Living With My History Teacher

Living With My History Teacher

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cravetoread By cravetoread Updated Jan 02, 2018

She was damaged and thought hell was nowhere else but her very own home. There was no escape from it.

He just wanted to return to his carefree days. The idea of facing a class of teenagers irritated him but he had no choice. He was stuck.

Life can be rather funny, bringing a damaged student and a carefree teacher together.

Taylor Brown lives a hard life. Her life became difficult when her mother walked away.  She has only one friend who helps and supports her through it all. She cannot wait till she's eighteen so she can leave it all behind.

Mr Knight is the new history teacher. He's HOT, SEXY and he knows it. 
Teaching at a high school wasn't really how he imagined his life but he has no choice. He expected his experience as a teacher to go uneventful but that is not the case when he meets Taylor.
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horrible description but just give it a try

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