An American at Hogwarts

An American at Hogwarts

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Alexa Stark, daughter of Tony Stark (yes, Ironman. No, she can't help you meet him). She's always followed in her dad's footsteps, and at fifteen years old, she was already a tech wizard. One day, after a mishap at an MIT pre-college program, she finds out she's also a real wizard.


Weird things had always happened to Alexa; it was just a fact of life. But when she accidentally explodes the other team's science project, she realizes "bad luck magnet" doesn't cover things anymore. 

Alexa never believed in magic. She relied on science and fact, and she wasn't interested in going somewhere that didn't even offer physics. But when the opportunity comes up to go to a school in the UK (and spread her wings beyond her dad for a little while), she gladly accepts. 

It's time for Alexa Stark to make her way to Hogwarts, albeit a few years late. If anyone can catch up in time for fifth year, it's this girl. She's ready to turn the magical world on its ear. 


"Dad, have you seen this school supplies list?" I asked. 

"No, what's on it? Shouldn't you already have it all? You were just in a pre-college program."

"No, it's stuff like quills and parchment!"


"Yeah! Look, I don't care what this list says, I'm not writing essays with quills."


Hey guys! So this is going to synch pretty well with the Harry Potter timeline, but just a heads up that it might not match very well with the Marvel timeline.

I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or storyline and I usually update about every four days. 

Started: 12/6/17

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