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MANAN FF: Will Realise My Love💓 by Miss_Tranquil
MANAN FF: Will Realise My Love💓by Reena
Best Ranking :#1 in Fanfiction.... Has power to win back it's position.... Just need to update 1 part.. Only possible becoz of my lovely readers, supporters, friends...
Telepathy » SeungJin by YourWannaBeBaby
Telepathy » SeungJinby ʎɐɹʇs ʇuop ʎɐʇs
[Seungmin X Hyunjin] [Fluff] Welcome to What's on his mind? "Another stupid ad! Ugh!" We're not stupid if you click yes| "Holy sh-!" Do you want to...
Marked by MarvelousPeterParker
Markedby Peter
Every one is given a mark that ties their life to some one else's. Like a birth mark. It connects you to your friends, family, and maybe even a teacher that is really im...
Connected  by FalaQuinn
Connected by Liz
Jeon Jeongguk believed to be aware of the past. Little did he know he knew nothing. His father died the day he himself was born, his mother could only show him photos of...
Pure Imagination || SBI fluff fic by apositivecatboi
Pure Imagination || SBI fluff ficby SC/Posie
An escape from reality makes a few people who's lives don't have any similarities at all connect. A musician and his murderous twin, a married librarian, a stubborn coll...
CONNECTED- changlix by bbyinnie
CONNECTED- changlixby bbyinnie
Welcome, @happylix! Meet new people from around the world with "CONNECT"! Press "Start" to be added in a group to talk to others! Step Out Of Your Co...
A Common Ground by timekeeperstories
A Common Groundby timekeeperstories
A Common Ground The First Instalment Of A Three Book Series Written By Morgan Townsley *UNDER EDITING* Hermione Granger , is becoming Minister of Magic. She thought she...
Pain • KNJ • ˢᵒᵘˡᵐᵃᵗᵉ ✓ by -lovelylovely-
Pain • KNJ • ˢᵒᵘˡᵐᵃᵗᵉ ✓by 💕
❝Ouch! Watch where you'r-❞ ∞ There are many ways people are connected to their soulmates. People can be connected to their soulmates by emotions, names on their wrists...
Connected ⚣ Junhao    ✓ by 1-800-MARKHYUCK
Connected ⚣ Junhao ✓by — loser.
Xu Minghao has the power to see the red string of fate. When he notices that Wen Junhui's and his strings are connected, he denies it and tries to cut the red strings. ...
CONNECTED by JarriaJelese
CONNECTEDby Jarria Jelese
Nicole and Tae are closer than ever; Nicole's spa is really taking off while Tae thinks about finally throwing in the towel when it comes to his street life. Will he rea...
Attention//Hwang Hyunjin by Felixinabeanie
Attention//Hwang Hyunjinby Jay🤧
"Whether you like it or not, I'm in your life now. You brought this upon yourself the day that you asked me to sing to you." "Hwang Hyunjin. Listen to me...
until we meet again! by pure_devil_af
until we meet again!by fana.... 😉
though coming from two poles of life, it was really easy for riddima and vansh to connect with one another. when he was hurt and broken, she was there with him as an all...
『Captivated』;「魅惑的な˚」┇ jshk.✓ by rameninka
『Captivated』;「魅惑的な˚」┇ jshk.✓by ˢᵗᵃʸ ᵍᵒˡᵈ, ᵐʸ ᶠʳⁱᵉⁿᵈ ⋆。
❝ Escaping the ordinary. He held her in captive with his crucial mystery, he needed saving from. ❞ ©2020 #1st ent. -series 📷⇲ COMPLETED This is a Fanfiction of 'Ji...
The Red String Of Fate (Kaemaki) by lesbiandumbassvibes
The Red String Of Fate (Kaemaki)by aerin
"Soulmates? Don't be stupid. That's a fairy tale." "Yeah, you can't be serious!" "Upupu, I assure you, they're quite real." "Go ahead...
He Sees Me by ShawMcKnight
He Sees Meby ShawMcKnight
He's always watching. His thoughts and emotions ruling my life. I only have to look out my window and he's there. If he catches me, I may never be the same again. He's...
Going Solo by NiniSotakulove
Going Soloby NiniSotakulove
He was heart-broken, but so was she. She was rambunctious, and he was all about business. When their paths cross Nicole and Jin will have quite a journey ahead of them...
Justice League: Outset by Epistol
Justice League: Outsetby Epistol
When danger arrives, heroes band together in order to protect the planet they all call home. However, two heroes are connected far deeper than anyone expected. (AU) A/N:...
Connected (Klaine) by tuzeref
Connected (Klaine)by tuzeref
Kurt transfers to Dalton Academy in Westerville for certain reasons. The first student he meets is Blaine. They instantly didn't get along with each other. Blaine's frie...
Alpha Mama by madebyparis
Alpha Mamaby madebyparis
Big vs little. That was Rylee and Katrina, against each other for everything, but giving into each other as their weaknesses. Mates by fate but to each other, total oppo...
Tenkai Knights : ~ Connected ~ by Shiningstar2483
Tenkai Knights : ~ Connected ~by Hikari Daisuki
Lately, Guren has been hearing some strange sounds. It was like somebody was calling for him. Little did he know, that voice wasn't just his imagination. And it also ha...