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Arms Unfolding by TinyAsianEmpress
Arms Unfoldingby TinyAsianEmpress
"Oh, partner in crime, I am going to try, To fall in love with you again"- dodie A short story based on 'Arms Unfolding' by dodie. There's a new book trailer i...
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐎𝐟 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 by Planettel
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐎𝐟 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 Planettel
Hana wants her parents to accept her for who she is. And Virgil... Well, Virgil doesn't know what he wants.
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Wattpad Letters: A Vintage Twist into a Modern Love Story ✔ by eliyeda
Wattpad Letters: A Vintage Twist Sue Rose Levy
[Completed Story] After losing her editor job, thirty-one-year-old Sally Ross finds herself broke, depressed, and living back at her mother's house in Idaho. To forget t...
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LEONARDO by Yummychocochick
LEONARDOby Aki_the_pastry
(It isn't a fanfic story) 1809-1819 was when the most powerful, cold and ruthless Alpha, Leonardo Ruzzox ruled over not only the supernatural world but also conquered th...
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Fragments of Fate by sarah3534
Fragments of Fateby Sarah3534
[Wattpad Open Novella Long List Finalist | Ambassadors Pick] Luke is in love with a stranger, his soul tethered to hers. He is born each life with an innate knowing that...
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Reikon by Raykon16
Reikonby G.M.R.R. Martin
There are connections that we cannot see. Connections that transcend time and distance. Connections to things in the dark. Many lives are linked in ways none of them are...
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Thy Tales I Do Tell (Poetry) by AwSprite
Thy Tales I Do Tell (Poetry)by anastacia white
A divine thrall Purging reality to Consume a lustrous Reborn lucidity, Ripped and raw, Predator and prey, Woven together in A chemical gaze... A scenic kaleidosco...
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𝓣𝓮𝓶𝓹𝓮𝓼𝓽 by __A__Poets__Heart__
𝓣𝓮𝓶𝓹𝓮𝓼𝓽by Seraph
Poems are made to show That which your are afraid of The things that make you Happy, sad The things that used to break you ...
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Obsidian  by Siennafrost
Obsidian by Sienna Frost
There are no monsters bigger than the worst of men. --- Orphaned at ten and captured by the Salasar -a powerful empire that seeks to conquer his homeland- Hasheem, a sla...
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Money Hearts by mortaltendencies
Money Heartsby mortaltendencies
Eleanor Lockhart and Isaac Crawford must work together to learn why their old friend has returned after six years of being off the radar. The catch? Eleanor Lockhart and...
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What I See✓ by ifana8
What I See✓by ifana8
This is my Senka My living fruit Running with my words Into it, my feelings are burned A collection of poems written for/about the things I see. Feats💚💚: Poem "S...
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June's Blues by A-BrooklynTM
June's Bluesby a·brooklyn™
On the outside, Isabel Cooper Valdez is just like the others. A High School student, daughter, and music lover, the seventeen-year-old doesn't have any special attribute...
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The Dragon's Valkyrie by Eternalautumnfire
The Dragon's Valkyrieby Jeremiah Wilson
All her life, Saidy has only known two things: servitude to her slave master and the weight of a blade. Captured at a young age by a race of demons called oni, Saidy is...
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DEATH IN DISGUISE by Scent-Of-Innocent
DEATH IN DISGUISEby Scent-Of-Innocent
Halloween is just round the corner and here's a collection of very short horror stories which will surely make you jump out of skin. Every story is only 2-4 sentences lo...
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When You Realize She Was Only Human...and What comes next by CatherineDeynes
When You Realize She Was Only CatherineDeynes
She raised you as best she could even though it never felt good enough. When death knocks on her door you find yourself face to face with the reality that she was always...
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Fruitless Absolution by jasbethh
Fruitless Absolutionby Jas
A poetic retelling of hamartia and fruitless absolution in the ancient reign of men and gods. Copyright © jasbethh 2019 Cover and header illustrations by Mohtz (tumblr).
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Trapped In Darkness ✅ by NoNameIsWorkin
Trapped In Darkness ✅by Firdaws Boukrab
A collection of letters from a heartbroken girl who lost her sight, to the guy who broke her heart. ____ Finished: 21/09/2019
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Dead Remnants by ArmarnaForbes
Dead Remnantsby Armarna Forbes
**Welcome to the afterlife of Denver-where phantom buffalo roam and ghost factions wage war.** Seventeen-year-old Ashen Deming is dead, but she can't move on. Not with t...
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Forever by fallenaengel
Foreverby god
Cause for him, it's forever. • EDITING •
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Suicidal Heights ✔ by MATaher56
Suicidal Heights ✔by MA.
You have reached the private memos of Stella Andreas Robert these contain various intense emotions and suicidal thoughts enter at your own risks. P.S: I am in a better p...
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