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Snowfall - A Fairytail Fanfic by PokePrism14
Snowfall - A Fairytail Fanficby PokePrism14
Gajeel is assigned to spy on Raventail for Master Makarov when he finds Ivan's little secret. Ivan's daughter, Maylene Dreyar, and poor Maylene is afraid of everything...
Five Little Sacrifices by Veikari
Five Little Sacrificesby Veikari
Continuation for my first book Waiting for My Mate, I recommend to read that one first so this one makes more sense. This story focuses on Fraxus just like the first boo...
King of the Fairies (Fairy Tail x Gilgamesh Male Reader) (Discontinued) by DemigodRyujin
King of the Fairies (Fairy Tail TheDemigodRyujin
"Do exactly as you like. That is the true meaning of pleasure. Pleasure leads to joy, and joy leads to happiness. That makes our path clear. So clear there is no lo...
Elven's Mercy [ Fairy Tail ] by aidiaizelle
Elven's Mercy [ Fairy Tail ]by Aidi Aizelle
Being an offspring of a human and an elf was in between of a curse and a blessing. To her, she has come to the point of where she had to learn to live with the curse of...
A Child of Fire and Brimstone by Primordial_Wielder
A Child of Fire and Brimstoneby Primordial_Wielder
He was born a tainted child and raised in the crime-infested slums of Crocus' southside by Enno. But in order to have a chance at a better life, he is sent far away from...
marigold • fairy tail by -sayonarabitch
marigold • fairy tailby CLOSED.
She is an S-Class Wizard who ventured out to a decade long mission at the young age of 12. She is one of the most powerful mages in the wizarding guild, Fairy Tail. She'...
Crossdressing by Shiruke-Lightheart
Crossdressingby Shiruke Lightheart
Gray walks in on Natsu wearing a dress in his house. He is surprised by this side of the dragon slayer and while Natsu begs him to keep it a secret, Gray asks him why he...
The Moon Monarch of Fairytail  by UchihaSwordman_16
The Moon Monarch of Fairytail by Akio Uchiha
With his mother being a dragon of overwhelming power alike that of a God and his father a man regarded as a hero and legend, Naruto has plenty to live up to in his life...
Fairy and the Demon by Veikari
Fairy and the Demonby Veikari
Fraxus story based on Beauty and the Beast. My dear old friend (you know who you are ^^) made me this awesome cover picture for this story and I just LOVE it! Comments a...
New Dreyar In Town by Veikari
New Dreyar In Townby Veikari
Some one shots of the time after Waiting for My Mate and before Five Little Sacrifices. I have been imagining it many times what all have happened when Felix was a baby...
Story of Zeref Dragneel and Natsu Dragneel. by Mina_Hatake
Story of Zeref Dragneel and Mina Hatake
Natsu has died 3 times in his life but was brought back to life by his Elder Brother. Natsu loves Zeref as his own Father. Natsu hasn't seen Zeref in 11 years when he ha...
Escort Me - Freed Justine by SakurraCas
Escort Me - Freed Justineby Cas
Annika Heartfilia and Freed Justine have been chosen for a job. Escort a young heiress to her new mansion unscathed and they come out rich. Only problem is that this fam...
Lord Death's Daughter  by shadow044
Lord Death's Daughter by shadow044
The One Year Gap by funsized_book_worm
The One Year Gapby funsized_book_worm
My idea of what happened to the fairy tail members post tartaros. There was a lot of potential (and angst) that Mashima just glossed over. This is my idea about what cou...
no way by puppeteer00ink
no wayby puppeteer00ink
All Yang wanted was to be left alone as a rogue, but of course, knowing his luck that just wasn't going to happen. I mean why would it? Yang is a fairly popular wizard k...
Tale of Lost Souls by TheCrescentRider
Tale of Lost Soulsby TheCrescentRider
Somewhere within the forests of Fiore, was a girl aimlessly guided by the voices conversing within her mind. She had no purpose nor goal in life and committed several th...
Erza's Fighter (Tevin x Erza Scarlet) Fairy Tail x 格闘伝承 ~ F-Cup Maniax by TevinMoore92
Erza's Fighter (Tevin x Erza Tevin Lashawn Moore
As the Traditional Fighting Cup was going to be under way, a mysterious light engulfed a Karate Master of the Mach techniques name Tevin Ryūji sending him to Earthland w...
My Favorite Fairy Tail Quotes by LittleKitsune02
My Favorite Fairy Tail Quotesby Lyuna
Just some quotes and awesome Fairy Tail members.
Steel Heart by pandekuuu
Steel Heartby pandekuuu
During the time that dragons appeared on the earth, two weapons were biologically created into human form to protect the world. Due to their destructive power and danger...