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A Marshmallow's Guide to Loving a Complete Idiot (Inanimate Insanity)(Marshple) by SkaterCheese
A Marshmallow's Guide to Loving SkaterCheese
For Marshmallow, figuring out life, death, reality, and the games we play is difficult. But navigating her relationship with Apple may as well be the most challenging th...
Inanimate Insanity Oneshots by Testtub3zzz
Inanimate Insanity Oneshotsby Testtub3zzz
Idk I like gay objects ⚠️Content warning(s)⚠️ Swearing GAY PPL !! 😱😱😱 Bits of angst in some oneshots I like never write anything so don't come at me if this sucks...
Meeple Love - Mephone4 x Reader by BlossomFavLover
Meeple Love - Mephone4 x Readerby wander :3
You were a robot from Meeple HQ built from Cobs. You looked exactly like (Your object) but you were actually a robot from the inside due to your "advanced technolog...
Inanimate Insanity/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! by MuffinPugHugs
Inanimate Insanity/BFB/TPOT swag money
Oneshot book based on the Object Show Series BFB/TPOT & Inanimate Insanity! Feel free to request! I might not get all of them, but I do try!
I.I/BFB/BFDI Oneshot Book! by Lilz19
I.I/BFB/BFDI Oneshot Book!by Lex :))
✖️ABSOLUTELY NO LEMONS✖️ Enjoy reading oneshots about your fave characters and ships from BFB/BDFI and Inanimate Insanity!!
BFDI/II Ship Opinions Book by MrArteth
BFDI/II Ship Opinions Bookby MrArteth
im deleting this book when it gets 27,630 reads this book is gonna contain my opinions on a variety of object show ships (mostly from ii/bfdi). please note that im not t...
She's a Little Slow on the Uptake (Inanimate Insanity) by SkaterCheese
She's a Little Slow on the SkaterCheese
Ever since the first time Apple set eyes on her, she had a gut feeling that Marshmallow was just a bit different than the others. ...What Apple can't decide is what &quo...
SkaterCheese's Snapshots Collection (Inanimate Insanity fanfiction) by SkaterCheese
SkaterCheese's Snapshots SkaterCheese
A collection of standalone Inanimate Insanity short stories I've written over the years! These scraps can mostly be read in less than five minutes. Though the subject ma...
What It's Like to be Loved (Inanimate Insanity) by __icecreamcake__
What It's Like to be Loved ( tpn brainrot
Apple has had a crush on Marshmallow for the longest time she could remember. Probably even since the day she was born. When they made a truce back in the early episodes...
Freedom? [An Inanimate Insanity Fanic] [discontinued] by sharkcorpse
Freedom? [An Inanimate Insanity max
After a long insane show, everyone can finally enjoy the luxury hotel. Though, what will happen if it disappears? The one and only placed called home smashed in pieces...
Inanimate Insanity Valentines Day 2018 Ships by NoeNikes
Inanimate Insanity Valentines NoeNikes
This is my first book and its almost valentines day, so why not a story with ships of Inanimate Insanity . I'm going to probably make lightbrush, fantube, suitloon, and...
Tissues and the Silver String (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction) by SkaterCheese
Tissues and the Silver String ( SkaterCheese
There's a reason why Tissues refuses to pick a favorite color. In which Tissues attempts to solve the greatest mystery of Hotel OJ. (AU in which Tissues can see the bond...
Infinity Minus One (Inanimate Insanity) by SkaterCheese
Infinity Minus One (Inanimate SkaterCheese
When Test Tube and Lightbulb messed with time travel, they created an alternate timeline in which Salt and Pepper became the world's fabulously malevolent overlords - an...
Object Shows 7 Minutes In Heaven (Hold Back!) by Bfdi_girl
Object Shows 7 Minutes In Heaven ( uwu Busy uwu
I can't come up with a description =/ COVER BY: @Taco_SourCream <3 thanks so much fam!
Parents (A II AU) by LastTimeOnTotalDrama
Parents (A II AU)by Tissues
What if everyone from season one was a parent to season two and three characters let's find out
A Neat Little Bow by Imaginarytone
A Neat Little Bowby Shirley Swirly
Bow has recently come down with a case of the gay and is trying to work it out a little. In all honesty I'm not sure how to describe it otherwise at the moment. A little...
Shooting Stars [Inanimate Insanity || Lightbrush] by Star-Twist
Shooting Stars [Inanimate Star-Twist
I post(ed) II + BFDI Oneshots but this book is discontinued now, ain't really in the fandom anymore :^)
Perfect pairs | ii & bfb cross over by bfbqueen
Perfect pairs | ii & bfb cross overby bfbqueen
This is basically a book of a bunch of marshple and icelety book. be warned : other ships will be announced . trigger warning: Self harm in some AU's.
The Core to my Heart ~ Marshple Fanfic by MadiPack
The Core to my Heart ~ Marshple MadiPack
Apple is an orphan who has been living in a single home in Sweden. She lives in a small house in the suburban part of her town Visby. When she meets a girl in her town t...