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The Last Straw || Inanimate Insanity Story  by mothy_b
The Last Straw || Inanimate mothy_b
lightbulb has to figure out the mystery of whos killing all the innocents and protect her best friends
And they were Re-made! (oh my god I remade it) by fashionofpurps
And they were Re-made! (oh my flopurple!!
(Seven chapters finished so far) Hey! Wow! I'm remaking what I call the start of the ComedyGold fanbase, or the rare-pair between Trophy and Cheesy. It's a very stupid...
Denial - A Comedy Gold Fanfic by Comedy_GoldYaoi
Denial - A Comedy Gold Fanficby Comedy_GoldYaoi
I started this as a joke thank you so much for the support guys omga! :sob: @CherrySherbert5 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ART!!!!! This takes place after season 2! Season 3...
Christmas for Tissues  by AngelaMorales114
Christmas for Tissues by Angela Morales
Tissues has a problem. He is not well liked by many of the contestants and his only true friends are Test Tube, Fan, and Yin-Yang. But, when Tissues finally breaks down...
CORRUPTION - II (AU Story) by KirigamialMoon202
CORRUPTION - II (AU Story)by Kirigami Moon
The show Inanimate Insanity belong to the owner, Animation Epic. This AU was heavily inspired by Steven Universe's "corruption" which belonged to Rebecca Suga...
Her Gem by LoversOfManyThings
Her Gemby Avymmm Plays
Lightbulb, in general, has a happy personality! How is she this happy? Well, I would say that if not for the recent days being... quieter. What brought this sudden optim...
Infinity Minus One (Inanimate Insanity) by SkaterCheese
Infinity Minus One (Inanimate SkaterCheese
When Test Tube and Lightbulb messed with time travel, they created an alternate timeline in which Salt and Pepper became the world's fabulously malevolent overlords - an...
Found in the forest by Lebba_moonlight
Found in the forestby Lebba
After so many years, Pickle found his ex-best friend laying in the forest. What will he do?
SkaterCheese's Snapshots Collection (Inanimate Insanity fanfiction) by SkaterCheese
SkaterCheese's Snapshots SkaterCheese
A collection of standalone Inanimate Insanity short stories I've written over the years! These scraps can mostly be read in less than five minutes. Though the subject ma...
Tissues and the Silver String (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction) by SkaterCheese
Tissues and the Silver String ( SkaterCheese
There's a reason why Tissues refuses to pick a favorite color. In which Tissues attempts to solve the greatest mystery of Hotel OJ. (AU in which Tissues can see the bond...
7 Stages of Grief by Comedy_GoldYaoi
7 Stages of Griefby Comedy_GoldYaoi
You wanted a sequel? here ya go. The sequel to Denial. Filled with angst, horror, and all the like. Been meaning to write a darkfic for a while, I guess this is it.
BFDI X II : Battle for Inanimate Insanity III(Discontinued) by CloverThe3rd
BFDI X II : Battle for Inanimate CloverThe3rd
This takes place after inanimate insanity II and BFB. However, the only events I know is to II 12 and BFB 8, so anything beyond that may be made up. ((IF YOU DON'T SEE A...
To The End by xxHazeyxx
To The Endby Hazey
(Happening after Season 2 of II/Inanimate Insanity, Episode 14- Cover art was made by me!) After Episode 14, there were 4 left... but people were missing. Specifically t...
Stupid Inanimate Insanity One-Shots (SATIRE) by Lightbrush55
Stupid Inanimate Insanity Lily
Like the title says. I had the idea to spin a randomizer wheel for me and my friend to write one-shots about. I did NOT take this seriously what-so-ever, so feel free to...
Sue's Dream: A Suitcase One-Shot by greatgabhoudini
Sue's Dream: A Suitcase One-Shotby GreatGabHoudini (Gabbi)
Sue Case (Suitcase) comes home from a pretty rough day, and just wants to be left alone and sleep. An unusually surreal dream and a spiritual visit from someone long-gon...