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Don't miss your shot (MCD x Male Reader) by HuntingInTheShadows
Don't miss your shot (MCD x Male Kevin
You woke up when an explosion occurred, you were buried beneath rubble and ash. You heard the crackling of fire, the buzz of speech. Then a scream. Once you were ab...
SHADOW KNIGHT'S REVENGE: A Minecraft Diaries Fan-Fiction by prettymuchbasic
SHADOW KNIGHT'S REVENGE: A prettymuchbasic
"They betrayed you," Sasha had said. "They left you for dead." After the tragedy that took place in Lady Irene's dimension, the people of Phoenix Dro...
|Our Story| Laurence x Reader by MCU_101
|Our Story| Laurence x Readerby Autumn's Escape
Y/n is the Lord of Blue Diamond Village, a place she grew up. Then she and her guards are attacked in the woods, Laurence saves her life. She becomes close to Laurenc...
Mcd Meets MyStreet by Elizabethrzg11
Mcd Meets MyStreetby GalaxyUnicorn
This Happens while they are in Starlight sometime after Aph and Aaron revealed to everyone but the Licolns' that they were engaged. In Mcd it occurs sometime is season 3...
Irene's sister (Aphmau MCD fanfic) by LunaWolfKitten
Irene's sister (Aphmau MCD fanfic)by LunaWolfKitten
Y/n. A name no one knows. Why? Because Irene. Y/n is Irene's younger sister. As everyone knows, Irene was blessed, a divine. Her sister was too and Irene feared the safe...
MCD Guys x Werewolf reader (The ending is a fail) by ollie_collie
MCD Guys x Werewolf reader (The oli-
(Y/n) and Maize try to start a new life in the town of Phoenix Drop, but realize that their new life is a lot more complicated, due to the boys, problems, and fights! Mo...
MCD and Mystreet x Reader Oneshots by Frost_girl17
MCD and Mystreet x Reader Oneshotsby Frost_girl17
Oneshot series about (Y/N) and any other character in MyStreet and Minecraft Diaries. Requests are open. Disclaimer, the reader will be female, unless the request says d...
Two different worlds (Aphmau MyStreet x Mcd) by LunaWolfKitten
Two different worlds (Aphmau LunaWolfKitten
(Warning! Spoilers! Shipping!) The two different universes collide. (So that you know, the only MyStreet characters will be Aaron, Aph, and Zane.) Also, this will be bef...
Beginning MCD boys x Reader (Complete) ||| Book 1 {Irene's daughter} by JayceChen
Beginning MCD boys x Reader ( yEEt
Its about Y/N a girl that's half mi'fwa and half werewolf. She also happens to be Irene's daughter, which means that many people are out to get her.... dun dun DUN!!! XD...
Ghost Boy- A Malachi X Reader by AriWritesStuff
Ghost Boy- A Malachi X Readerby Abandoned
A small transparent boy you met in a large mansion. That's all you really remember. The time you spent together in a haze. You thought it was all a dream. Until you met...
Is This What Love Feels Like? by aarmaurules08
Is This What Love Feels Like?by Aarmau_Rules
Aphmau and Aaron are in a relationship. Aaron really shows Aphmau what love is.
Mystreet X Reader by Neko_Nano
Mystreet X Readerby Nano Cyaan
This is about (y/n), her dream was to become a talented (maybe famous) singer. She managed to do that but she's now at the age of 25 and wants do to something else. She...
Aphmau Oneshots by arihig
Aphmau Oneshotsby arihi
Aphmau Oneshots! All characters belong to Aphmau. Requests are closed.
MCYT: A New Life by BlackCat2907
MCYT: A New Lifeby Katherine
Tommyinnit was exiled. Everyone knew this. He was lonely in Logstedshire and hated it. Dream was the only one who visited, and it was only to hurt and manipulate Tommy...
No Longer Me | Taegi✔️  by Mai_Spring
No Longer Me | Taegi✔️ by Mai
When Yoongi gets sick at a high school party, he did not expect that he would have his life saved, nor would he have thought that the peculiar boy Kim Taehyung would hav...
Sugar Daddy by Ani-meow1200
Sugar Daddyby Inactive
Zane is just a lonely crossdresser that lives with his pet pig. Travis is a rich drug lord looking for someone to spend his money on. Updates: Mondays
Peasant (Zane X Reader) - {COMPLETED} by zanesimp
Peasant (Zane X Reader) - { he do be fine tho
"Love can mean safety and it can mean devastation. That's what makes it so beautifully dangerous." ...
-It Do Be Like that Sometimes-     |Laurance x reader| by Devil_Mirajane
-It Do Be Like that Mira
You're one of Cadenzas guards, until some toe eyed cabbages show up claiming to be her friends. . "Laurance?!" I screamed, "What. The. Hell. What's thi...
Shattered and Lost.... {COMPLETE} (MCD X Reader)  by Kelsey-Chan19
Shattered and Lost.... {COMPLETE} Kelsey~Chan
I'm Y/n, or you might know me as Y/n the Demon from the Jury of Nine. Since everyone left or got killed, Ivy became in charge and I'm main messenger. I've been cursed so...
Running || A Garrance Fanfic by _Shippers_Unite_
Running || A Garrance Fanficby Emily
Being heartbroken is not an easy fix. Being heartbroken after a seventeen-year-long crush is even worse. Having to watch the woman who broke your heart be totally in lov...