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Lean on Me - Mavi (COMPLETED) by lostroses
Lean on Me - Mavi (COMPLETED)by lostroses
Mitch: "I can be mean though." Avi: "That's okay, I'll take care of you." Sailing under the radar while we obsessed over Scömìche, this is the ship t...
Checkmate by waddicus
Checkmateby waddicus
Mitch just wanted a cup of coffee. Instead, he meets Avi -- an overly analytical and intelligent man that refuses to give Mitch his phone number until he beats him in a...
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi) by LittleCarokind
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi)by Caro
Mitch has trouble sleeping when he's in a foreign bed. But there's this one person that helps him through the night. Each night.
Distant by sunflowerdaze-
Distantby inactive
finished collab// Trigger Warnings// Rape and Physical Abuse Inspired by the one-shot "I'll Wait For You" by @AltoPentaholic Also a collab with: @AltoPentaho...
Queen Tease by PTXFanfic
Queen Teaseby PTXFanfic
Mavi fan fiction "At first it was just innocent flirting...but now he's teasing me. And the worst part is...I can't tell if I like it or not."
Triphilia - stray together, stay together | Book 2 | Scomavi by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - stray together, stay Caro
Book two of the Triphilia trilogy. After finally deciding to try being together, Scott, Avi and Mitch are going strong and yet faced with new challenges. How will the t...
Four Years... (On Hold) by Coralie56
Four Years... (On Hold)by Coralie56
Here is "True Love Book 2" I couldn't leave them already ^^ I hope you'll like it!
Disney One-shots(PTX / Home Free ) by PTXDMMJ
Disney One-shots(PTX / Home Free )by Steffi
Disney. I love the movies and don't care if that makes me childish. Anyway this book contains one shots. Each one shot is about a different ship and based on characters...
Five Days | Mavi by LittleCarokind
Five Days | Maviby Caro
"Tell me how could our forever only last 1-2-3-4- five days once in a lifetime five nights too good to be true the universe is passin' by but I can't forget ou...
pandora's box by haliae
pandora's boxby haliae
i have lots of oneshots ideas. mostly scomiche but i may write about other ships. fluffy, angsty, smutty - not necessarily separated.
Ada Masali - One shots by mocali
Ada Masali - One shotsby mocali
One shots taking place after bölüm 7 and following episodes. I try to fill in the part where I feel something's missing and when I really wonder what is going on on the...
Pentatonix One Shots by Raven5555
Pentatonix One Shotsby Raven
Basically the title. Please message me with requests. I will do anything.
Cracked|Mavi AU| by phanandmavi
Cracked|Mavi AU|by phanandmavi
He left me, bloody and bruised. I saw my clothes across the room and slowly stood up, trying to retrieve them. Once my clothes were safely in my hands, I quickly pulled...
Look Closer | Mavi | Dreamingletters & LittleCarokind by LittleCarokind
Look Closer | Mavi | Caro
Love is hard to find. That is true, especially if you're singing in a sucessful, Grammy-winning acapella group. But sometimes the love you're so desperately searching...
Plus One by KMelion
Plus Oneby Mel
Because no story is ever told to its full extent and there will always be something missing. Therefore, this book contains basically all the missing scenes, additional...
Sonic x Kyle by CATB0YJC
Sonic x Kyleby minatzu
kyle's feet obsession made her fall inlove w sonics feet..<3
The Horrible Version of Uz (Mavi fanfic) by Mayaelizabe
The Horrible Version of Uz (Mavi 𝕄𝕒𝕪𝕒💗
"Isn't it suppose to be Oz?" Mitch asked. Melanie snapped her fingers. "It's Uz now honey. We on a budget...and we ain't trying to get copyrighted."...