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grounded ashes by ceruleanskieswastook
grounded ashesby ceruleanskieswastook
I had this idea... and then I wrote it... Headcanons and LightBrush await............... Paintbrush can set fires with their bare hands. They test their limits and break...
Ask Hotel OJ by WanderingStoryTelIer
Ask Hotel OJby WanderingStoryTelIer
Just a normal day in the hotel! Suddenly, everyone begins to hear voices in their head. They're strangely calm about it... it seems they are willing to answer some quest...
Case 34 by tazaroni_
Case 34by tazaroni
How far would you go to do it for Science? This story contains Violence, Gore, Offensive Langauge, and other themes that may contain sensitive content. Book cover artwor...
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Object Shows x reader || ONESHOTS || by FennecFics
Object Shows x reader || FennecFics
REQUEST BOX CLOSED Just some oneshots bro- - Inanimate Insanity - BFB / BFDI / TPOT - Paper Puppets (Take 2) - Animated Inanimate Battle - Modern Objects - The Race Of C...
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush Fanfiction by XxCrystal_SkyxX
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush XxCrystal_SkyxX
TW// This fic includes topics of Gender Dysphoria and Depression. Reader discretion is advised Paintbrush is a 16 year old dropout music artist with a dream to become ma...
𝐅𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐔𝐁𝐄 - 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐂𝐈𝐎𝐔𝐒 sunnyrisee____
In which Fan never believed in love at first sight until the day he laid eyes on Test Tube. She was different, with an air of intelligence and kindness that drew him in...
Room 43// An Inanimate Insanity College AU by emzie33
Room 43// An Inanimate Insanity Emzie 🩷
[HUMANIZED!] "...Alright, does someone want to tell me what the fuck is going on," Paintbrush yelled sternly, rubbing their temples to stave off an incoming he...
Science Breakthrough by WanderingStoryTelIer
Science Breakthroughby WanderingStoryTelIer
This is an II Fanfic! WARNING! Themes of: Blood Gore Suicidal/self harm thoughts and actions Violence Loss of self confidence Swearing (A LOT) Torture Possibly more. The...
Subject Crossover | Book 1(?) | Crossover Au | bad writing by Jerin0613
Subject Crossover | Book 1(?) | Happy baskets
They had a myth that objects can be found in different dimensions and can be used for all types of things, they can talk, they have blood and some may have side abilitie...
The Summer of 21 {complete} by bookswithmonica
The Summer of 21 {complete}by monica
She was like the stars, already dead. The summer of 21. The summer she would never forget. It wasn't just the heat of summer, it was him. Archer Luca. She wanted to imp...
Better than him by WWdotoveroceanic
Better than himby Happy tun
Ahhhh I'm just plain terrible at fitting my book covers in the right angle- This is a fanbrush + testbulb fanfic.. it starts off with fan being gay-he dates trophy-but o...
a corny love story (Steve cobs x mephone4) by axolotlcore
a corny love story (Steve cobs x macaronic
When the charming multi-millionaire playboy Steve Cobs is in his favourite coffee shop, he doesn't expect to meet the love of his life. tw: uuuuuh torture of objects 🥺�...
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Inanimate insanity oneshots (requests Open again!!!) by BlissfulIyUnaware
Inanimate insanity oneshots ( BlissfulIyUnaware
A bunch of ship one shots cause I've been reading so many now I wanna make them :)
Paintbrush by zelaughingqueen
Paintbrushby mary!
❝Some spoke with words. Some spoke with music. She spoke with her paintbrush and he listened. ❞ - REVIEWS: "Absolutely amazing, I just can't get enough of this se...
Inanimate Insanity Scenarios!  by RigbyMoon
Inanimate Insanity Scenarios! by Rigby
Heyo everyone! I am just writing this for fun and I might not post everyday but I'll post when I can! If you have any requests I'll read them (don't make it nasty though...
Shitposts by trophysimp66
Shitpostsby trophysimp66
Sex i will shove a umbrella up your ugly pussy
A Day to Remember (lightbrush fanfic) by Rqndom_Stuff
A Day to Remember (lightbrush Rqndom_Stuff
*humanized*  When Paintbrush goes to middle school as a normal "girl" would until they come out as non-binary. They got bullied a lot and eventually had to mo...
Me and you < 3 || II Lightbrush fanfic by PerfectionistFan
Me and you < 3 || II Lightbrush Mothbombxz
Note: My life has TWISTED . So I'm handing this book over to a friend . He will write this book and the cover was also made by him ( he used my acc name on the cover too...
ESCAPING REALITY [An ii fanfic about AUs] by CloverTheHuman
ESCAPING REALITY [An ii fanfic AU Fanatic
You always had that thrill with altered realities? Is just so fun to create and see different outcomes of events or a whole new world with these familiar faces in it... ...
Just Best Friends? || A LightBrush Fanfic by YoleCake2763
Just Best Friends? || A ~That_Goiky_Gowrl~
Paintbrush and Lightbulb are BESTFRIENDS! Even though, Paintbrush gets annoyed with her at times, they find themselves drawn closer to her. Paintbrush is afraid to fall...