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Next of Kin - SuperCorp by DKGwrites
Next of Kin - SuperCorpby Donna K. Griffin
Trailer for this fic done by the incredibly talented @Jeeeenifer30 : When Kara and Lena go out to celebrate Kara's front page story all star...
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Lady Luthor  (Supercorp AU) by ty_burns1698
Lady Luthor (Supercorp AU)by Ty Burns
**Credit to cover goes weinzapfel on tumblr** Kara begrudgingly becomes Princess Lena's maid, at first Kara's feelings for the Princess of Camelot are strictly a degree...
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Castle Walls ▶ LENA LUTHOR³ by shadymcgrath
Castle Walls ▶ LENA LUTHOR³by 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚
❝ everyone thinks that i have it all but it's so empty living behind these castle walls. ❞ *** in which the saga of the luthor girls continues
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Secrets by SamanthasExhaustion
Secretsby Sammi
This takes place 14 years after what happened in my last book (Love Bonds Us All). Lena is carrying Kara's child, but what will she do when Kara doesn't wake up? Some se...
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SuperCorp - Under a White Flag by DKGwrites
SuperCorp - Under a White Flagby Donna K. Griffin
Twelve years in the future, Kara Luthor and Lena Luthor drive out to an annual meeting under an accord of peace. As always, family is a complicated endeavor.
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Supergirl In Danger by multidxnvers
Supergirl In Dangerby Nessa
Kara always wanted to save people, she always felt this need to help. That's why she became Supergirl. And she always thought her life would be based on that. Being a re...
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Through the Looking Glass - SuperCorp by DKGwrites
Through the Looking Glass - Donna K. Griffin
When a piece of technology of L-Corp's that is being demonstrated is attacked by Livewire, the resulting energy pulse will rip a hole open between dimensions and transfe...
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You Are My Kryptonite (Supercorp) by superluthorcorp
You Are My Kryptonite (Supercorp)by superluthorcorp
At first, Kara and Lena both keep their feelings hidden from each other, but it doesn't last long. Falling would be easy, but staying together would be difficult.
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Next of Kin "Prequel" #5 - Alligator Sp3rm by DKGwrites
Next of Kin "Prequel" #5 - Donna K. Griffin
This short piece takes place the morning after Next of Kin ends. Unlike the rest of the short pieces, it is not a prequel. This one is set in the current day and gives...
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L-Gym by DKGwrites
L-Gymby Donna K. Griffin
Lena Danvers, aka Supergirl, is sent to work out at a public gym after pictures of her in a bikini hit public media and the DEO worry it might bring her secret identity...
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Normal Day In National City by caitlinsnow678
Normal Day In National Cityby AlexTheSlytherin
With Snapper back from sabatical, Lena working full-time at CatCo, and James saving people as Guardian, things were about as normal as superheros lives could be. In fac...
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Supergirl - It's Complicated by DKGwrites
Supergirl - It's Complicatedby Donna K. Griffin
This takes place after the end of Season 2. National City is still reeling from the Daxam invasion. A portal stands outside of the city proper, a chilling reminder of wh...
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I Just Need to See You (Supercorp) by AliDanversLuthor
I Just Need to See You (Supercorp)by AliDanversLuthor
Kara has a bad day, and she needs Lena...Lena is unavailable. //One shot// Hi I'm Ali. This is super short, no pun intended. This is my first time writing like this so...
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Broken Hearts  by KaraFanficAndStuff
Broken Hearts by KaraFanficAndStuff
After a great tragedy between Supergirl, Alex, Cadmus, and the world, the Girl of Steel is dead. She was struck by the evilness of Lillian Luthor. And now Kara Danvers a...
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Supergirl captured: Superkid by bobjoetoes
Supergirl captured: Superkidby bobjoetoes
Kara has a long lost kid named Mia (more info in story) Mia gets kidnapped by Cadmus When Kara goes to save Mia she gets captured Rhea comes back from the dead and help...
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Game of Chess by lrhaboggle
Game of Chessby lrhaboggle
Lena's whole life has been defined in chess matches and chess pieces, but isn't that fitting for a woman who belongs to one of the most cunning, manipulative and strateg...
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The Hero Who Had Never Become by KaraFanficAndStuff
The Hero Who Had Never Becomeby KaraFanficAndStuff
Long before Kara Danvers ever had the chance to grow up and even become her Super self, The DEO and it's sinister leader, Hank Henshaw took little Danvers from her own h...
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Child Hero || SuperCorp || by ilovethewhitecanary
Child Hero || SuperCorp ||by DCMarvel
Ever since she looked into his big blue-ocean eyes she promised herself to protect him, she knew she would give him her life in a heartbeat. || S U P E R C O R P || || C...
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