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The Vampire and The Artist- How It All Began: Book 1 (Vampverse) by FlameonLeaf
The Vampire and The Artist- How TheFlamingFox
Encre was a French artist who lived in a small town in France. Encre was quite popular there due to her beautiful arts and painting skills. However is she bullied a lot...
  • love
  • fallacyencre
  • azure
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The Promised Neverland Oneshots (Soulmate AU) OC Insert by _az_re_
The Promised Neverland Oneshots ( Azure
Some cute, fluffy (maybe angsty) oneshots starring the TPN characters and my best friend and my OC's, Alyssia and Azure. Our OC's will only be shipped with one person...
  • norman
  • azure
  • ray
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Rewrite the Stars by Queen_Azure
Rewrite the Starsby Queen_Azure
She is war, He is peace She is disaster, He is beauty They met each other at the wrong time, but at the right place The sudden blossom of a love flower in the middle of...
  • ursaminor
  • azure
  • cleisthnes
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Naruto Online: Origin Story by JDBeats
Naruto Online: Origin Storyby The Fanfic Daddy
This story is takin a little step back with how everybody met. This is a sequel to the Naruto orgin stories I have made. So enjoy.
  • crimson
  • dancer
  • naruto
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By His Side by CatherineLerysilan
By His Sideby Valery Basilan
She will be safe By His Side
  • azure
  • azul
  • fiction
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Rose by azure_
Roseby Sky
The sweet and humble life of Rose.
  • prose
  • teen
  • azure
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Don't shatter my already cracked heart by dusted_moons
Don't shatter my already cracked This is a trashcan
Encre the royal painter gets heartbroken after dream cheated on him with cross, he gets the offer to join Eterna and the royal guardsmen into the forest. He accepts the...
  • crying
  • jasper
  • artist
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Haru's New and Improved Artbook by haruhifujioka25486
Haru's New and Improved Artbookby Haru
I decided to scrap my old art book and make a new one. I hope you enjoy! :D
  • time
  • passion
  • artist
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The Story of The Fire Lord's Other Daughter by onepiecelawfan
The Story of The Fire Lord's onepiecelawfan
The third in line for the Throne of the Fire Nation, Azure senses a change in the balance of the World. The Avatar is back. Now the world is about to change, for good or...
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • fanfic
  • azure
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The Vampire and The Artist- The Return Of A Great Burden: Book 2 (Vampverse) [DI by FlameonLeaf
The Vampire and The Artist- The TheFlamingFox
He never left did he? The thought of peace had drained away from them. Why is he back? The want of being safe came over them yet they knew it would be hard to come about...
  • death
  • jasper
  • love
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¡ Naruto Online Fanfics ! by BreezeDancer
¡ Naruto Online Fanfics !by ♛ Breeze Dancer ♛
Have you ever struggled to find stories about your favorite Naruto Online characters (Azure Fang, Breeze Dancer, Crimson Fist, Midnight Blade, and Scarlet Blaze)? Or sea...
  • scarlet
  • narutoonline
  • scarletblaze
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Ask/Dare Vampverse by ITheWonderfulBlue3
Ask/Dare Vampverseby Blue
title says everything
  • jasper
  • azure
  • encre
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Trailer! The Spectral Collision (Azur Lane X the Spectre MC ship reader) by Creeper_Corporation
Trailer! The Spectral Collision ( Krystal 『©』
exclusive for Kantai Collection X Male fortress Reader fanfiction that we created! this is an Azur Lane X The Spectre MC Ship Reader from our Kantai Collection Fanfictio...
  • shipgirls
  • trailer
  • crossover
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Galacta Knight Tales by ChaoticDrakkon125
Galacta Knight Talesby ChaoticDrakkon125
These are just some stories that I have written about Galacta Knight and my character Azure Knight. I'll try my best to keep this updated. If his name is spelled wrong...
  • azure
  • galacta
  • knight
Entries For Small Competitions by Honeyy2004
Entries For Small Competitionsby Dahlia
I entered a competition and this is my spin on it! I might enter a few others and they'll all be bunched up in here
  • entry
  • competition
  • scifi-fantasy
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Azure Eyes by SaveFadingLight
Azure Eyesby Becca Meldrum
Azure Eyes is a short story I wrote for my English class recently that I was rather proud of and want to share!
  • death
  • teenfiction
  • shortstory
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Suave's Backstory - A Short Story by Catstar345
Suave's Backstory - A Short Storyby Moonlight Sunstar
I don't know if this is actually cannon (probably not) because I can't find it on Tumblr due to it being stupid recently and thegreatrouge deleting it. Anyway, this is m...
  • vampires
  • carcrash
  • undertaleau
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An Infinity of Verses by xXEninXx
An Infinity of Versesby xXEninXx
Diversions from reality, carefully crafted into verses, and broken into poems. Words strung together by the conscience of a doubtful soul.
  • blue
  • fictionalpoems
  • depression
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Jasper x Reader by SANNESSSS
Jasper x Readerby Yeet skeet cheezit
You are the adopted daughter of Azure and roufus. Azure is in the guard-led by Eterna-and Roufus is the blacksmith. You have always been fascinated by vampires, and ofte...
  • encre
  • suave
  • azure
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Chronicle by edgy_yeshi
Chronicleby L. The Author
The Tesseract, the most dangerous weapon in the universe... and the only thing stopping it from being made is a boy with a leather jacket, a strange talent for manipulat...
  • intense
  • syn
  • azure
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