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hospital love by shadamy143
hospital loveby Emix Writer, Artist
Shadow was having just a pretty simple day. Until an accident happened to him it hitted his left side of the skull and obviously he ended up inside the chaos hospital. H...
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Adop a pony!!! by Royalbluetiara
Adop a pony!!!by Princess Royalbluetiara
Here! here! it has arrived the adoption center! adopt a pony you wish to receive and it is yours. it can be your oc, your pet , or be your main character for any books...
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No one x Retarded! Reader by _no_nomo_no_
No one x Retarded! Readerby wow that’s dumb
No one loves you~! YAY! *do not be offended by the cover PLEASE*
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The Kings by Alyssatia2002
The Kingsby Alyssa chin aleong
They always say that a king is nothing without a queen and he was no different. For a while I was his queen and he was my king. That was until I found out he was the on...
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boruto oneshots and randomness by SashaMarie402
boruto oneshots and randomnessby Sasha Marie
what am I doing with my phone?
My Dear Miss Dine by Lady_Rienn
My Dear Miss Dineby ❄Shattered_Glacier❄
Diana Cruz also known to Miss Dine is a dedicated Filipino - Amiracan that really works hard in both her studies and is very prominent when it comes to working. A lot of...
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Dragon Hunter Chronicles and The Half Hero by Alex_Fafnir
Dragon Hunter Chronicles and The H...by Valentine
When Ethan Louis wakes up in a hospital to find he was stuck in ice for almost 25 years. He discovers that in the future everyone has deserted the earth for a game like...
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Into my bestfriend(lesbians) by _NiyaBaby
Into my bestfriend(lesbians)by _NiyaBaby
Mariah and Amari are best friends but looks can be deceiving Ann that change the way they feel about one another read to find out the rest
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The Only Reason by JJBINX99
The Only Reasonby Johanna Harfield
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অন্ধ বিশ্বাস by goribnajir
অন্ধ বিশ্বাসby gorib najir
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The Sad Man by Frerardlivesforever
The Sad Manby Frerardlivesforever
Apart from being bullied, apart from his mothers death, and apart from society... Frank still feels like shit. When he goes back to school one day, he finds himself intr...
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Die. ZM by EMABiggestFan1D
Die. ZMby EMABiggestFan1D
Cuando menos te des cuenta, estarás muerto.
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Travis X Reader (IN HIGHSCHOOL) by SunshineFlowees
Travis X Reader (IN HIGHSCHOOL)by SunshineFlowees
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She's Loved    (A One Direction Fanfic) by ThePurpleNinjaTurtle
She's Loved (A One Direction Fa...by //oblivion//
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going a little crazy by keke_lov
going a little crazyby keke_lov
harmoney starts high school with her elementary crush and as soon as they get close things get worse. she cant figure out wat to do so she makes a big decision.
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Secrets shouldn't exist by Emfluf
Secrets shouldn't existby Rose
Not your typical teenage love story. So what makes Max and Eleanor so different?
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Hamilton is gayyyyy by hamilpottermatural
Hamilton is gayyyyyby hamilpottermatural
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Who Knows Freedom? by _3rianna_
Who Knows Freedom?by _3rianna_
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