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An Inferno of emotion. by Shoal3A0689
An Inferno of Shoal3A0689
Paintbrush's fire isn't just made by rage. It can also be caused by sadness, lust and even joy sometimes, but no matter what sparks the flame it always seems to end bad...
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Wild by officalpolaroidcat
Wildby polaroidcat™️
Paintbrush wanders off at the Inanimate Forest and gets lost. They collapse down with exhaustion. Little did the brush know that they were stalked by a little white wolf...
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Folded Corners || A Lightbrush Fanfic by RiceyAisy
Folded Corners || A Lightbrush chill, dEAR cHiLd ✍️
"Don't fight it, Paintbrush. Wouldn't it be hard to lose what you have l e f t?" The mysterious figure whispered as it begins to open its eyes. "You don't...
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Paintbrush by zelaughingqueen
Paintbrushby mary
❝Some spoke with words. Some spoke with music. She spoke with her paintbrush and he listened. ❞ - REVIEWS: "Absolutely amazing, I just can't get enough of this se...
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My Art Book by Batcakes156
My Art Bookby Jess
A book full of bad art. Art makes me happy and I make a lot of it as some sort of therapy. I hope you enjoy.
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GGAWOL's Art *2018-2020* by GrlGone_AWOL
GGAWOL's Art *2018-2020*by GrlGone_AWOL
Second edition!!!! If you wanna see the first one, it's on my profile somewhere. Please comment, I like constructive criticism ;)
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pretty  by Newt_and_Tommy
pretty by ♡
(newt x thomas, newtmas) Newt is a painter who likes to draw beautiful flowers and drink tea, and one day he founds the most beautiful flower -Thomas, who is a sad boy w...
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Paintbrush (Damien Haas X Reader X Shayne Topp) by ThatOne1PhanGirl
Paintbrush (Damien Haas X Reader ThatOnePhanGirl
You and Shayne have been best friends for so long, but the problem is you moved to London for a few years. You come back to America and become apart of the Smosh Squad...
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Someday (Lightbrush FanFiction) by LightbotTheShipper
Someday (Lightbrush FanFiction)by 💛Lightbot💛
after Paintbrushes elimination in episode 12.. i just had to make this..i had this whole book literally in my head.. now i just gotta type it up ...chapter by chapter...
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Artwork by IslandNinja
Artworkby Islandninja
I have decided to put all of my artwork in a book! All of my images are done by digital art, some use photography backgrounds which I have taken myself. I love to mix re...
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My drawings of Randomness by GeekGoddess-
My drawings of Randomnessby ∵Cat∴
"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. " -John W. Gardner ...... Just my own collection of my art, none of them are extremely good, nor that bad. (I ho...
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Art requests (OPEN) by Violetxrose1235
Art requests (OPEN)by Violet Rose
Request art, either a painting or a drawing! And I will post it here. All art will be original. Please ask before using my art.
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For All Your Lightbrush Needs by PastelVanilla
For All Your Lightbrush Needsby Yoyle._.Cake
hdskjbdsvksdjk Read the title.
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Revenge(II Creepypasta) by Kitstenk
Revenge(II Creepypasta)by Litstenk Applesauce
Revenge isn't getting equal with a person who wronged you. It's breaking them, beating them, until they can't get up anymore. This is based off an RP with Taco_SourCrea...
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Original Art by Slushi_Cats
Original Artby スローシー
so, this is just full of my artwork. some old, some new. please don't hate me like what happened in the last art book.
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[HIATUS] Lightbrush International Trash Can by lol_thats_deep
[HIATUS] Lightbrush oumota is otp
Basically the Lightbrush fanclub uwu • Highest rank: #1 in #lightbrush [August 24th 2018] Current number of members: idk anymore sksks you can count in the members list...
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Brace Face by Stargirl555
Brace Faceby Stargirl555
Ella is 15 years old, and can barely manage her own life, and just learnt that she needs braces for the final year in her school! Now, Ella has to deal with braces, boys...
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Truth or dare? by enderman_girl
Truth or dare?by Enderman Girl
Lightbulb, fan, and test tube and some other people are cursed by Paintbrushes game called Truth of Dare. Lightbulb doesn't know how the game ends. Paintbrush knows. In...
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On the side of the road ✪ Inanimate Insanity Fanfic ✪ by lol_thats_deep
On the side of the road ✪ oumota is otp
Paintbrush found an abandoned little bulb sitting on the side of the road. ▶▶▶▶▶ (COMPLETED) Just some cute interactions between Light Bulb and Paintbrush, and their rel...
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experiment 22: a team's panic by ceruleanskieswastook
experiment 22: a team's panicby ceruleanskieswastook
Experiment 21: Panic Attack but TT's position is swapped. Her father makes her lock up her friends in a blank, empty room. She tries to get them out. The cover was made...
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