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What The Alpha Says...Goes (boyxboy) Bk 1 by DoUbLeZone
What The Alpha Says...Goes ( DoUbLeZone
How can you love someone you fear? Laken is a werewolf; the runt of the pack. What happens when the Alpha starts taking an interest in him? Rule number one of the wolf...
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K-Pop Memes by jojoswaifu
K-Pop Memesby Amberシ
Memes. That's it.
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What heart says by ironypurple
What heart saysby ironypurple
• Anything that heart says • Just listen to your heart
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Age Doesn't Matter but...Gender Does (Slash) (BoyxBoy) by mis4-2n8
Age Doesn't Matter but...Gender Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
(New story XD) BL Stories -^o^- 13 stories inside and more to come (^o^)/ WARNING: IF YOU DON'T LIKE BOYXBOY better not to read it...Please don't hate boy love... Age i...
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SARCASM by aamnerh
SARCASMby Ameenerh Jibril
.......People of my age are busy with Relationships,breakup,heartbreaks,patch ups and am still thinking of how to make my dreams come true and figuring out a way to be m...
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Simon Says... [Old Version] by Leedbookie
Simon Says... [Old Version]by Lee
Note: The OLD version of Simon Says is NO longer available. New version can be found here -
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Sapphire the hedgcat by Kylesandras
Sapphire the hedgcatby sildow
Have fun
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New York State of Mind (A Ryder Lynn Love Story) by RyleyBridges
New York State of Mind (A Ryder [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
*THIRD BOOK IN THE SUPERMAN SERIES* Ryley Bridges, Ryder Lynn, Marley Rose and Jake Puckerman have finally left McKinley behind them. It's time for their new starts at J...
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Clara Says by xuelian
Clara Saysby Cindy Evans (Lily)
This is simply a book full of lessons, meaningful quotes and stories of my sister, Clara, and I. She was and remains one of the most influential people in my life. Full...
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everything i want to say by clueless_chloe
everything i want to sayby c h l o e
this collection of poems showcases whatever is on my mind at the moment. if you want to understand more about who i am as a person, i suggest you read this ;) also, plea...
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Haruhi's Brother by IMDEADSAYORI
Haruhi's Brotherby Sayori-Is-Dead
I am making this story based of of history of the fujioka family. Haruhi's Brother or Will Haruhi have a sister and a brother. Who knows. #13 in says
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say you love me again by MochiiiJiminiee95
say you love me againby в r o ĸ e n
Yoshida, Yamato a young man who only had a dull and harsh perspective of life because of his family problems and home environment. he doesn't find anything that importan...
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What.           Says about you by TheLinkinParkGirl
What. Says about youby 🎮🎶Grace~Chan |: Ninja of M...
Plz be honest with yourself about this! Thank you
When You Reach Me Blog by Whenyoureachme101
When You Reach Me Blogby Whenyoureachme101
Hi!!!!! I’M LILLIAN!!!! Do you need a book to read? You can’t find a good one? Read “When You Reach Me.” It’s a Humor love story. There’s a girl named Miranda who lives...
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Wilford Warfstace Says  by -_MUSTACHE_MAN_-
Wilford Warfstace Says by 🔫 PINSTRIPE GUNS 🔫
This is by himiko
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Why Weebs love or want to live in an anime. by Angel_0178
Why Weebs love or want to live Angel_0178
If you hate Anime or not interested in reading my books, just don't read and comment me that you hate anime because i'm not someone just to listen your ranting. Hope you...
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My poems of what I love by emvader2013
My poems of what I loveby emvader2013
These are my thing write into a poems of what I love and what is the truth
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Our Public Dairy by lunarEclipse1372
Our Public Dairyby Luna,Unicorn,and Lone!
This will be uploaded whenever we feel like it. Also put what you want us to do cause we do a lot of stuff!
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