Mated To The Lone Wolf ✔️ [Completed] by K-L-Lord
Mated To The Lone Wolf ✔️ [ K.L.Lord
Alec White is a 5 century old werewolf, who's tortured soul had been cursed by an ancient Vampire, he was forced to live for all eternity in solitude, bound to his lycan...
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  • fate
  • fantasy
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Mated to the Alpha King | Published by Sannyaahhh
Mated to the Alpha King | Publishedby Jennise K
  • king
  • lycanthrope
  • love
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The Lycan's Child by Bluehairgypsy
The Lycan's Childby Shantel
" You're pregnant." It wasn't a question but rather a statement. Hector's warm breath brushed against her right ear as she tried to get a handle on her beating...
  • lycanthrope
  • romance
  • pregnancy
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Beasty by Sannyaahhh
Beastyby Jennise K
•••••-••••••-••••••-••••••-••••••-•••••• ORIGINALLY 6.2M READS ON WATTPAD! ••••••-••••••-••••••-••••••-••••••-•••••• I could never understand why Grandma Liz always for...
  • protective
  • lycanking
  • alphaking
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ALPHA THANATOS || #Wattys2018 || by AshleySaS
ALPHA THANATOS || #Wattys2018 ||by Ashley
| Highest Rank: #54 in werewolf | My eyes widened when I felt arms sneak around my waist trapping me in his hold. I felt his breath down my neck bringing me goosebumps...
  • wattys2018
  • mates
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Majesty by PandaPause
Majestyby AlenaLuna
Follow the story of Ellie. A 20 year old girl who is thrust into a world that is a mixture of fantasy and reality. Ellie was normal girl until one night she found a dead...
  • mature
  • alpha
  • bond
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Sins Among Royals [✔️] by odemira
Sins Among Royals [✔️]by Mika Ngamoki
Indie was the shy girl no one ever really noticed but when the most powerful man in her world comes to town searching for his mate things change instantly. For Indie its...
  • notcliche
  • pack
  • readatyourownrisk
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Lycan by sully3240
Lycanby ...zzzzzzz....
I then snapped his neck, his body falling limp to the ground in front of me. I crouched over and put my mouth to his ear and whispered to his corpse. "Lycans aren...
  • possessive
  • violent
  • alpha
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The Code of The Alpha by MaybeManhattan
The Code of The Alphaby MaybeManhattan
COMPLETED - When Caroline Blair meets her mate, she realizes he's Alpha Luca Ronan; the most feared and influential werewolf of them all. With his unpredictable temperam...
  • alpha
  • thriller
  • lycanthrope
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His Moon by monochromemonotone
His Moonby Maggie
|| In his eyes, she glowed. Her pale skin was like a canvas, just waiting for him to paint it with his dark colors. She was his moon and his hope. || Kaia'...
  • luna
  • kisses
  • werewolves
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Queen of the Beasts by b00klover09
Queen of the Beastsby Mel
👑1 in Queen Series👑 (COMPLETED & UNEDITED) (Warning: Dark themes & sexual assault) I will have you...all of you, Esmerleda," he said as his eyes raked over my bo...
  • lycanthrope
  • mates
  • hate
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Alphas sister by ariel_8_
Alphas sisterby MiseryLovesCompany
Octavia is the sister to the Alpha of her pack. All her life she's grown up seeing sesless banter between her parents and never any indications of real love for one anot...
  • alpha
  • teenwolf
  • luna
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ATTRACTION  by ells_bells0210
ATTRACTION by Ells_bells0210xx
Hayley, a pure blooded lycanthrope, is in for some hard life decisions as the world she thought she knew ,turns to be something far from what she thought. Secrets get sh...
  • luna
  • lycanthrope
  • werewolf
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Running with Wolves  by laurenperry9
Running with Wolves by L.P
Jasmine Forrest; a horrendously mistreated and underestimated nineteen year old comes head on with the struggles of facing pack life while under heavy protection. When...
  • twins
  • mate
  • pack
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Hidden by DarlingSophisticated
Hiddenby Vyn
**MATURE LANGUAGE AND CONTENT** #744 Rejection 7/29/18 #6 empty 8/20/18 I'm entranced with his sharp angular features, the way that his lip curls at the edge when he s...
  • family
  • bestfriends
  • moodswings
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Yours for Eternity(vkook) by Ktaestarr
Yours for Eternity(vkook)by K Tae starr
Kim Taehyung was never an ordinary omega. He's special. He's strong. He's gorgeous. He never submits to anyone. Never let anyone control him. Everyone wants to own him. ...
  • bts
  • taetae
  • ff
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Labyrinth Book One ✔ by K-L-Lord
Labyrinth Book One ✔by K.L.Lord
(Complete) Each year 12 virgin maidens are chosen to enter the Labyrinth, although there has never been one to solve it, none have ever returned home. Each maiden must c...
  • chicklit
  • fantasy
  • teen
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Forty-Three by cmfahnlander
Forty-Threeby cmfahnlander
Forty-three is a human female trapped in a Lycanthrope training program for slaves. After numerous failed attempts to escape, she is sold to Connor, a vicious outsider w...
  • lycanthrope
  • werewolf
  • lycan
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Primal | #Wattys2018 by MaybeManhattan
Primal | #Wattys2018by MaybeManhattan
COMPLETED - To Evelyn Schubert the thought of having a predetermined soulmate seemed a bit far-fetched. Lucky for her, this was an old practice amongst her kind thousand...
  • mystery
  • hot
  • werewolf
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Absconditus: The Hybrid by hvnlena
Absconditus: The Hybridby Girl boss
"There was a war long ago, one that is whispered through the lands of the hybrids and the government. The hybrids, who were once powerful nobles, now extinct becaus...
  • mate
  • hybrid
  • supernatural
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