W00F  // ART BOOK by gunsandcats
awesome wow
  • artbook
  • lmao
  • wow
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Creepy Facts and Scary Stories by lia_w2703
Creepy Facts and Scary Storiesby C
Anything creepy or scary that I come across on the internet or can think of by myself
  • scary
  • gross
  • real
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Brandon Rogers X Reader by _QUEEN_MIMSY_
Brandon Rogers X Readerby Mimsy
This is suggested by MirandaBored. Go check her out on here. This is mainly about all most of his characters x the reader. You! I hope you enjoy!
  • vieweriswarned
  • fanfiction
  • disgusting
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*Slipknot's Top 7 Grossest Stories by ashleypurdy666
*Slipknot's Top 7 Grossest Storiesby Rayne Purdy
Some of Slipknot's Grossest and true stories
  • mick
  • wtfjusthappened
  • thompson
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people call for help (4) by mansquad
people call for help (4)by danny
save me from this art hell -readers I want to end my life! -readers I came here for free pizza -me
  • yourlocaltrashcan
  • doodles
  • artbook
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white girl rants by lasagna-
white girl rantsby g a l l a v i c h ღ
my friends dad is my spirit animal started 11-27-17 All Rights Reserved © @ l a s a g n a - | 2017
  • nudes
  • fuckboy
  • funny
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why i hate kpop by ewkpop
why i hate kpopby ewkpop
reasons why we all should hate kpop
  • blockb
  • stans
  • day6
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Fucked up phanfics 3 by larrylashton18
Fucked up phanfics 3by Gay
The first and second one I made were removed ;))
  • homosexual
  • butt
  • crabstickz
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art? by Probably_Natey
art?by bitch
im not so sure whats happening
  • sketch
  • drawing
  • ụm
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a R t B o O k #1 by dxadrxses
👌👌👌~ART BOOK~👌👌👌 by Eddsworld_____Norski
👌👌👌~ART BOOK~👌👌👌by Princess~
A book dedicated to my crappy art!
  • no
  • improvement
  • art
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ItzYaBoiAndTheirArt by _Queer_As_A_Deer_
ItzYaBoiAndTheirArtby Andy
Just read the title ;P beware of trash
  • trash
  • fandoms
  • fandom
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Unwind by misterdolan
Unwindby misterdolan
If you somehow displease your parents somehow or born to do it- those people get unwound. Your life is over, but your body parts are not. It can live on with another hum...
  • unwind
  • nealshusterman
  • organs
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Fluff and smut  one shots! (Eddsworld) by skitsycat
Fluff and smut one shots! ( Pluto
COVER ART DOES NOT BELONG TO ME This is my very first smut and fluff book, I know what you're thinking my smut is going to be bad cause I'm new to it, not to sound cocky...
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  • mattxedd
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