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Shad & Irene's Daughter: The Good & The Evil (Aaron X Reader)

Shad & Irene's Daughter: The Good & The Evil (Aaron X Reader)

59.3K Reads 1.3K Votes 21 Part Story
Daine By WriterDaine1124 Completed

(Y/N) is an average 25 year old girl who lives alone. She travels to find a place to Home  since her village was killed. But while traveling, she finds something unexpected. ( Note: I don't own any of the characters. You own your self. Thanks)
            Remember these things:
            (F/N) - Fake Name
            (Y/N) - Your Name
            (N/N) - Nickname
            (W/N) - Wolf Name
            (C) - Color
            (F/C) - Favorite Color 
            (O/E/C) - Original Eye Color
            (J/T) - Jury Title
            (W/T) - Weapon Type
            Since Your Eyes Change Color, Remember These Colors
            Mixed - Confused/Mixed Feelings
            Black - Evil Form
            Red - Angry
            Blue - Sad
            Yellow - Excited/Shocked
            Orange - Happy
            Grey - Bored
            Violet - Scared
            Green - Calm
          Pink - In Love
            Bloodshot Red - Shadow Knight (The eyes differ from the normal SK eyes)
            Maroon - Planning Something Mischievous/Evil
            (O/E/C) - Special Form

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