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Spoilers! (Mavi) by Sumat_MDJ
Spoilers! (Mavi)by Mordecai
Mitch has been riding this train back and forth to work everyday for years. After some time and a lot of forced boredom, he decides to start reading, which speeds up his...
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Mavi One Shots by noodlehotwing
Mavi One Shotsby scart
Just some cute mavi one shots cover edit made by wizards.of.ahhs on Instagram
Teach Me by lovebeingqueen
Teach Meby lovebeingqueen
If Pentatonix were teachers in a high school. Mitch and Avi hate each other. They are both in charge of rival departments and don't agree on anything. What will happen...
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Pentatonix One Shots by BeckyLouise698
Pentatonix One Shotsby Becky_Louise
Here I will write one shot story's about PTX. So thats like Scomiche. Mavi. Kavi. You name it. Some will be sad but some will be happy. Hope you enjoy them. Love ya'll
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Unsteady (Mavi AU) by Lizagosto
Unsteady (Mavi AU)by Lizagosto
After leaving an abusive relationship, Mitch is left with no place to go. When a kind stranger offers his home and hospitality to him, Mitch finds himself drawn to his w...
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Triphilia - all good things come in threes | Scomavi by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - all good things come Caro
|tri| - three (greek) |philia| - love, affection (greek) When Avi moves in with Scott and Mitch, they all just hope to be good roomies and are rooting to make the most o...
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Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi) by LittleCarokind
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi)by Caro
Mitch has trouble sleeping when he's in a foreign bed. But there's this one person that helps him through the night. Each night.
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Mavi Defter by drdropit
Mavi Defterby MayWeMeetAgain
"Fakat hayat mucizeleri sevse de, gerçek mucizeler konusunda cimri davranır." -Lyon'da Düğün - Stefan Zweig
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Look Closer | Mavi | Dreamingletters & LittleCarokind by LittleCarokind
Look Closer | Mavi | Caro
Love is hard to find. That is true, especially if you're singing in a sucessful, Grammy-winning acapella group. But sometimes the love you're so desperately searching...
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Triphilia - stray together, stay together | Book 2 | Scomavi by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - stray together, stay Caro
Book two of the Triphilia trilogy. After finally deciding to try being together, Scott, Avi and Mitch are going strong and yet faced with new challenges. How will the t...
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DOST by feysel21
DOSTby göğe bak çünkü özlendin
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Temp/perm hold Pentatonix One Shots by Raven5555
Temp/perm hold Pentatonix One Shotsby Raven5555
Basically the title. Please message me with requests. I will do anything.
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DOSE OF YOU by Kristinindo
DOSE OF YOUby Kristinindo
He is gay; he loves his boy. She is engaged; she loves her boy. They are best friends. He breaks up with his boy. She is left. They realize what they feel is more than j...
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Criminal by EldestSchild
Criminalby Riley!!
~He sneaks through the window at night. My parents never hear him. He's sly, sleek, silent.~
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Killer(s)[Book Two] by RyanKuroRodriguez
Killer(s)[Book Two]by BUBBLEGUMRYAN
A new beginning. A new life. Having a criminal in your house is one thing but getting drug into his lifestyle is another. Cover by:RoseGoldHeart
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Triphilia - together forever | one-shots by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - together forever | Caro
Saying goodbye is hard. And I just couldn't bear it. These one-shots will be random moments from the life of our beloved triad. Updates will come whenever I feel like it...
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White Dragon (Mavi) by waddicus
White Dragon (Mavi)by waddicus
Avi is one of the most powerful leaders of the White Dragons, a rebel group dedicated to fighting the power of a tyrannical government that bans homosexuality and self-e...
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Team Obsessed (Team Single Book 2) by Sumat_MDJ
Team Obsessed (Team Single Book 2)by Mordecai
Mitch and Avi have had a wild journey from their fake relationship to Avi's mental breakdown, but what happens when someone else is driving them apart? Will their love a...
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Behind The Glass - Mavi by Speddyz
Behind The Glass - Maviby Jason
The books finally ready to be released. Plot: Avriel Benjamin Kaplan is an ordinary man with a unfathomably abnormal job. 'Avi' for short works in a facility thats only...
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MAVI by uknownmeais
MAVIby uknown
Sebuah pertemuan yang baik tidak harus di akhiri dengan perpisahan yang baik pula. Kadang kita harus menerima apa yang sudah seharusnya di takdirkan untuk kita. -MAVI [j...
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